A 3 Step Easy-To-Apply System
The first step is to give you core media law knowledge and reveal the hidden liabilities of libel, libel by implication, republication, retweeting, First Amendment opinions, jokes, privacy on personal devices and social media accounts, cyber-harassment, and copyright infringement. This new knowledge base gives you the foundation and skill to identify toxic content on posts, tweets, texts, emails, pictures, video, meme, hashtags, and other digital content.
The next step is to identify "high liability" social media content that isn't protected speech under established First Amendment court rulings, or is too risky to send out. This evaluation filters out social media content that can expose you to costly lawsuits and a loss of the public trust. You apply this system to all your posts, tweets, texts, emails, video, live steams, and other forms of digital media.
The third and final step, you send out your social media and other digital media with confidence that your content is free of liability landmines and risky language that is open to misinterpretation. The ultimate goal is to replace unawareness with knowledge and fear with confidence that you now have the skill to always send out legally safe social media content to any third party.

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