October 2023

Campus Community,

It has been a busy fall semester at the UMN. Our focus at the Department of Public Safety continues to be on providing the best safety services possible to our campus community. As of this year, we’ve answered 22,000 911 calls, responded to 21,000 service incidents, conducted 8,000 building checks, made 3,800 escorts and handled 1,200 medical/fire/alarm calls. Our DPS personnel are almost always the “first” to arrive ahead of the other first responders (fire and ambulance personnel). During these events, we focus on providing a timely response with effective and compassionate service. It is a honor to help many in need across the Twin Cities campus. Even more rewarding is the appreciation and support that we get from our students, faculty and staff. Thank you for helping us during these emergency events and the support you show our responders.

See you on campus!


Chief Matt Clark

Department of Public Safety

Here's what you missed...

Homecoming Events

The U of MN Department of Public Safety enjoyed the Gopher spirit during the many events during homecoming week. Seeing all the faces light up as we threw candy during the parade, having campus safety conversations at Gopher Football tailgating, and attending many homecoming events on campus made for a busy week for DPS!

Gopher Plunge 2023

Team DPS participated in the annual Gopher Plunge for Special Olympics of Minnesota to raise money in support of special Olympians throughout the State of Minnesota. This year, team UMN DPS raised $2,680 for athletes in our state.

Dinkytown Safety Walks

Members from our DPS team joined Interim President Jeff Ettinger, parents, safety guides and others for the safety walk in Dinkytown.

The safety walk teams provide information, documents safety issues to provide to the city, and serve as a visual presence in Dinkytown.

Coffee with a Cop events

UMPD hosted various Coffee with a Cop events throughout the past two months in various locations providing coffee, donuts, and safety resources.

Our team had great conversations around campus safety, resources, and training opportunities available to the campus community. 

Recruiting Fairs

Our recruiting team members attended several recruitment fairs throughout the fall so far sharing the opportunities DPS has to offer.

To learn more about open positions and career opportunities with the Department of Public Safety, visit the link below.

Click this link to learn about open opportunities

Be Kind to Your Mind 

Do you experience end-of semester-stress? Wondering what to do about it? If so, join the Department of Public Safety (DPS) for “Be Kind to your Mind,” where you can gather helpful tips and information to create strategies to cope with stress, build resilience, and take care of your mental health.

DPS, along with many campus and student organizations, will be available to connect and support you with the resources you need to be successful. The approach of final exams and winter break can heighten stress levels but know you are never alone.

All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend.

Bike Theft Prevention & U-locks

Each year on campus bikes are stolen that are improperly secured. So we asked UMPD Bike Unit Officer Pelano to demonstrate the proper way to secure your bike to a bike rack on campus to help prevent the theft of your bicycle.

Additionally, UMPD will be doing a monthly drawing for free U-locks, if you are interested in signing up for the drawing, you can sign up here.

Student & Community Inquiries Click Here

UMPD through (Intern)ational Eyes

with Paidamoyo Chikate

I will be exiting my ISSS/UMPD internship position at the end of this semester and hoping to welcome another international student who will carry on the work that has been built between ISSS and UMPD over the years. It has been a pleasure to serve the department and learn so much about policing, community engagement and how to make our campus community safer.

I am especially grateful for the exposure this opportunity afforded me to see police work from a U.S. standpoint as someone who comes from Zimbabwe where police mechanisms are very different.

We are in the process of hiring another international student so if you know anyone who would be a good fit, please encourage them to apply here.

Special thank you to Chief Clark and the community engagement team for having me as part of the team over the past 2 years!

Crime Prevention

with Nick Juarez

As you know in recent months there have been a significant amount of auto thefts in the area. There are a couple of things we can do to reduce the opportunity of an auto theft: Do not leave your car idling with the keys in the ignition or if you have a key fob with an automatic start; do not leave an extra key or fob in your vehicle; if you have to make a quick stop, turn off your vehicle, take your keys/fob with you and lock your doors; be aware of your surroundings as you enter and exit your vehicle, do not be distracted; do not leave anything in your vehicle that is in plain view, secure items in your trunk; consider using a steering wheel lock or other locking devices/system to prevent your vehicle from moving; and consider installing an audible alarm or a tracking system. If you have a Kia or Hyundai, take extra precautions to secure your vehicle. Other common vehicles that are the target of auto thefts are Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Ford.

Visit our Website
Watch our recruitment video here

Recruiting & Mentorship

with Christina Mignone

It was great to be out at the farmers market on campus sharing safety resources and answering recruitment questions for those interested in working for DPS. I had the privilege to talk with WCCO Radio and do a short story on recruitment and retention that aired in September.

I have been collaborating with other local law enforcement agencies opening discussions about recruitment and how to make an impact in the law enforcement and criminal justice profession through mentoring new students entering the field of law enforcement. I have been working with our DPS team and the University of Minnesota Crookston on the NXT GEN Badge Certificate Program. 

I developed a plan for recruitment outreach to connect with AVID programs throughout high schools in the state and scheduled my first set of mock interviews with high school students in ISD 728 and was set for October.

Overall it was a productive summer with all of our community engagement events and parent, student orientations. Let's have a safe productive school year!

Community Connections

with Dillon Gherna

WOW! What a busy fall start to our school year. This was my first homecoming experience at the U and I was not sure what to expect. One thing was clear, we have pride, both for our school and this state. Thanks for your engagement at the events we have held or attended throughout welcome week and this fall semester.

We continue to plan and hold events all throughout the university community such as coffee with a cop, pizza with the police, tailgating, resource presentations, self defense workshops, and so much more!

Our team shares important resources and information on our social media channels, I would encourage you all to follow us @UMNPUBLICSAFETY.

Additionally, I am here as a resource for the entire University of Minnesota community, building relationships, providing resources, and supporting our collective goals to keep U safe.

Don't hesitate to reach out anytime.

Go Gophers!

Learn more about Community Liaison Dillon Gherna here

Connect with Dillon

Community Crime

with Courtney - DPS Crime Analyst

The graph depicts year to date (Jan. 1 to Oct. 19) violent crime reported on campus. It compares reported violent crime during the same time frame over a 5 year period (2019-2023).

Electric bike and scooter thefts are an ongoing issue across campus. Electric scooters are taken more frequently across campus. In 2022, 10 E-Bikes and 16 E-Scooters were reported stolen between January 1 and October 19. This Year (2023), 7 E-Bikes and 24 E-Scooters have been reported stolen. Below is a link to a map of the locations where these items were stolen in 2023. While this is occurring across the entire Twin Cities campus, East Bank is most heavily targeted. 

View the map here

Welcome our new U-Security team members

Pictured above: Security Supervisor Elizabeth, Student Security Monitors Hani, Micah, Kimberly, Diego, Ryder, Connor, Owen, Jade.

Not Pictured: Security Advisor Cole, Student Security Monitors Jeffrey, Evie, Sammy, Kayvon, Sam, Noah.

Self Defense Workshops

with Tierra Prescott

Self Defense Workshops are offered throughout the academic year. They cover personal safety awareness and how to stay vigilant. Participants are shown simple self-defense moves and are given a chance to practice.

Students, faculty and staff can sign up for upcoming workshops.

We have upcoming workshops! Our next workshop will be held in November at the University Recreation and Wellness Center. To sign up to attend a workshop please follow this link HERE

Campus Safety Resources

624-WALK (Safety Escort Service)

Request a safe walk from a trained University Security employee, please call 612-624-WALK (9255), or 4-WALK from any campus phone. You can also visit this link to request online. Available 24/7/365.

RAVE Guardian App

Rave Guardian is a free phone app that provides University of Minnesota students, faculty and staff with access to virtual safety walking escorts and other helpful safety and security resources on campus. 


Safety Guides from Block by Block are actively patrolling in Dinkytown Thursday through Saturday nights


If you see the blue emergency kiosks and need help, press the help button.

The blue kiosks directly connect you with a DPS 911 dispatcher and provides the exact location of the kiosk, as well as the ability to view the camera on the kiosk.

There are over 40 blue emergency kiosks on campus located outdoors, tunnels and in Dinkytown.


Smart911 is a free service that allows you to provide additional details that 9-1-1 dispatchers may need in order to assist you during an emergency. Anytime you make an emergency call from a phone registered with your Safety Profile, the 9-1-1 systems recognizes your phone number and automatically displays your profile on the screen of the dispatcher.

Campus Safety Resource Video

The Department of Public Safety launched a campus safety resource video for the campus community to learn about safety resources available to you on campus.

You can view it by clicking the video or visiting:


Campus Safety Resources Video

Active Threat Presentations & Online Training Course

The Department of Public Safety recently launched an online Active Threat training course that can be taken through canvas. If you are interested in taking this training, please click the button below.

*Note: You must have a UM email address to enroll in the training*

The police department also offers presentations and information on responding to an active threat on campus. To set up a presentation, please fill out a Community Outreach Officer form and indicate you would like an active threat presentation.

Scan the QR code or click the button to the take the online active threat training

Online Active Threat Training

Department of Public Safety - Community Engagement Team

Pictured above left to right: Nick Juarez (DPS Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Christina Mignone (Recruiting, Engagement, Mentorship) Lt. Long Xiong (Lieutenant of Community Engagement) Officer Chris Fonseca (Community Engagement) Dillon Gherna (Community Engagement Liaison)

*Not Pictured: Tierra Prescott (DPS Student Intern) Paida Chikate (DPS International Student Intern)

The policing climate and community expectations continue to evolve and change. Our team wants to connect with you, we are in a time where positive collective efforts are needed.

To learn more about Community Engagement contact Lieutenant Long Xiong at xiong606@umn.edu

Community Engagement

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