April 2023
Celebrating Earth Day 2023
at Alameda CTC
Welcome to @AlamedaCTC to celebrate Earth Day 2023. One of our agency’s top priorities is clean transportation. Several efforts are underway at the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) to increase safety, expand mobility, and advance clean fuels and equity. Read on to learn more about the agency’s clean transportation efforts that expand access and improve mobility to foster a vibrant and livable Alameda County for everyone.
Students lead the way in clean and active transportation
The Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Program is celebrating the success of one of its core countywide events: the Golden Sneaker Contest. The Golden Sneaker Contest is a popular annual tradition administered by Alameda CTC’s SR2S Program. During the contest, Alameda County students, classrooms, and schools competed to see who could use active and shared transportation the most, receiving points every time they walked, rolled, bicycled, rode a scooter or skateboard, took transit, or used a supportive mobility device such as a wheelchair.

This year, nearly 100 schools registered for the event and participated between February 27th and March 10th. The contest mobilized nearly 16,000 school students throughout Alameda County into active travel for the trip to school. Teachers polled their classrooms and tallied how many students used active and shared modes during the event week, and the classroom at each school with the highest rate of active travel was awarded the Golden Sneaker award. The school with the highest average classroom participation in all of Alameda County receives the Platinum Sneaker Award at the Commission’s April 27th meeting.

The SR2S Program promotes safe, active, and shared transportation choices as fun and easy options for parents and students to travel to and from school. The program offers direct support and various program elements to over 270 public elementary, middle, and high schools in Alameda County, and it fosters partnerships and collaborates with school communities across the county to promote active (walking and rolling) and shared (carpooling and transit) transportation options while emphasizing and teaching safety.
San Pablo Avenue Corridor Project re-envisions cleaner future for a key multimodal corridor in Alameda County
Twenty thousand automobile trips and 10,000 bus riders traverse San Pablo Avenue every day, a key multimodal arterial linking the cities of Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, and Albany. The road is one of the most dangerous routes for pedestrians and bicyclists, ranking third on Alameda County’s High Injury Network, which maps collisions weighted by severity. It also runs through several regionally and locally identified Equity Priority Communities, which have significant concentrations of underserved populations, as well as Priority Development Areas, where jurisdictions are concentrating significant housing growth.
In response to the corridor's unique characteristics, Alameda CTC has worked with community members, merchants and local, regional and state partners to plan for a safer, more efficient corridor for everyone. Planned design Improvements include enhancing pedestrian and bike safety crossings, increasing trip efficiency for corridor buses, bike lane improvements in Oakland, Emeryville and South Berkeley, and enhancements to bike systems that parallel San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley.
By making it safer for active transportation and transit, Alameda CTC is laying the groundwork to support travelers’ mode shift from emission-heavy automobile driving to walking and biking. By providing more reliable and faster transit alternatives along this major corridor, additional transit ridership is also encouraged along this major corridor. 
Alameda CTC makes multi-year funding commitment to one of East Bay’s first community electric bike programs
Last month, Alameda CTC allocated $4 million to the East Bay Community Energy Ride Electric Program (Program) to increase community access throughout Alameda County to e-Bikes, bicycles equipped with electric motors that make pedaling easier. The Ride Electric Program is led by East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), a Community Choice Aggregator run by local government and procures power from alternative suppliers for residents and businesses. The Program is a comprehensive e-Bike Program that seeks to increase adoption of zero-emission micromobility options (i.e., lightweight vehicles like bikes and scooters) that are safe, affordable and reduce motor vehicle trips.

The Ride Electric Program will provide EBCE’s customers with the opportunity to get hands-on experience using e-Bikes and reduce the cost of ownership. It will advance Alameda CTC goals for reducing emissions, supporting active transportation, and includes a focus on tiered incentives for equity communities. Alameda CTC will work with EBCE to ensure all cities in Alameda County have access to this program, including those not served by EBCE.
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