November 2022

VOL. 14   NO. 11

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our clients and customers! May your home be filled with happiness, love and a grateful heart!

Excel Communications LLC will be closed for Thanksgiving on this Thursday [24th] and Friday [25th] - emergency service is always available 24 / 7 /365 via 571.313.8095 option 5

We remind you to set your system for this holiday with a closed message or send us the request to take care of it for you before noon on Wednesday the 23rd- send an email to Excel Helpdesk

E911 services - testing

Recommended quarterly testing for 911 service

Excel Communications LLC is recommending that 911 testing be done quarterly [or something similar] to confirm the service is setup correctly. From a system phone, you can dial 311 or 933 [one of these should work - in NOT, please inform the helpdesk]. You should hear a telephone number [this number may not be familiar to you] and then the address for that specific location; make sure this address is correct. If your business has multiple locations, this should be tested from each of those facilities.

This service is tested at the time of install and should be confirmed via tests moving forward.

Business Insights

Building an Effective Business Website

For every small business, a great website is essential for your company’s success. Today, a website is typically the first, primary, and sometimes the only exposure a potential customer has with a company. Yet many organizations either do not have a website or leave their websites in a state of neglect, with poorly designed functionality, out-of-date information, and a negative experience in the mind of a prospect that came to the website looking to do business.

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Did you know?

Holiday Marketing Ideas to Help You Sell More

There’s nothing small about holiday marketing when it comes to small businesses. And hopefully, you’ve already started thinking about some holiday marketing ideas and a plan to make sure you get a piece of all of that holiday spending. But if you haven’t, don’t worry!

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