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Stone Gate Lifestyle

Please join us for our annual Easter Eggstravaganza at 9901 Red Rugosa Dr.

Ready to clean house? Exchange your clutter for cash!

Our semi-annual Community Garage Sale will be on Saturday, March, 16, 2024 from 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.! Get to know your neighbors, clear the clutter, and make some cash.

Banners will be posted in the community, and an advertisement has been placed in the Stone Gate Slate. You may place signs at the entrance to your section and in your yard to promote your garage sale. Signs must be removed on Saturday, March 16, 2024, after the sale by 1:00 pm. PLEASE REFRAIN from attaching your garage sale sign to community signs. Please do not move or remove any community banners or signs.


We will have our Shred Event from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm at the SplashPad, 9901 Red Rugosa Dr, Houston, TX 77095.

Happy Cleaning!

Social Committee Interest

Hello neighbors!

Are you interested in getting more involved in the community? If so, we would be thrilled to talk to you about joining our Social Committee!

Committees assist the Board of Directors with various tasks, offer new ideas and suggestions, and gain greater insight into the “behind the scenes” work the Board does each day.

We are currently starting a Social Committee and we look forward to meeting residents interested in assisting with community social events like Bingo Nights, 4th of July celebrations, and many other amazing events scheduled for this year.

Social Committee members can help:  

- Provide recommendations for events, activities, and budgets to the Board of Directors.

- Assist and support community events and activities to promote a positive environment.

- Organize and set up event spaces before start time.

- Partner with local businesses to provide goods and services at events

- Assist with Yard of the Month and Holiday Decoration Contests.

- Create flyers and marketing for community newsletters, website, and TownSquare portal.

Interested? Please complete the attached form and email it to us at: stonegaterec@associa.us. Thank you in advance for your commitment to our community!

Many thanks,

Patricia Davis, HOA President

S-G Owners Association, Inc.

Social Committee Form

Clubhouse Announcement

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Good afternoon Stone Gate Residents,


We are thrilled to announce the clubhouse is now open for reservations! We thank everyone for your patience while the Board of Directors have worked diligently to finalize all of the final details so that residents can start booking the facility. Beginning Monday, March 4th, and for weekends only, the clubhouse will be available to rent. Rental of the facility excludes rental of the pool, playgrounds, basketball pavilion, or usage of the gym. Residents must be in good standing with the HOA in order to book the clubhouse. Please note a few changes that have been made to the new agreement. Please note that there are 3 time slots to choose from and a 4-hour minimum for all reservations.

We would like to give a special shout-out to residents Maria Cavanaugh, Julia Becvar, and Stefenie Stockbridge for utilizing TownSq to reach out to the HOA to inquire about clubhouse rentals. They will be receiving $20 gifts certificates for their contributions and suggestions. Thank you!

To inquire about a date for reservation, please contact our office at (832) 653-3763 or email us at stonegaterec@associa.us.

Clubhouse Rental Agreement

Maintenance Updates

Items Completed: 

  • Newlight Bend - Front Entry Pedestrian Gate: The maintenance team found the knob was not retracting all of the way and has made the necessary repairs.
  • Newlight Bend - Langley Springs Pedestrian Gate: The maintenance team found that the knob was not retracting again, and the hinges needed to be adjusted. The team has made the necessary repairs, and the gate was left functional.
  • Newlight Bend - Dellwood Springs Dr. Pedestrian Gate: The maintenance team found the knob was not retracting again. The team has completed the repairs and left the gate functional.
  • Stoney Falls Pedestrian Gate: The maintenance team found damage to this gate as a portion of the fencing has come apart from the post. There were also issues with the knob, as it was not retracting again. The team has re-welded the fencing back together, repaired the knob, and left the gate functional.
  • Island Shores Pedestrian Gate: The maintenance team has adjusted the hinges so that the door closes properly.
  • Lost Mill Hahns Peak: The maintenance team has adjusted the hinges on one gate so that the door closes properly.
  • Power-Washing: The maintenance team has power-washed approximately 1,177 FT of red brick fencing on Red Rugosa.
  • Yellow Curb Re-Painting: The maintenance team has re-painted the yellow entry curbs for Willow Ranch, Blevins, Nautical Point, and Mariners Bay.
  • The flag was placed at half-staff in honor of Fritch Fire Chief Zeb Smith who lost his life in the line of duty protecting his fellow Texans in the Panhandle.

Stoney Falls Pedestrian Gate - Before & After

Power-Washing - Red Rugosa - Before


Yellow Curb Painting - Before & After

Willow Ranch


Nautical Point

Mariners Bay - this is not 100% completed

Maintenance Request

Work order requests can be submitted via the link below on both computers and mobile devices! Once a request for a work order is submitted, the request can either be approved or denied. You will receive notifications for the status of the request, and when the work order is completed.


Heron Egret Birds: Tips for Preventative Maintenance

Hundreds of Egrets begin migrating around this time of year in search of a favorable nesting area to form their rookery. History shows that these birds appear to choose the same location each year. When establishing a nest, Egrets are drawn to large, well-established trees, with dense networks of limbs conducive for protection when nesting.

First and foremost, to respect and be aware of: Egrets are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. What does this mean? By law, none of these birds can be killed, or their nests disturbed once they have eggs or young. It is unlawful to do anything to these birds once an egg is in the nest.

Residents can purchase items to help discourage nesting, such as air horns, bright streamers to hang in trees, water nozzles and "scare eye balloons," which are common tools used to scare away birds.

StoneGators Swim Club

Registration Now Open!

We're excited to announce that registration for the 2024 Summer League Season at StoneGators Swim Club is officially open!  Take Advantage of the February special: $10 Off Early Registration!  Secure your spot this month and enjoy a fantastic $10 discount off your registration fee. To register now, visit…


Should you have any questions prior to registration, please contact Angela Rodriguez, StoneGators Registrar, at SGSC.Houston@gmail.com

Archived Announcements

Management Updates

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Important Emergency Contacts

Guardhouse Safety Number:


Centerpoint Energy


Associa After-Hours Emergency (Management Agent)


Gas After-Hours Emergency Service


Water After-Hours Emergency (Inframark)


More Community Links & Numbers

Clubhouse Address:

11655 Canyon Green Drive

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Resident Services Office Hours:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Hybrid Board Meetings:

Board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every other month at 6:00 pm at the Rec Center Clubhouse. Agendas are posted on the community website. Residents are welcome to attend. If you would like to get added to the Resident Forum, please email Management.

Resident Services:

Office Number: 832-653-3763

Office Email: stonegaterec@associa.us

Website: www.stonegatetxhoa.com


Meet the Team:

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Lee Hernandez | Administrative Assistant

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Manny Lopez | Maintenance Tech

John McNeill | Maintenance Tech

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