Manufactured Housing Updates Jan. 2023

LA County Extended COVID-19 Rent Increase Freeze

Disappointingly, the LA County Board has further extended the COVID-19 Tenant Protections Resolution through January 31, 2023. That is, the rent increase freeze (including pass-throughs or related charges (i.e., late fees)) is still in effect until January 31, 2023. Therefore, no rent increase notices can be served, and no Discretionary Rent Increase applications can be made until after January 31, 2023, unless the rent freeze is extended further.

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Civil Code Section 798.15 (c) requires park management to provide, prior to February 1st, homeowners with a copy of current Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) or provide a written notice to homeowners that there has been a substantial change to the MRL and "that they may obtain one copy of this chapter from management at no charge. Management must provide a copy within a reasonable time, not to exceed seven (7) days, upon request."

Also, do not forget to send out the CARE rate schedule on or before February 1st to your tenants.

Finally, do not forget to timely send out (prior to February 1st) the Notice of Homeowner's Responsibilities (MRL 798.15 (i)).

Upcoming Industry Events

On January 11, 2023, Shareholder and Managing Partner, John Pentecost, will be presenting a WMA Seminar in San Diego, California on New Laws in the Manufactured Housing industry. John will be joined by fellow industry leader, Candy Holcombe. Register today!

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