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  • New partnership: AutonomouStuff and the University of Illinois' Center for Autonomy
New Product
  • Enabling V2V: the new CARMA Kit
  • Available today: NovAtel kits
What's happening at AutonomouStuff?
  • Meet the team: John Buszek
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  • July events
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New partnership: AutonomouStuff and the University of Illinois' Center for Autonomy
A new partnership between AutonomouStuff and the recently christened Center for Autonomy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is already bearing fruit for the Grainger College of Engineering. Students and researchers are developing an autonomous software stack utilizing an AutonomouStuff Polaris GEM Automated Research Development Platform on long-term loan as part of the partnership.

Professor Geir Dullerud, director of the new center, recognized the GEM as a milestone for the school and a harbinger of further involvement between the university and AutonomouStuff.
“We’re really excited about the center and hoping this is just our first (automated vehicle),” Dullerud said. “We have numerous professors interested in autonomy. … This is an important addition to our infrastructure .”

Assistant Professor Katherine Driggs-Campbell of electrical and computer engineering is among the first researchers at the University to work with the GEM after it was delivered earlier in the spring. The initial efforts concentrate on autonomous software development.

"This summer, we have a few master’s students and undergraduate students working on getting the autonomous stack up and running smoothly," Driggs-Campbell says. "Our goal for the end of the summer is to get a nice demo of the GEM smoothly navigating campus scenarios , like following and overtaking a cyclist and effectively navigating crosswalks with pedestrians."

To watch a video of the GEM in action on campus, check out this link .

Read the formal announcement of the partnership from the Center for Autonomy at the Grainger College of Engineering by clicking here .

Head to this page to learn more about immediate and long-term plans for the GEM at the center.
New Product
Enabling V2V: the new CARMA Kit
The new CARMA Kit is a comprehensive collection of hardware and software that enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication and provide an avenue for collaboration between sensors, with planned updates.

This breakthrough communication concept functions with two Cohda Wireless On-Board Units (OBU), dual antennas, a ROS interface and software development kit from Cohda. The CARMA Kit also includes all autonomy components, such as LiDAR, radar and cameras.

The CARMA Kit represents a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity to adopt cutting-edge technology from the source. AutonomouStuff has a direct relationship with the Federal Highway Administration, which developed the CARMA Platform, and professional services to integrate it into a customized automated platform.
Key components of the CARMA Kit include:

  • Cohda MK5 OBU with dual antennas
  • NovAtel GNSS/IMU positioning system
  • Velodyne Ultra Puck LiDAR unit
  • Delphi ESR 2.5 radar sensor
  • Allied Vision Mako RGB camera
  • AutonomouStuff Spectra computing platform

Learn more about the CARMA kit and optional components and services here.
Available today:
NovAtel kits
We have worked very closely with the team at NovAtel to create the best collections of GNSS components for a wide spectrum of research and development positioning requirements. Kits currently in stock and available from AutonomouStuff have been designed to provide the necessary accuracy at different price points. Most include the NovAtel PwrPak7D with dual antennas. Check out the full range of kits and the capabilities of each set on the positioning kits page .
What's happening at AutonomouStuff?
Meet the team: John Buszek
John Buszek first came to AutonomouStuff to collaborate, as a customer. But at the beginning of 2019, he added AutonomouStuff to his extensive experience in the automotive industry — a natural progression from engineering all-wheel-drive systems, electric vehicles and components for autonomous systems. John's work on the cutting edge of such breakthrough technologies bolstered his case to become the company's first Vice President of Products and Development.
"I was researching autonomous vehicle processing architectures and needed fast, flexible vehicle integration, along with access to many state of the art technologies," John explains of his first interactions with AutonomouStuff. "AutonomouStuff gave my team the acceleration we needed and more. Working with AS was a great experience. Their energy and enthusiasm were contagious. When the opportunity came to join AS in enabling autonomous driving teams all over the world, it was a no-brainer. I’m very excited and fortunate to be helping AS continue driving the future of mobility.”

We are so grateful for John's focus and contributions at AutonomouStuff!

Read more about our awesome team .
Join our team!
AutonomouStuff's rapid growth continues. We have more than doubled the size of our employee population since December 2017, and we are not slowing down . If you'd like to work for a company that values family and culture, that gives employees opportunities to grow along with it, and that is truly changing the future of transportation and so much more, we could be the perfect fit for you.

If you are interested in becoming part of our family, check out our  careers page .
July events
The AutonomouStuff team went big for one event in July, occupying a booth at AVS19 in Orlando while VP John Buszek appeared on a panel and gave a presentation on our Open Autonomy Pilot project. AutonomouStuff plans to attend numerous events all over the world throughout the year.

Check out more about the events in our blog post.
Upcoming events
September 12-22: IAA

September 19: UIC Urban Forum

October 2: World Safety Summit

October 16-17: ELIV

October 21-25: ITS World Congress

November 5-8: SEMA

January 7-10, 2020: CES 2020
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