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May 2021 | New Clients
Meet our newest speakers:
Dr. Kimberly Fraser
The future of home care is one of the most pressing issues facing society today.

Kimberly Fraser studies and writes about family caregiving, home care, case management, and related health policy. She has used innovative and arts-based approaches in her applied research, focusing on the types of knowledge used in policy for home care and family caregivers. A former Associate Professor at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, and Clinician Scientist-Home Care with Alberta Health Services, Kim is a contract professor with the Faculty of Health Studies at Athabasca University and devotes most of her full time work to writing and community board work.

She is the author of the upcoming book The Accidental Caregiver---documenting the true and often harrowing (but always inspiring) stories of home caregivers, and the the lessons they share.

Dr. Fraser's Speaking Topics include Family Caregiving, Caring and Compassionate Service Delivery, Business Entrepreneurship, and Nurse Entrepreneurship. Dr. Fraser has also developed several workshops to help groups plan and develop their businesses and careers.
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Viva Padilla
Viva Padilla is a bilingual poet, writer, and editor born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. She’s the founding editor-in-chief of Dryland, an independent print literary journal established in 2015, and Hombre Lobo, an intergenerational book series documenting paranormal/supernatural stories experienced by Xicanx. Padilla is a first-generation Chicana, a daughter of immigrants who crossed the border from Colima, Mexico.

Viva has been invited to speak at universities like Cal State Dominguez Hills and Cal State Fullerton, as well as international cultural institutions like Casa de las Americas in Havana, Cuba. Viva’s work has been featured in the L.A. Times, The Acentos Review, Cultural Weekly, PANK, wearemitú and others. Her writing was recently featured in Every. Thing. Changes. an art exhibition by L.A. Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, L.A. Poets in Place by The Autry Museum, and As Of Late, a San Francisco anthology that donates proceeds to an indigenous women-led land trust. Forthcoming work includes international published writing in SAND Berlin, an art collaboration with Harry Gamboa Jr., and her first poetry collection. She currently works at Tia Chucha Press and lives on the Eastside in Los Angeles. 

Sample Speaking Topics:

  • Thriving as an independent literary journal
  • Literary justice and equity
  • Independent publishing as activism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Literary theory
  • Literacy
  • Community building
  • Literary justice/activism
  • Chicanx issues
  • Creative writing and poetry
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Mary Tidlund
From entrepreneur to philanthropist

Mary A. Tidlund is a speaker, author, philanthropist and entrepreneur. She has raised more than eight million dollars for charities supporting women and children globally and at home, and mentors others in strategic leadership and heart-centred giving.

Mary co-founded an oil and gas service company and became the first black woman CEO in the industry. For a few years, the business flourished, but then it all came crashing down. After slowly emerging from the lowest period of her life, Mary founded her eponymous charitable organization and spent the next 19 years travelling the world and raising funds in support of women’s and children’s health and education and the alleviation of poverty, touching countless lives in 29 countries supporting over 90 programs globally.

Speaking Topics Include:

  1. Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Business Environment
  2. Purposeful Leadership for Women
  3. The Power of the Purse and the Invisible Power We Carry With Us
  4. Making the Transition from Business to Philanthropy

Listen to Mary speak about her work with The Homestrech on CBC Live HERE.
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Chelsea Vowel
Moving beyond colonialism

Chelsea Vowel, Métis from manitow-sâkahikan (Lac Ste. Anne) Alberta, is a public intellectual, writer, lawyer and educator whose work intersects language, gender, Métis self-determination, and resurgence. Her book Indigenous Writes: A Guide to First Nations, Métis & Inuit Issues in Canada, was a national bestseller. Chelsea and her co-host Molly Swain produce the Indigenous feminist sci-fi podcast Métis in Space, and co-founded the Métis in Space Land Trust.

Chelsea Vowel's Speaking Topics Include:

For writers and publishers:

  • kinisitohtên cî: Do you understand? Moving beyond colonialism in publishing.
  • Research Creation in Writing
For educators and front-line service workers:

  • This is Not an Indian Problem: How Colonialism Impacts Your Profession
  • This is Canadian History Too: Integrating Indigenous Histories and Cultures into the Classroom

For the general public:

  • Law for the Apocalypse: Order out of Chaos Kinship out of Fracture
  • Treaty Making, Treaty Breaking: Are We All Treaty People?
  • The Keys to the Kingdom: Land Back
  • Stories That Reveal, Stories That Conceal: Pushing Back Against Settler Myth-Making
  • The “Act” of Reconciliation: From Farce to Future
  • kinêhiyawiwnaw nêhiyawêwin: Why Language is Vital to Indigenous Resurgence
  • Indigenous Futurisms
  • On the Land Together or Apart
  • Sugar Settlers and Settler Findoming

Watch Chelsea in action at the Think Indigenous Conference HERE.
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