Wolf Brooks joined PMC as the new Facility Engineer in March of this year. Though he was born in Sitka, he grew up in Petersburg. Wolf left town after high school when he accepted a job in construction working as an equipment operator and running asphalt plants. This position took him all over Southeast Alaska for nine months of the year, though he would get to spend his winters back in Petersburg.

After graduating from the Alaska Operating Engineers Employers Training Center in Palmer, Wolf accepted the Facility Engineer position and moved back to Petersburg full time where he does “a little bit of everything” maintenance related for the hospital. His day typically starts just before 5 a.m. though he may change that to 4 a.m. in the future. Being in the hospital so early allows him to get a lot done without disrupting the routine of hospital staff and daily operations. Recently, Wolf replaced a low-pressure compressor on the oxygen generator. PMC, like most hospitals in Alaska, contracts with a company called Stratodyne, based in New York, which sends engineers and mechanics to repair and replace things like the low-pressure compressor. Wolf is hopeful that he will be able to do a lot of that himself and hopes to save the hospital from having to fly someone in for jobs like these.

Wolf enjoys getting to spend time being active and working with his hands in his job. He has enjoyed meeting new people and learning the ins and outs of the job. His position covers a wide range of maintenance duties, everything from maintaining and fixing hard to reach valves to the oxygen generator. Wolf’s position also aligns with some of his hobbies which makes the job gratifying. In his free time, Wolf works on personal equipment at home and enjoys welding as well as boating, hunting and fishing, and has recently taken up long-range shooting.

Aside from work and his hobbies, Wolf is getting ready for his wedding in September to Kelsa Sperl. His other family include his father, Michael Brooks who lives in Sitka, an older brother, and his mom, Brandy Boggs who works in Home Health at PMC.