February 2021
Raising the Roof
Your support ensures that Habitat can continue to build affordable homes in Pasco County. Your help means that families in need of affordable housing can build and buy their own home. Having a safe place to call home means the world to Habitat families, who have struggled with finding housing which allows their families to flourish. If you have questions about how YOU can support Habitat, visit our website to find out more.
Welcome Habitat's Newest Homebuyer
Isaria Ranson and her son Jayce are the newest Habitat homebuyers! Isaria signed the paperwork on February 11th, with the help of Larkin and Larkin Title.

Isaria's home began in the Spring of 2020 and was one of the jobsites that almost came to a stand still because of COVID. One day there were college kids from Collegiate Challenge and retirees from the RV Care A Vanners working busily on the job site and then suddenly, everyone put down their tools and went back home.

It took a couple of weeks to figure this out. How would we continue to build in the middle of a global pandemic? While we may have lost volunteers, we still had Jose Garcia, our Construction Supervisor. Working closely with President and CEO Crystal Lazar and Habitat International, Garcia got to work. He contacted all the trades people he knew and brought them in to continue the work. It added higher costs to the project but it kept the construction moving.

Isaria kept working on her sweat equity and was patient through all the ups and downs. Her persistence paid off and she is a proud homeowner!
You Make Habitat Shine
Your volunteer hours have built over 152 homes in Pasco County, providing safe, affordable housing for families in need of a decent place to live. So many of you have discovered the great joy in helping others and your commitment builds hope for Habitat families. So many families are shocked to realize that perfect strangers have given of their free time to build a home for them!

This year, due to COVID, Habitat has seen a huge jump in the cost and availability of building supplies. While many of our regular, dedicated volunteers have been allowed back on the job site, it is a very limited number. Many of the businesses and churches who have volunteered in the past, are not able to volunteer now.

Would you consider making a financial donation to Habitat, in lieu of your volunteer time? Your gift to Habitat is always appreciated! Donate HERE
Words of Encouragement
The Power Gals Networking group came out to the Habitat Pasco job site on January 30 and jumped right in to swinging a hammer. Power Gals is a women's networking group that helps promote each other and generate new business. It’s a networking group for professional women from various industries. The women that attend these meetings are amazing business women that are growing locally with a passion for connecting and helping their communities.

For more information about volunteering, contact Jere Ferguson at jferguson@habitatpasco.org or look online at www.habitatpasco.org
Karla Arita, founder of Power Gals Networking
The Habitat ReStore and G L Homes
Photo by Jake Ford
You Can Make a Difference!