I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to let you know that both of my books are now available. I am actively promoting booth books in the press. The full press release is below.

I am grateful for the support and hope they inspire you and your patrons.

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Press Release
New York, NY – For decades, Randi Tomchin has been on a spiritual adventure that has taken her around the world; however, her real journey was inward, discovering the magnificence of her own heart, mind and spirit. Now she teaches us how to integrate metaphysical tools with everyday living in two new books. An Awakened Heart, A Journey of Self Discovery chronicles Randi’s incredible journey in which she excavates not only the experiences of her current life but those of previous incarnations. It also shares several spiritually based yet practical tools for transforming every facet of life. An Awakened Heart has reached #1 in 12 categories on Amazon.  
The seeds for these books were planted back in the 1980s, which in spiritual circles is known for a harmonic convergence, or powerful event that awakened thousands to a new path. For Randi, the watershed moment came after watching Out on a Limb, a TV series based on Shirley MacLaine’s book of the same name. At the time, Randi was a typical “yuppy,” building a corporate career while enjoying the excitement and culture of New York City. Life was good…and yet something was missing. MacLaine’s experiences – and her willingness to explore a reality beyond the three-dimensional world – inspired Randi to do the same. Guaranteed to evoke both tears and laughter, An Awakened Heart teaches us how to heal our spiritual wounds and align ourselves with Universal laws, as well as our own power to create the lives we desire. It focuses on self-worth, faith, and trust as the foundations for enlightenment, and offers real-world advice on everything from nutrition and quitting smoking to financial challenges and relationships. But the most important relationships, however, are those with the Divine, our Selves, and our guides.   

“Our time on earth,” Tomchin says, “is as much as a spiritual journey as a human one… if not more so. We are here to grow and evolve through our challenges, whether they originated in this life or a previous one – and step into our power as fully actualized beings in the here and now. The key is to start from a place of gratitude and curiosity.”
Tomchin’s other book, The Power of Inspiration, is a compilation of quotes from visionaries and thought leaders throughout the ages. Read alone or as a companion to An Awakening Heart, the words in The Power of Inspiration will serve as a galvanizing force, assisting readers to shift their perspective and take transformative action in their lives.
“The power of words in our lives cannot be overstated,” Tomchin says, “Once you shift your perspective from negative to positive, your view of the world – and yourself – shifts as well. There is literally nothing that you cannot be or accomplish.” 
Randi Tomchin is an author and the founder of Enrichment, Inc.: Opening Minds, Awakening Hearts, a consultancy focused on facilitating spiritual transformation. After a twenty-year career in media, training, and recruitment, she left the corporate world in 2009 to devote herself to helping others live in the present moment and take inspired action to recreate their lives.
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