A popular feature of Google Photos for many is “Memories”.

How many times have we been reminded of a past experience

with a photo that may have otherwise been forgotten??

Monday, February 25, 2019 at 5:24 PM

was when the very first Buff Brief was sent out from the Dean’s Office. During March, please join us in reminiscing

how much has occurred in the past five years.

A Moment with Mrs. Bachman

Pond's Ponder

For over a week, wildfires have raged over the Texas Panhandle and surrounding area.

The devastation to property, land, fences, livestock, wildlife

and families has been gut wrenching, affecting over one million acres.

The bright side of this tragedy is the rallying of support from fellow farmers and ranchers,

the agriculture industry and citizens across Texas and the nation.

Semi and pickup trucks and trailers have brought needed feed,

water and supplies to the area.

We are very grateful for the immediate response

and thankful to be part of an agricultural family that supports one another.

Please continue to extend thoughts and prayers to the families struggling with losses.

This will be a long process of recovery for many and they will need our continued support. 

Usually natural disasters and tragedies occur far from where we live.

Let’s take this opportunity to help our own neighbors and friends!

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