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SP24 Commencement by the Numbers

Thank you and Farewell!

Professional School Acceptance

Tyson Foods Taiwan Visitors

Dr. Marcillo Invited Guest

Plains Nutrition Council Meeting


Spring 2024 Commencement by the Numbers

Thank you and Farewell!

Many thanks to the faculty and staff in (and outside!)

the Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

who contributed to create these word clouds for Kyndall and Paige!

What accurate reflections of their contributions! 


Join us in wishing them well as they begin their careers.

Paige has accepted the position of Director of Policy Communication

with the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association and will be moving to Austin area.

Kyndall has been chosen to serve as Marketing Coordinator

for the Working Ranch Cowboys Association based in Amarillo.

2024 Professional School Acceptance

Tyson Foods Taiwan Visitors

Tyson Foods Taiwan Shuh Sen Co Ltd., a meat manufacturing company in Taipei City,

recently received a beef grading, fabrication and safety short course

at WTAMU from Dr. Ty Lawrence, Caviness Davis Distinguished Chair

and Professor of Animal Science and Director of the Beef Carcass Research Center,

Dr. Trent Schwartz, Assistant Professor of Meat Science,

and Dr. Loni Lucherk, Dr. Gordon W. Davis Chair in Meat Judging 

and Assistant Professor of Animal Science.

The Value of Digital Agriculture

on Cropping Systems Research

Dr. Guillermo Marcillo, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Statistics,

was recently invited to attend the Plant Biology and Crop Sciences Spring Seminar Series

at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where he spoke about "The Value of Digital Agriculture

and Computer Simulations in Cropping Systems and Agroecosystems Research."

Dr. Marcillo talked about previous and current research using ag systems simulation models

and machine learning to advance fundamental and applied knowledge on soil/water conservation

under climate and market instability.

Plains Nutrition Council Meeting

The Plains Nutrition Council (PNC) Meeting was recently held in San Antonio.

Dr. Ty Lawrence, Caviness Davis Distinguished Chair in Meat Science 

and Professor of Animal Science and Director of the Beef Carcass Research Center (BCRC),

delivered an invited presentation, and Dr. John Richeson, Paul Engler Professor of Beef Cattle Feedlot Management and Professor of Animal Science and Graduate Program Coordinator,

was elected as a member of the PNC executive committee.

Sabine Harmer, Sr. Animal Science, served as a meeting intern.

Graduate students Daniel Young, Ph.D. Agriculture, Maddy Kimbrough, M.S. Animal Science,

Wilsey Wendler, M.S. Animal Science, and Kasi Schneid, Ph.D Agriculture,

presented research in the graduate student poster competition.

Graduate Student Poster Competition Results

Kasi Schneid: 1st Place, "Inducing liver accesses in finishing steers with high dietary starch

and erratic feed management and their effects on growth performance,

rumen buffering characteristics, and carcass outcomes."

Kasi was also selected as the first place winner of the inaugural "Future Beef Industry Leadership" scholarship awarded at the Midwest Consulting Nutritionist Forum.

Anna Kobza, M.S. Animal Science '22:

2nd Place for research completed at University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Taylor McAtee, M.S. Animal Science '22: 3rd Place for research completed at Kansas State University.

Wilsey Wendler: 4th Place, "Effects of beta-agonist type and timing of Experior feeding on calculated cumulative ammonia gas emissions, live growth performance, and carcass outcomes of feedlot steers."


In Case you Missed It

Rogers LEAD WT Cohort

Announced for 2024-2025

Spring ’24 Attebury Honors Graduates

Celebrated at WT

Outstanding WT Faculty, Staff Honored

in Year-End Ceremony

Paul Engler’s Memory Honored

with Formation of Four New Professorships at WT

A Moment with Mrs. Bachman

Pond's Ponder

Our College celebrated Commencement on Saturday with 191 Bachelors of Science,

19 Masters of Science and two Doctors of Philosophy.

For some students this was their first Commencement experience,

with COVID stealing their first opportunity.

The atmosphere was exciting and electric with jubilant audience participation.

Graduation from college is a true milestone worth celebrating.

A part of the educational experience is challenging the mind to new dimensions.

This potential life changing experience is well described by Oliver Wendell Holmes:

"Every now and then a man's mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation,

and never returns to its former dimension."

If fortunate, this will happen several times after Commencement.

After all, Commencement signifies starting a career and the next phase of life.

We look forward to continued growth and great successes for our graduates!

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