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Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul Engler!

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The Dean's Team Roles

We are excited to introduce the Dean's Team to new readers!

Science Community: Meet and Greet!

Students, You Are Invited!

Looking Back: PrimeOne Cloning Project

The Department of Agricultural Sciences made headlines and history for its PrimeOne cloning project. 

The department partnered with Viagen Inc. and other scientists to take genetic material

from Prime 1 Yield Grade 1 beef carcasses and create cloned calves. 

The first clone, Alpha, a bull calf and three heifers, Gamma 1-2-3, were born in 2012. 

During phase two of the research, offspring of the clones were born. 

The initial nine bull and four heifer calves were the first offspring to be born to bovine clones. 

Original clones and their offspring have been used in three commercial breeding projects

that demonstrated how innovative cattle selection methods can be used

to improve beef quality and efficiency.


The project is a culmination of the efforts of multiple faculty and students at WTAMU, including 

Dr. Ty Lawrence, Caviness Davis Distinguished Chair in Meat Science and 

Professor of Animal Science and Director of the Beef Carcass Research Center (BCRC),

Dr. Dean Hawkins, Former Dean of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

and Former Department Head & Professor of Animal Science,

Dr. David Lust, Department Head & Professor of Agricultural Science,

Dr. Tommy Perkins, Dean Hawkins Chair in Cow/Calf Management

and Associate Professor of Animal Science, 

Landon Canterbury, M.S. Animal Science, now Beef Business Development Manager 

at Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health North America, 

and Kelly Jones, M.S. Animal Science, now Clinical Assistant Professor of Agriculture. 


Additionally, Dr. Gregg Veneklasen, Timber Creek Veterinary Hospital Owner, 

Jason Abraham of Canadian, TX, Todd Stroud of Hoofstock Genetics, Viagen Inc., Cactus Feeders, ABS Global, and Full Circle Jersey provided knowledge, experience, facilities, and collaboration

during the cloning and research processes.

Alpha is now located on the second floor in the Steve and Sally Lewis Collaboration Area!

View More Here!

Meat Science Summer Events

WT Meat Judging Camp had a record number of 52 3rd - 12th grade students

who attended the two day camp from TX, NM, OK, and CO.

The students learned topics such as beef grading, placing classes,

questions, reasons and retail ID.

Meat Judging Camp was hosted by:

Dr. Loni Lucherk, Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences and Meats Team Coach,

Megan Eckhardt, Ph.D. Agriculture

Will Boyd, M.S. Animal Science

and the 2022, 2023, and 2024 Meat Judging Team members.

American Society of Animal Science

Dr. Ty Lawrence, Caviness Davis Distinguished Chair in Meat Science and

Professor of Animal Science and Director of the Beef Carcass Research Center (BCRC),

Aubrey Thompson-Smith, M.S. Animal Science, Kara Belt, M.S. Animal Science,

Taylor Loeffler, M.S. Animal Science, and Wilsey Wendler, M.S. Animal Science,

represented WT at the American Society of Animal Science - ASAS Annual Meeting

in Albuquerque, New Mexico! 

Both Aubrey Thompson-Smith and Kara Belt presented research in the poster and oral competitions!

Save The Date!

We would like to say "Happy Birthday" to Dr. Paul Engler,

who will be turning 94 years young on August 23!

A Moment with Mrs. Bachman

Dr. Pond's Ponder

Many know that I really like the wisdom of Dr. Suess.

Today as we start classes, let's start off with on of his gems:

"It is better to know how to learn than to know."

-Dr. Suess

Let's enjoy the journey of learning how to learn!

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