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Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

College Best of the Best

Every Day is Earth Day

WT Ag on the Road

Library Faculty Research Expo

Rodeo Austin

Daniels Scholars Honored

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Best of the Best in the College

These student groups well-represent their Departments as they serve and promote academic programs

in the Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences.

Students are selected to serve and work diligently throughout the year

at a variety of activities and events on- and off- campus.

We couldn't be more proud of these students.

Every Day is Earth Day

How You Can Help

#1: Keep the soil vegetated. Whether it is your yard or your farmland,

maintaining permanent vegetation stabilizes the soil and adds organic matter.

#2: Control runoff. Using vegetation or mulch protects soil surfaces and helps slow down runoff water.

#3: Prevent over-fertilization. Apply fertilizers only as needed and at recommended rates

to prevent pollution and maximize plant growth.

Thank you, Dr. Erik Crosman, Assistant Department Head

 and Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, and Ms. Lauren Selph,

Instructor of Plant, Soil, and Environmental Sciences, for providing this insightful information!

April is Research and Innovation Month

across the TAMU System

The Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences was well-represented 

at the 19th Annual Faculty and Student Research Poster Session and Research Fair. 

A total of ten faculty researchers from all three departments participated!

Faculty Presentations

Crosman, Erik; Mukherjee, Maitreyee; Cuthbert, Robyn; Ogle, Heather; Mbanefo, Simon; Olatunbosun, Afolarin; Pool, Grayson; Taylor, Darby - Environmental Drivers of Water Quality Variability in Lake Meredith, Texas [Killgore grant recipient]

Karaganis, Stephen; Zimmerman, Joey - Circadian regulation of peripheral serotonin and platelets in mice

Marcillo, Guillermo - Monitoring cotton growth in the Texas Panhandle using computer simulations [Killgore grant recipient]

Mukherjee, Maitreyee; Jones, Evan; VeneKlasen, Bentli; Crosman, Erik - Analysis of microbial population diversity in Lake Meredith, Texas [Killgore grant recipient]

Shrestha, Keshav; Phillips, Cole; Shtefiienko, Kyryl - High Magnetic Field Characterization of Quantum Materials [Killgore grant recipient]

Shrestha, Maha L. - Flexible Foams and Elastomers from Castor Oil [Killgore grant recipient, Welch Departmental Grant]

Tao, Shiquan; Kutelev, Ivan - Chemometrics-assisted FTIR spectroscopy for discriminating closely related species [Killgore grant recipient]

Thomason, Roy; Flynn, Nick - Frequency Effect On Yeast Fermentation [Welch Foundation grant recipient]

Das; Pronob; Aria, Saman; Devadoss, Timothy; Hiranuma, Naruki;

Bhattacharia, Sanjoy; Bithi, Swastika - Engineering of a Microfluidic Platform for Investigation of Immersion Freezing in the Atmosphere [Department of Energy- Research Development and Partnership Pilot grant]

Nguyen, Marytrinh; Burciaga, Betty; Ghosh, Nabarun - History of implementation of Nanotechnology in the novel air purifiers with a special reference in reduction of Pollen, Mold Spore and PM2.5 Indices


Faculty and Student Research Poster Session and Research Fair Committee

Dr. Marty Rhoades, Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences

Rodeo Austin

Dr. Lance Kieth, Associate Dean of External Relations and Recruiting and Couch Family Professor

of Extension Education, Dr. Kevin Williams, Associate Professor of Agricultural Education

and Richard and Mary West Traylor Professor, and Dr. Nate Wolf, Assistant Professor

of Agricultural Education and Leadership, took 25 Department of Agricultural Science students

to plan, organize, operate and manage the youth swine show

at the Rodeo Austin Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Faculty and students oversee, manage and operate the entire youth swine show for Rodeo Austin. Activities include, managing the unloading of swine, tack, feed, for the exhibitors.

WT constructed and set-up competition sites, where they conduct the two days of competition

(850 exhibitors/swine) and assisted with the deconstruction and tear down of the competition site.

Daniels Scholars Honored at Luncheon

The Daniels Fund, established in 2000, has awarded more than $260 million in scholarships

to more than 5,000 scholars. This scholarship fund was established by cable TV pioneer Bill Daniels

and is dedicated to making life better for the people of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

“The WT Daniels Fund Scholars are the embodiment of Bill Daniels’ legacy to provide students an opportunity to change not only their lives, but the lives of their families and communities,”

said WT President Walter V. Wendler. “The values which drive the mission of the Daniels Fund

align with the values of WT and the people of this region.

We are grateful to the Daniels Fund for investing in WT students.”

Since 2012, about 40 Daniels Scholars have attended, or are currently enrolled at,

West Texas A&M University. Students attending WT with Daniels Scholarships can receive up to $25,000

a year for qualified educational expenses, including tuition and fees, room and board,

books and supplies, and miscellaneous expenses.

The Daniels Scholars, current and alumni, were recently honored at a Luncheon

hosted in the Fairly Group Club at Bain-Schaeffer Buffalo Stadium.

Students honored from our College include:

Cameron Frantz, Sr. Animal Science, Shaylee Gee, So. Agricultural Business and Economics,

George Graybill, Sr. Animal Science, Jordan Hisel, So. Animal Science,

Kacyn Kessinger, Sr. Animal Science, Raquel Lieurance, Fr. Agriculture,

Paityn Nicholson, So. Agricultural Media and Communication, Grace Pendleton, Sr. Animal Science, Lane Remmich, Sr. Agricultural Business and Economics, Zachary Rich, Jr. Agriculture,

McKenzie Riddle, Fr. Agriculture, Faith Vernier, Fr. Animal Science,

Corey Zimmerman, So. Agriculture

A Moment with Mrs. Bachman

Pond's Ponder

"I have no interest in mediocrity."

-Dr. Gordon Davis

In last week's A Moment with Mrs. Bachman,

we were introduced to this conviction of Gordon Davis.

How does one overcome the trap of mediocrity?

It's relatively simple: one should develop clearly defined goals

and start each day ready to take steps toward accomplishing the goals.

At the end of each day, one should reflect upon the progress;

continue each week, month and year.

It's also important to share goals and dreams with others

to help hold one accountable.

With this approach and persistence, you will be successful

and mediocrity will not ever be associated with you or your efforts!

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