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April 10: Graduate School Open House

WT Hosts 2024 Invitational CDE Contests

On March 22, the Departments of Agricultural Sciences and Life, Earth, and Environmental Sciences hosted an Invitational Career and Leadership Development event for FFA and 4-H students.

The total attendance for this event was about 2,500 students

from all across Texas as well as New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado!

The total number of schools represented was 198,

with the total entries of over 2,900 in 19 competitions!

Affordable Learning Champion of the Month!

Dr. Naruki Hiranuma, Associate Professor of Environmental Science,

was the recipient of March/April's Low-Cost, No-Cost, and Open Educational Resources (OER)

Affordable Learning Champion award!

This award is awarded by the Cornette Library.

About OER's Affordable Learning Champion

Competitive Team Results

19th Annual Student Research Poster Session

and Research Fair

The Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences was well-represented

at the 19th Annual Faculty and Student Research Poster Session and Research Fair.

This year all three departments participated with a total of 16 student researchers!

19th Annual Faculty Research Poster Session and Research Fair

2023-2024 Student Research

Poster Presentations

Robyn Cuthbert – M.S. BIOL:

A quantitative PCR analysis of antibiotic resistant genes (ARGs) in Lake Meredith, an important water reservoir in the arid Texas panhandle region

[Graduate Student Research Grant Recipient]

Emily Efird - M.S. AG:

Effect of Time of Estrus on Conception Rate

for a Sexed Semen Artificial Insemination Protocol in Multiparous Beef Cows

[Graduate Student Research Grant Recipient]

Paige Holbrooks - M.S. AG:

Economic Comparison of Cotton Grown

in Thermo-Limited Regions of the High Plains

Erin Jones – Ph.D. AG:

Effect of Colony-Wide Physiological State

on Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Pollination Efficiency

Riley Moore – Sr. Agribusiness:

"Navigating your Law School Journey”

Emmanuel Oko – M.S. ENVR.SCI:

Potential Impact of the Arctic Glacier Recession

on our Climate

Cole Phillips – Sr. Physics:

Pressure Studies on the topological properties of CsV3Sb5 [President’s Undergraduate Student Research Grant Recipient]

Kenleigh Wells – M.S. AG:

The Effect of Embryo Stage and Biopsy

on Embryo Viability

[Graduate Student Research Grant Recipient]

Joey Zimmerman – M.S. BIOL:

Circadian Regulation of Platelets

[President’s Undergraduate Student Research

Grant Recipient]

2022-2023 Graduate Student Research

Grant Posters

Mason Carter – Ph.D. AGRI:

Gestation Length EPD Project

Robyn Cuthbert – M.S. BIOL:

Analyzing algal blooms, antibiotic resistance genes in Lake Meredith, Texas

Emily Efird – M.S. AG:

Estrus Detection in Increasing Conception through Sexed Semen-Artificial Insemination

Brittanie Hill – M.S. AG:

Detecting disease in feedlot cattle

using artificial intelligence

Thinh Nguyen – M.S. '23:

The studies of Xte(X-Zi) under high pressure

Ainslea Price – M.S. AG:

Comparison of beef breeds on Warner-Bratzler slice shear force and ether extract

Kenleigh Wells – M.S. AG:

The Study of Embryo Biopsies to create EPD's before Embryo Transfer in Cattle

2022-2023 President’s Undergraduate Student Research Grant Posters

Abigail House – B.S. BIOL:

Analysis of antimicrobial resistance and 'superbugs' in Lake Meredith, Texas

Jeff Jackson – B.S. BIOL:

The Study of Circadian Intestinal Serotonin Regulation

Cole Phillips – Sr. PHYS:

Investigation of the Fermi surface of topological tin-doped lead selenide single crystals

Kara Ramirez – B.S. BIOL:

Analysis of microbial contamination

in Lake Meredith, Texas

Joey Zimmerman – M.S. BIOL:

Investigation of circadian entrainment in mice

Stewarding Our Water Future Conference


Environmental Sampling and Interpretation, recently attended the Stewarding Our Water Future Conference, hosted by Ogallala Commons.

At this conference, the students participated

in conversations about groundwater depletion

and expanding stakeholder coalition

to improve water realities.

A "thank you" to Ogallala Commons

for reducing the rate and registration fee

for the students who attended!

In attendance: Camden Wienecke, M.S. Environmental Science, Jennifer Ofili, M.S. Environmental Science, Oluwaseyi Sanusi, M.S. Environmental Science, Chloe Smith, Sr. Environmental Science,

Clover Watson, Sr. Environmental Science, Heather Ogle, Sr. Environmental Science, Israel Tarango, Sr. Environmental Science, Shwe Yi, Sr. Environmental Science,

Dayton Varnado, Jr. Environmental Science, Seth Parker, So. Environmental Science,

Joshlyn Perez, B.S. Wildlife Biology '23 and Dr. Erik Crosman, Assistant Department Head

and Assistant Professor of Environmental Science.

Ogallala Commons

Living to Serve: From FFA to WT

We would like to recognize and commend those who have served

at a state or national level of FFA, who are now students in the Department of Agricultural Sciences.

These individuals bring with them a wealth of experience and passion for agriculture,

enriching our campus community with their diverse perspectives and unwavering dedication!

Past Officers:

Windsor Godfrey,

Fr. Agriculture Education: Texas State President, 2022-2023

Campbell Offield,

Jr. Agriculture Education:

Texas Area I State Vice President, 2022-2023

Ember Reyes,

Jr. Animal Science:

Texas State President, 2021-2022

Grady McAlister,

Sr. Plant, Soil, and Environmental Science:

Texas Area I State Vice President, 2021-2022

Faith Snapp,

Sr. Animal Science:

Texas Area I State Vice President, 2020-2021

Annie Valicek,

Sr. Agricultural Business and Economics:

Texas Area III State Vice President, 2020-2021

Kirby Russell,

Sr. Agricultural Business and Economics:

Texas Area IV State Vice President, 2020-2021

Montana Goodman,

So. Agribusiness:

Colorado State President, 2021-2022

Tyson Schneider,

Sr. Agricultural Business and Economics:

Colorado State Vice President, 2020-2021

Brandon Melnikoff,

Sr. Agriculture:

Colorado State Treasurer, 2019-2020

Zach Rich,

Jr. Agriculture Education:

New Mexico State Vice President, 2021-2022

A Moment with Mrs. Bachman

Pond's Ponder

March Madness is coming to a close. 

Yesterday in the Women's NCAA Championship, South Carolina beat Iowa.

Iowa has one of the best basketball players of all times

and South Carolina had a deep and balanced team.

A good team will usually beat a team with a superstar.

Tonight we will have a repeat in the Men's Championship,

with a very deep team (UConn) playing a team with a superstar (Purdue).

My prediction is that the deep team will win.

A good team is hard to beat in sports or in life!

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