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National Physical Therapy Month

Little International Livestock Show

SPS Demo and Recruitment Event

Competitive Team Results

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November 3: Science Community Night

National Physical Therapy Month

October is celebrated as National Physical Therapy Month

by the American Physical Therapy Association

to raise awareness with consumers about the benefits of physical therapy.

This is a great time to appreciate what those in the Physical Therapy industry

do to transform lives.

Autumn Carroll is a Sr. Biology student

who is specializing in Pre-Physical Therapy.

Autumn shared that her coursework has been incredibly valuable,

but she feels she has been prepared for the industry

through the active learning she has employed

with other students during her labs.

She shared that her favorite aspect

of the PT pre-professional specialization has been the people,

both professors and peers.

Autumn shared that she feels as if they are all striving as a unit to succeed together which has pushed her to work hard.

"The opportunities that I’ve been presented are endless.

Not only have I received a solid academic foundation

and hands-on experience through research opportunities

and internships, I’ve also been given the chance to network

with peers and professionals in the field of Physical Therapy,

which is invaluable." 

ANSC*1319 and AGRI*4305:

Little International Livestock Show

Dr. David Lust, Department Head of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of Animal Science

and Instructor of ANSC*1319, Principles of Animal Science,

Mr. Michael Semler, Dr. Bob and Cleo Robinson Professor in Livestock Judging and Livestock Judging Coach and Instructor of ANSC*1319,

Ms. Sidney Dunkel, Animal Science Instructor of ANSC*1319,

and Dr. Kevin Williams, Richard and Mary West Traylor Professor

andAssociate Professor of Agricultural Education and Instructor

for AGRI*4305, Conducting Supervised Agricultural Experience,

join efforts to offer students hands-on livestock handling

and instructional experiences. 


Twenty-five senior-level students in AGRI*4305 provide guidance and instruction

for approximately 250 students enrolled in ANSC*1319 to participate in a livestock show, hosted by WTAMU students, called the Little International.

This two-day showmanship competition was held at the Bain Event Center

on October 16 and 17 and included steer, pig, sheep and horse shows,

as well as a Quiz Bowl and a Round-Robin final championship. 

What an outstanding opportunity for all!

Society of Physics

The student chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) held a physics demonstration and recruiting event on October 3rd, in the lobby of the Natural Sciences Building.

Led by SPS President Cole Phillips, Sr. Physics,

Vice President Mahan Khorsand, Jr. Physics,

and Secretary Andrea Skyberg, So. Physics,

the SPS organization demonstrated quantum magnetic levitation

using liquid-nitrogen-cooled superconductors, a simple electric motor made from scratch,

and electric sparks created by a Van de Graaff generator.

The event was successful in leading over a dozen students to sign up to be part of the SPS.

Dr. Chris Baird, Associate Professor of Physics, is the SPS adviser.

Competitive Team Results

Meat Judging Results

The Meat Judging team traveled to Omaha, NE to compete in the 2023 American Royal Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest hosted by American Meat Science Association.

With a record WT score of 4,237, the team was named the Champions of the contest!

This is the second American Royal win in WT history!

Team Awards:

2023 American Royal Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest Champions

1st Beef Grading

1st Lamb Judging

1st Total Beef

1st Placings

2nd Beef Judging

3rd Reasons

3rd Specifications

Individual Awards:

Eli Mathis, So. Agribusiness: 2nd overall,

high Beef Grading, high total Beef

Ryan Heitschmidt, Jr. Animal Science:

4th overall, high Placings, 2nd

Beef Judging, 4th Lamb Judging

Madison Colvin, Jr. Agriculture:

6th overall, high Lamb Judging, 4th Placings

Megan Miller, Sr. Agribusiness: 9th overall,

3rd Placings, 5th Beef Judging

Colt Edrington, Jr. Agricultural Business 

and Economics: 3rd alternate

Juan Carlos Buentello, Sr. Animal Science:

5th alternate

Coached by Dr. Loni Lucherk, Dr. Gordon W. Davis Chair in Meat Judging 

and Assistant Professor of Animal Science, Meats Team Coach,

and Megan Eckhardt, Ph.D. Agriculture.

Ranch Horse Team Results

Johnson Performance Horses National Intercollegiate

Ranch & Stock Horse Association Show

Team Results: Champion D1 Team

Individual Results


Camry Mangum: 1st Reining, Ranch Riding,Trail, 1st All Around

Lily Redden, Sr. Agricultural Business and Economics: Reserve All Around

Garret Miller, Sr. Equine Industry and Business: 1st Cow Work, 3rd All Around

Limited Non Pro

Diana Webster, Sr. Equine Industry and Business: 1st Trail, 4th overall

Thomas Binig, Jr. Applied Arts and Sciences: 1st Reining, 9th All Around

Non Pro

Paige Finegan, Sr. Equine Industry and Business: 5th All Around

Ashley Wortham, Reserve All Around

Stock Horse of Texas Show at the Aggieland Classic

Collegiate Non Pro Division:

Ashley Wortham, Fr. Agribusiness: Reserve Champion

Cutter McLaughlin, So. Agricultural Business and Economics, 3rd High Ind.

Ilda Corrales, Sr. Animal Science, 5th High Ind.


Collegiate Limited Non Pro:

Diana Webster,Sr. Equine Industry and Business, 5th High Ind.


Collegiate Novice:

Camry Mangum, Jr. Animal Science: Champion

Coached by Dr. Lance Baker, Professor of Animal Science.

Horse Judging Results

All-American Quarter Horse Congress

Team Results:

Overall: 3rd

Halter: 2nd

Performance: 3rd

Reasons: 3rd

Individual Results:

Haley Bucher, Jr. Equine Industry

and Business, 5th Reasons

Addison Shireman, Jr. Equine Industry and Business, 3rd Overall,

3rd Performance, 4th Reasons, 5th Halter

American Paint Horse Association

Collegiate World Championship

Team Results:

Overall: 3rd

Halter: 3rd

Performance: 2nd

Reasons: 4th

Haley Bucher: 5th Performance

Addison Shireman: 3rd Overall,

1st Performance, 5th Reasons, 6th Halter

2023 Horse Judging Team

Coached by Dr. John Pipkin, Regents Professor, Paul Engler Professor of Animal Science,

and Director of Equine Industry Program and Makenzie Knipe, M.S. Agriculture.

Rodeo Team Results

Eastern New Mexico University Rodeo

Men's Team: 4th Overall

Kallen Johnson, Sr. Agricultural Business and Economics, 2nd Tie Down Roping Avg.

Tryce Johnson: Fr. Agribusiness,

4th Team Roping Avg. (Header)

Austin Assini, Sr. General Studies,

4th Team Roping Avg. (Heeler)

Sul Ross State University Rodeo

Women's Team: 10th Overall

Biven Chapman, Jr. Agricultural Business and Economics,

8th Breakaway Roping Avg.

Paden Jarosz, Jr. Agricultural Business and Economics,

5th Steer Roping Avg.

Vernon College Rodeo

Kallen Johnson: 7th Tie Down Roping Avg.

Tres Colvin, So. Agricultural Business

and Economics, 8th Steer Wrestling Avg.

Frank Phillips College Rodeo

Weston Peters,So. Agricultural Business and Economics, Tie Down Roping Champion

Tres Colvin: 4th Steer Wrestling Avg.

Coached by Mr. Cody Bonds, Instructor and Rodeo Coach.

Equestrian Team Results

The Equestrian team competed at the Western Intercollegiate Horse Show Association

Season Opening Competition at North Central Texas College on October 7th and 8th.

The team achieved the highest overall point total

and secured the high point team!

Anna Wilhelm, Sr. Equine Industry and Business, was high point rider on both days.

Additionally, Jennica Dannehl, emerged as the reserve high point rider

after a tie-breaker win on Saturday!

Co-Coached by Ms. Maggie Murphy, Ph.D. Agriculture and Julia Bastian, M.S. Agriculture.

A Moment with Mrs. Bachman

Pond's Ponder

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month and it prompts my memories 

of early introductions to people of different cultures.

My father was a university professor in animal nutrition

and had graduate student scholars from all over the world.

I loved holidays because my parents would open our home to students who,

because of distance and cost, could not return home until their degree was conferred. Thanksgiving was special because we would have a large crowd 

included at our Thanksgiving table, including a whole variety of new foods, for many.

We took time for each student to tell about their home and traditions.

All of us gained from learning about each other’s background and cultures. 


You will be surprised about what you will learn if you just ask and listen.

Try to do so this month and, when appropriate, for the rest of your life.

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