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In this issue:
  • Customize your own automated R&D platform
  • New: Nerian Karmin2 stereo camera
  • New: Nerian SceneScan Pro
  • Coupon: Kaarta Contour
What's happening at AStuff!
  • This month's favorite: Beau Brummitt
  • AStuff at CES 2019
  • Join our winning team
  • This month's events
  • Upcoming events
Customize your own automated R&D platform
AutonomouStuff has had quite the summer. We are growing globally, we announced an acquisition and we are constantly welcoming new employees to our team.  While there have been a lot of changes, the quality and service you receive from AutonomouStuff remains among the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on bringing you the latest technology available and we listen to our customers to make sure needs are always exceeded. You can even use our selector guide to build your own custom automated research development vehicle. After you have carefully chosen each component of your vehicle, a member of our team will personally reach out to discuss your project and answer any questions you might have.

The applications for automated driving vehicles are endless! Common uses include:
  • autonomous driving
  • artificial intelligence
  • perception algorithms
  • 3D mapping
  • sensor referencing
  • data collection

New: Nerian Karmin2 Stereo Camera
The Nerian Karmin2 stereo camera is specifically designed for easy integration with the SceneScan Pro.The combination of these two products creates a 3D depth camera that acquires accurate range measurements, even in bright light conditions and over long distances.

Features include:
  • USB3
  • e2V EV 7bc520
  • 10cm or 25cm baselines
  • 1600x1200 sensor resolutions
  • 25º - 62º HFOV
  • Up to 40 fps at 800x592/256 disparities
  • trigger synchronization

Specifications (6mm, 12mm and 25mm lens):
  • 6mm lens has a working distance of 25m at estimate 0.50m and min. depth of 0.66m
  • 12mm lens has a working distance of 35m at estimated 0.50m of error and min. depth of 1.32m
  • 25mm lens has a working distance of 50m at an estimated error of 0.50m and min. depth of 2.70m
New: Nerian SceneScan Pro

The SceneScan Pro uses Nerian's latest 3D depth sensing technology. The SceneScan Pro gathers visual information and processes it in real-time in order to gain a 3D understanding of it's environment. The SceneScan Pro is recommended paired in a kit with the Karmin2.

Features include:
  • real-time processing
  • FPGA
  • disparity map
  • ROS support
  • automatic recalibration process

Specifications include:
  • 1856x1856 max image resolution
  • 3D point cloud
  • 256 disparities max
  • 100FPS max

Reduced price: Kaarta Contour
The Kaarta Contour is currently available at a reduced price. Now is the time to purchase this real-time, 3D mapping scanner ideal for multi-room interiors, multi-floor plans, buildings, industrial plants and infrastructure and more for both planning and maintenance purposes.
What's happening at AStuff?
This month's favorite: Beau Brummitt
Each month, we introduce you to one of our talented team members. This month, we'd like you to meet Beau Brummitt. Based in Morton, he is a huge part of our global integration team.

"I love working at Autonomoustuff because we get to continually challenge ourselves to provide the best products and solutions for our customers," he said.

We are lucky to have Beau as part of our AutonomouStuff team!

Click here to learn more about our team.
AStuff at CES 2019
The AutonomouStuff team is looking forward to CES 2019! We have a huge presence each year and 2019 will be no exception. In fact, we're planning our biggest CES ever.

Our plans include:

  • VIP meetings in our MGM Grand suites
  • AStuff-built automated research development vehicles and technology throughout Las Vegas
  • Exclusive party at Margaritaville to celebrate another successful year with our partners

Contact us if you plan on showing off AStuff technology or are interested in working with us at CES.
Join our winning team!
AutonomouStuff has experienced huge growth over the past year. We have more than doubled our employees since December of 2017 and we are not slowing down. If you are interested in becoming part of the AStuff family, check out our careers page.
This month
The AStuff team had the opportunity to connect with friends at many events this month. Check out our blog post featuring our most recent events. We hope to have the chance to connect with you at an event soon!
Upcoming events
September 5-7: AUTOMOTIVE World Nagoya

September 10-12: HxGN Live Asia

September 13 & 14: GTC Japan

September 17-21: ITS World Congress

October 4: iSEE Congress

October 10: ECE Explorations

October 16 & 17: NXP Technology Days

November 15-17: LA CoMotion

January 8-11, 2019: CES 2019

February 25-27, 2019: AV19 Silicon Valley

April 30- May 2: XPONENTIAL
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