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In this issue:
  • AStuff and Great Wall Motors: bringing fleets of autonomous vehicles to China
  • AStuff enables CARMA on R&D platforms
  • New: Kaarta Stencil 2
  • New: Lexus 1.1
What's happening at AStuff!
  • Meet the team: JL Mitra
  • Make a difference in the future of transportation
  • This month's events
  • Upcoming events
AStuff and Great Wall Motors:
bringing fleets of automated vehicles to China
AutonomouStuff is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Great Wall Motors. This game-changing partnership will benefit our customers who are looking to reinvent transportation in China. GWM's premium WEY SUV, combined with AStuff's PACMod by-wire interface presents the perfect opportunity to build large fleets of automated driving vehicles in China.

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AStuff enables CARMA on R&D platforms
The Federal Highway Administration announced its Cooperative Automation Research Mobility Applications (CARMA), Tuesday, October 23. CARMA is the newest software platform for research of connected and automated vehicles. AutonomouStuff is proud to be a part of the initiative, with the goal of improving transportation efficiency and safety.

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New: Kaarta Stencil 2
The Stencil 2 is a low cost, customizable mobile mapping platform for rapid mobile scanning. It is a computer small enough to fit in your hand but powerful enough to process and view any of the data it captures. The Stencil is designed to work seamlessly with the   Velodyne VLP-16   and   HDL-32E .

Specifications include:
  • weight: 700g (without LiDAR)
  • storage: 500 GB SSD
  • file format: .ply and .las
  • accuracy: ±30mm, ±10mm post-processed for typical room environments

New: Lexus 1.1
AutonomouStuff is known for its Automated Research Development Platforms, which have revolutionized the transportation industry. We are happy to announce an updated version of our Lexus platform.

Lexus 1.1 includes:
  • a fully featured by-wire fault detection solution
  • extensive fault monitoring
  • many other updates

Contact us for more information on our updated Lexus platform.

Available today!
We currently have a limited supply of Velodyne HDL-64 LiDAR sensors in stock and ready to ship to you!

Special pricing is available.
What's happening at AStuff?
Meet the team: JL Mitra
Meet JL Mitra, one of our exceptional Sales & Business Development Managers based in our San Jose office. New to the team, he is ready to help our customers find the solutions they need.

" Waking up every day to help build the future of mobility has given me the satisfaction and drive I’ve been looking for since I started my career,” JL said . “It is truly a privilege to work alongside the smart, hardworking crew at AutonomouStuff ! "

We are excited to have JL as part of our team!

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Make a difference in the future of transportation
AutonomouStuff has experienced huge growth over the past year. We have more than doubled our employees since December of 2017 and we are not slowing down. If you are interested in becoming part of the AStuff family, check out our careers page.
October events
The AStuff team had the opportunity to connect with friends at more than 15 events this month! Check out our October events blog post for pictures and more info. We hope to have the chance to connect with you at an event soon!
Upcoming events
November 8: EB Tech Day

November 12-15: SC18

November 15-17: LA CoMotion

January 8-11, 2019: CES 2019

February 25-27, 2019: AV19 Silicon Valley

April 30- May 2: XPONENTIAL
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