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Self Awareness: the greatest gift you can give yourself

by Cyndi Wineinger

There’s something completely thrilling about the start of a year. For me, it starts with diving into a fresh planner—yes, call me old-fashioned, but I adore the tactile joy of turning pages. And this year, I went all out and snagged these massive monthly wall calendars. They’re like looking at a breathtaking landscape of possibilities!

Okay, confession time: My “new year” enthusiasm typically kicks in around October. I know, I can’t help it. I’m a junky for learning, and I thrive with visual images and kinesthetic interaction. Just writing about planning for a new year has my heart racing with excitement!

Now, let me clarify: Not everyone should plan their year like a junky with markers and pens. It took years of self-discovery to realize that this method suits me best. For some, a planner might be a distraction, especially if they prefer electronic organization. We each have our unique frameworks that bring out our best.

This whole planning extravaganza stems from self-awareness

I’m what you might call an absent-minded professor. You know, the type who might accidentally show up in slippers because my brain registers “feet covered” without caring about actual shoes. I’ve caused some frustration, showing up on the wrong date because I was more focused on the people and event than the time-space details.

It took a while for me to grasp that my own quirky time continuum stressed others out. Who wants a professional leader shuffling about in slippers? I finally understood that my distractedness wasn’t just my problem; it affected others. Every behavior holds purpose and meaning. To me, I was lost in my thoughts; to others, I disrupted their preparedness and focus.


For those on the journey of self-awareness (who have completed a Birkman), we have free training to support your growth! 

If you have taken the Birkman Assessment and want a better understanding of your report, Cyndi has created fantastic videos to help you interpret your results.


The best leaders are continuous learners!

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We start with understanding your leadership style to build confidence to lead with authenticity. Then, we delve into strategic planning and its role for individuals, teams, and organizations. Finally, we combine these insights and tools to overcome challenges and build high performance teams.

  • Increase self-awareness
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  • Develop personal motivation and goals

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