The Workshop Was Great!
We Really Enjoyed The Workshop!
  • Two days of action packed IQA [Instruction, Question, & Answer]!

We had six "Happy Campers" in the class. They ranged in experience from: waiting for their Innova to be delivered to having their Innova for a couple of weeks with a troublesome quilt still loaded on the machine.

This class used Version 7 of "Advanced Training AutoPilot Mach 3", as will all future workshops. This was significant in that Version 7 differs from prior versions in several ways:

  • In addition to the use of the Mach 3 Functions, it incorporates more quilting issues. Examples are:

  • the four types of Edge-To-Edge [E2E] quilting and when and how they are used;

  • the three methods of aligning the loaded quilt to the Mach 3 software;

  • the use of border-corners as well as how to create and fix them; and

  • the differences between rotating the quilt to do the borders and doing the borders "as you go" [progressing and rolling down the quilt].

  • The many enhancements made by Innova to their Mach 3.

  • More custom techniques for custom quilts.

  • The differences between the M-Series and the Classic Mach 3s.

The response from the attendees mirrored our superlative satisfaction. A few of the comment on our "Evaluation Form" mimicked our feelings:

  • "[I liked] the projects sewn out. The included patterns. I would recommend this class to anyone with an Innova [Autopilot Mach 3]! - Beverly T.

  • [The thing I liked most about the class was that it was] Very interactive!" - Lisa L.

  • "[The] class was great. I learned a lot. Thanks!" - Lisa L.

  • "[The thing I liked most about the class was the] Thoroughness of the steps." - UK

  • "[It had] Excellent information. Liked the hands-on. Great introduction." - Glenda P

Additional Free Workshops

At this time there are two additional free workshops this year:

  • Friday & Saturday, September 15 & 16 at Accomplish Quilting, St. Jo, MI

  • Thursday & Friday, October 12 & 13 at Accomplish Quilting, Indianapolis IN

Additional Private Workshops

Do you want a private workshop, or one where you can learn with your employees and/or family? Just give us a call at 567.208.3572 and you specify the dates and the number of days! Fixed fee regardless of the number of attendees: $200.00 per day.

Note: our facility is limited to 6 attendees.]
In summary, if you have a Mach 3, then these are the class and the materials for you! If not, then choose Innova!
May The Lord Richly Bless You!
Rick & Ruth Grihalva
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