The Workout Group, Tucson AZ
Let's run into 2021
Join us for the first official WOG workouts of 2021 on
Tuesday, January 12.
We have 3 locations for you to choose from.
Click here for a detailed 2021 WOG schedule.
Tuesday WOG workouts.
Speed Day:
WOG January Goal: Perfecting the warm-up & cool down.
  • Start with 10-20 min. of easy running.
  • Dynamic activation exercises.
  • Drills & strides
  • Run for 3 min. @ pace that feels brisk yet mostly effortless (effort level 2-3, if effort level 1 is the warm-up.)
  • Next do 3 x strides (30 sec. build up + 30 sec. bring down). Over the 30 sec. of build up you want to gradually increase intensity (turnover) from EL 3-5. You should attempt to spend 10 sec. at EL 3, 10 sec. at EL 4 and 10 sec. at EL 5. These should be a safe way to practice turnover/engage fast twitch muscle fibers. If you feel any discomfort, stop and do a comfortable aerobic run for the rest of the time.
  • Level 1: Alternate these 2 sets for 18 min.
  • Level 2: Alternate sets for 24 min.
  • Level 3: Alternate for 30 min.
  • Pick your workout depending on your fitness level and training goals. At the beginning of a season it's best to start more conservative so you finish the workout feeling like you could have done another set.
Thursday WOG workouts.
Stamina Day:

WOG January Goal: Perfecting the warm-up & cool down.
  • Start with 10-20 min. of easy running.
  • Dynamic activation exercises.
  • Drills & strides

Workout: Minute Madness

  • Do 1 minute @ tempo (effort level 3) followed by 1 min. in neutral (effort level 2).
  • The effort levels between the minute intervals are similarly moderate.
  • This is not a speed workout.
  • The goal of the workout is to run faster (aerobically) than a normal run.
  • Level 1: Do workout for 16 min.
  • Level 2: 20 min.
  • Level 3: 24 min.

WOG 2021: Spring Fun
Here are some upcoming dates:

Saturday, January 30: Social run with the Come Run crew, followed by a breakfast happy hour at an outside venue. Run details will come out the week of. If you'd like to know more about Come Run Saturday runs, join the WOGGER's FB page.

Sunday, February 14:
This date has changed slightly due to a high volume of stuff going on this weekend. The new plan is to celebrate love, friendship and running on Valentine's day. We will still set up an out & back half marathon course on the loop for those wanting to test their endurance and stamina. We will also set up a 2 mile relay course for those wanting to test their love (JK). More info on the half marathon course and SAR V-Day relay coming soon.
Registering for WOG 2021.
Everyone running with us needs to sign a current 2021 waiver.

When you register for WOG, you can do so by following the link below or by bringing cash or check to your run leader. Please make checks payable to Run Tucson. If you prefer to pay via Zelle, use the phone number 520-891-4369. Family members, partners, roomies, etc. get $10 off each $50 registration fee. For everyone else it's $50.

We have added more Tuesday & Thursday meet up options.

If you have questions you want to ask before joining a workout, email
COVID-19 Protocol.
Please continue to follow these guidelines while at WOG and help everyone stay as healthy and happy as possible this year.

  • Maintain a distance of 6ft. (2 arms lengths) between yourself and teammates.
  • Wear face coverings before/after workouts or whenever you are closer than 6 ft.
  • No sharing water, food, towels, rides, or accessories (sunglasses, hats, buffs, watches) with people outside of your household. 
  • No touching people outside of your household.
  • No spitting.
  • Don’t come if you’re feeling ill.
  • Please wait 14 days before coming to a group workout if you were in close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 (even if you test negative within the 14 day time period).
  • Communicate with a WOG coach if you test positive for COVID-19.
  • Please wait 14 days and receive a negative test result before coming to a group workout if you tested positive for COVID-19.

Read more from the CDC about protecting yourself and others. More here.

Not sure? Read more about WOG
Why might you join WOG? The Workout Group provides athletes with a safe and fun environment for running. Each workout is planned with the runners’ goals and abilities in mind.  Our workouts are periodized so they build on each other, increasing fitness levels consistently over time. 
Who might join WOG? All types of runners with some prior running experience are welcome to join WOG. We have runners training for 5k’s and 50 milers (and everything in between). Most of our athletes come for the workouts but stay because of the incredible group support and the pure joy of running hard with friends.
How might you join WOG? If you would like to give WOG a try, come on out! We like new folks to visit a few times before deciding if WOG is a good fit. Once you have made the commitment, we ask our runners to donate $50 per semester (August-Dec. & January-May). We also offer individual coaching packages and personalized training plans (see individual coaching for more details).
What type of workouts might you do if you join WOG? Our workouts include hill circuits, tempo runs and cruise intervals, longer speedier intervals and shorter repeats. If you are training for a specific event, we will do our best to accommodate your needs and help you build to a peak performance. If you are just starting to get to know your running self, we will encourage you to take your time and build gradually. Running is a fantastic journey and we don’t want you to rush through any part of it
Why is there a fee for WOG?  We take this community and our coaching seriously. In order for us to maintain a safe and responsible atmosphere, we require each of our coaches be RRCA certified and insured. In the past we’ve payed for lights. Along with the insurance, these are significant costs, though well worth it. Since we are currently not paying for lights, we have reduced the semester fee from $75 to $50. If we end up paying for lights we will raise the second semester fee back to $75. If you’re curious, none of us make money from WOG. It is a community service that brings us more pride, joy and friendships than revenue. 
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