The Witness

Volume 41, Issue 25

June 21, 2023

Bible Reading Plan

Sunday Travis talked to us about not only reading the Bible regularly, but also practicing silence before God, as well as journaling questions and commentary about what we've read (or about what we're dealing with in life). Whether you are reading along in our current Bible plan or if you have another plan that you are using, I encourage you to continue on a daily basis. And I hope you'll find a way to add silence and journaling to your daily routine. As I'm finding out, that's something you have to plan for; it's not going to just happen naturally. If you don't already practice these disciplines, consider getting started by adding 5-10 extra minutes to your devotional routine and spend a few minutes on each discipline. Even 4 minutes - 2 for silence and 2 for journaling - is a great way to get started. Let's do this together!

If you don't already have some type of reading plan that you're following, feel free to jump into our plan. We're right here in the middle of Proverbs, and we'll be starting 2 Samuel on Friday. Just pick up from here, and you can go back later and catch up on anything you've missed. Click here for a copy of our plan.

We addressed Proverbs last week, so let's take a few moments to focus on the transition from 1 Samuel to 2 Samuel, as discussed in Fee & Stuart's How to Read the Bible Book by Book. 1 Samuel has been a narrative discussing the upbringing of the prophet Samuel, the institution of human monarchy in Israel with the kingship of Saul, and the grooming of David to become king. As we move into 2 Samuel, the narrative will turn primarily to David's kingship and family.

According to Fee & Stuart, there are several important themes of which we should be aware throughout the books of Samuel.

  1. " especially the story of transitions - from the periodic, partial rule of judges to an institutionalized, hereditary monarchy; from a king who looks like the typical Near Eastern king (warned about by Samuel as a prophet, 1 Sam 8:10-18) to one who is loyal to Yahweh; from no central place where God's Name dwells to a new center in Jerusalem. All of this is marvelously told - with wit, irony, suspense, wordplays - but above all with an eye to what God is doing with and among his people, even as he gives them a king."
  2. Another theme deals with the intersection of the worship of God and God's presence with his people. This theme involves the ark of God, its loss to the Philistines, and its lengthy trip to Jerusalem. "And the book ends with David's building an altar on the threshing floor of Araunah (24:18-25), which the intended reader would know is the precise place where the temple will eventually stand."
  3. A third theme involves the king's attitude toward God. It is clear that the king should not simply give lip service to God and do whatever he wants, but should be devoted to God, as much as is humanly possible. "At issue in the end for our narrator is not whether Israel has a king, but what kind of king they will have. Key to this is whether the king will both be faithful to Yahweh and display Yahweh's character, since whatever else is true about Israel's king, he is to be the earthly representative of Yahweh's own kingship over Israel." This theme is not simply exposed in the contrast between Saul and David, but in the narration of the good and bad choices that David makes as monarch.
  4. Finally, be aware that the story of David looks forward to the kingship of Jesus, "...David's greater Son who comes as the true embodiment of Israel while also, as the true Son of God, representing God to Israel."

Happy reading! (Photo credit: David by Lorenzo Monaco, tempera on wood, gold ground, @

This Sunday @ VBC

We hope to see you for worship this Sunday on our regular schedule, with Early Worship at 8:45 AM, Sunday School at 9:50 AM, and Traditional Worship at 11:00 AM. Chris Monroe will bring this week's message while the Russells are out of town. His sermon is "An Unsung Hero: Epaphras," and the scripture is Colossians 1:1-8. We hope you'll come worship with us this week. If you can't make it, you can always find our livestream at or on our Facebook group page.

Youth Mission Trip & Summer Schedule

Our Youth Mission Trip participants are currently in Nashville, ministering to children, other youth, and senior adults. Some of their scheduled activities for this week include serving at a Christian kids' program, an adult care center, a local youth center, and a community reading program. Thank you for your continued prayers for them. Click here for a list of our other summer activities (the next event is our July 5th trip to Emerald Point). Reach out to Whitney with any questions, please.

JOY Seniors

Our June luncheon is one you don't want to miss! Tuesday, June 27th our entertainment is an all-female quartet called Joyful Praise. The meal is pizza, salad, cookie, & drink from Bellacino's. The cost for lunch is $10. Please sign up and pay at the JOY Senior table no later than Sunday morning, June 25th.

Are you ready for another Mystery Trip? Join us Saturday, July 22nd as we depart VBC at 7:30 AM for a full day of fun, surprises, and fellowship. The cost is $90/person and includes 3 meals. Please bring a light jacket, and be aware that a little walking is required. Sign up and pay at the JOY Senior table for this day of adventure!

Church Directory Survey

If you were at church this past Sunday, you probably received a short survey regarding a new church directory. This survey will be ongoing for the next few weeks. For those who will not be able to attend church in person over the next few weeks, we have developed an online survey for you. Please click here. It will only take a few moments to complete, and we need your feedback in order to know how to move forward. Please complete only one survey per household - either in paper or online. Thank you!

Vacation Bible School

VBS will take place July 23rd - 27th, 5:30 - 8:00 PM daily. You can register as a volunteer NOW, and you can also register your children and grandchildren! Just click here.

Two dates have been set for volunteer training: this Sunday, June 25th at 12:15 PM in the small dining room and July 9th at 12:15 PM in the small dining room. You only need to attend ONE session. Please pick the date that works best for you.

There are still a number of tags remaining on our donation table in the Welcome Center. Even if you can't volunteer the week of VBS, it would be a HUGE help if you could supply some of the items requested at the donation table. Thanks to everyone who has already returned their donation(s).

We could use some help with a few items beyond the tags at our VBS donation table. We would love to borrow (and return!) the following items: men's button down shirts (40), small - medium sized stuffed animals (24), medium-sized flashlights with batteries (12). If you are willing to share any of these items with us, please put your name on the items, and we will return them to you after VBS. Thank you!

Questions? See Jessie Burgess, Christina Epperly, or Whitney Russell.

Four on the Fourth

It's not too late to sign up for Fourth on the Fourth (July 4th), when Boys & Girls Club host their biggest fundraiser, a 5K race through Vinton! As the host site for the Vinton Boys & Girls Club, we would love for you to sign up and be part of our VBC Four on the Fourth team! Click here to sign up for the race. If you're not interested in running/walking the course, we would still love for you to volunteer by clicking here. Thank you for supporting Boys & Girls Club in so many ways!

Roy McCarty

450 E. Jackson Avenue

Vinton VA 24179

Thank you to the LOA Sunday School class for their contribution to the Community Assistance Fund.

Christian sympathy is extended to Barbara Wray, David & Heather Wray, Kim & Matt Parrish, and families in the death of husband and father Wayne Wray June 17th; and to David & Ginger Davis, Taylor, and Fallon in the death of David’s father, Ralph “Wayne” Davis, also June 17th.

Happy Birthday!

Join us in wishing Dorothy "Dot" Ferguson a very happy birthday! She will be 92 years old next Tuesday, June 27th! (Dot's address is 2311 Green Knoll Lane, Vinton VA 24179.)

Updated Blessing Box Needs

Pancake mix, any type/size of canned fruit (packaging that does not require a can opener is particularly helpful), spaghetti pasta, Spam, and dish soap are our current needs for the Blessing Box. We can also use any type of small lotions, shampoos, etc. that you might receive from hotels as you travel this summer. Donations can be dropped in the appropriate bin at the Missions Tables. Thank you so much!

Doing Missions in a World Without Borders

The WMU would like to thank you for your recent donations to the Annie Mae Broyles Offering for Associational Missions. You pushed us well over our $2,200 church goal!

It is now time for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) Offering for Global Missions. This offering funds the long-term "presence" (salary, benefits, housing, living expenses, and children's educational needs) of CBF field personnel. VBC's church goal is $2,200. There is a gold envelope in your box of envelopes (and you will find them in the sanctuary pews, as well) designated for this ministry. Or you may simply notate "Offering for Global Missions" on your check or in the memo of your online offering. Thank you!

Can You Volunteer for Children's Worship?

We need to fill in some gaps in our Children's Worship schedule for the next few months. Every Sunday, we need one teacher and one helper at 8:45 and at 11:00 AM, and we don't want the duties of leading Children's Worship to fall on just a handful of volunteers week after week. Please click here to see the dates we need help and to sign up. (This sign-up is NOT for the children's sermon during worship service. This sign-up is only for teaching/helping in Children's Worship on the second floor of the children's wing.) Children range in age from PreK - 1st grade. Lesson plans are provided for you, and if you have any questions or need any special supplies, you can reach out to Whitney or someone else in the church office. THANK YOU for being willing to serve in this capacity and to teach our children about God and his word!

Open Position:

Minister of Children and Families

Vinton Baptist Church is seeking a part-time (approx. 25 hours/week) Minister of Children and Families who will lead our children’s ministry, overseeing the spiritual formation of children between the ages of PreK and 5th grade. This position is responsible for coordinating the activities and programs for this ministry, organizing annual events, and providing children and families with opportunities to grow in their faith, engage with the church, and participate in Christ’s mission in the world. We are looking for a team player who is organized, professional, enjoys working with people, and is committed to helping children and families develop a deep love for God, others, themselves, the church, and the world. Please send resumes to

We recently (June 8th) received an update from Bogdan & Zhenia Zubtsov about their lives and ministry in Ukraine, as well as their planned trip to the US. Click here to read, please.

The Rescue Mission wants you to know that YOU are invited:

"Check out" these new items in the church library:

  • Windswept Way (#9 in the "Hope Harbor" series) by Irene Hannon
  • A Novel Proposal by Denise Hunter
  • Something Old, Something New by Amy Clipston
  • The Crash by Catherine Miller
  • Dear Henry, Love Edith by Becca Kinzer
  • The Heart's Choice (#1 in the "Jewels of Kalispell" series) by Tracie Peterson
  • Fields of Bounty by Lauraine Snelling
  • A Novel Proposal by Denise Hunter
  • Passing Strangers by Angela Hunt

Recurring Gifts

If you would like to set up recurring giving and are uncomfortable doing so online, you can do so directly through your financial institution. Please contact your bank or credit union and let them know that you would like to set up automatic, recurring giving to your church. Questions? Contact Carrie Tolley.

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