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Below is the tentative overall scheduling. We will be scheduling this this weekend, please check your entry status to make sure we have you in the correct division.
If you have any changes or special requests please let Penne know ASAP. Please scheduling request in the subject line.

Additionally, we need volunteers to help with the Starter show jumping and cross country on Saturday. If you are interested in helping please sign up with a note that you are a competitor and what level so we can schedule you where you can volunteer and ride comfortably. Be sure to check the website page and the SGF Facebook page regularly as there will be many updates posted there from now and until the event.

We are still in NEED of volunteers. Check out the Volunteer Page for job descriptions, resources and how to sign up. This also includes information on Cross Country Course Decorating and signing up to help set up between now and then. The weather looks great on Sunday... hint, hint

Finally, don't forget about Saturday Night at the Races which is always great fun!

Jackie & Penne

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