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George Hebert Retires
George Hebert retired after bringing Joy to the world for almost 60 years.

George Hebert started to bring Joy (the Magical Clown) to life, some time in the late 1950s when he began clowning and doing magic. He was around the age of 17 (almost 60 years ago). George always had a love of magic and making people laugh.

Early on he learned magic from a man he idealized by the name of Jonny Sission. George started when he was a young boy doing strolling and pocket magic. He never stopped learning his craft. Over the years, Joy has gone to numerous clown and magic conventions all over the country, learning new techniques and tricks and sharing his magic and clowning secrets along the way.

Joy is a member of a few clown organizations, but no doubt is most proud of being part of the Shrine Clowns, which is no small feat! Joy's make-up aka Face, is a registered clown trademarked to the name Joy the Magical Clown.

Though Joys outfits and iconic BIG clown shoes have changed over the years, his name and face have remained the same. One of his proudest moments as a clown is meeting Muhammad Ali and teaching him magic.

Over the years, Joy has taught and mentored many magicians and clowns, both young and old. George even taught at the Red Cross school of clowning. His students are now performing all over the country. The students he must be most proud of are his grandchildren, his magic and routines have been handed down to his oldest grandson Ben, now 22 years old. Ben enjoys performing what his grandfather has taught him adding his own twist. He is now a professional worship leader. His 18 year old grandson has also learned a lot of Joy's magic and enjoys the idea of performing and has been doing theater for over 10 years. George's other younger grandchildren, Abigail, age 3 and Elias, age 4 have never been able to see him perform as Joy, they just know George as a funny, loving Grandpa.

Joy has been seen performing all over America, but has always been an icon at many New England events. Joy performed at the very first West Bridgewater Park Day and he made many return encore appearances over the 28 years. Joy's performances have been seen at schools, community events, parades, churches and camp grounds. Joy has volunteered making countless appearances at charitable events and visiting children in hospitals. In the unlikely event you haven't see one of Joy's performances, perhaps you've seen him traveling to one of his shows on countries interstates. Often he's in one of the "Joy Mobiles" that's been everything ranging from a small pull behind trailer, to a van, and even a big motor home but at events he's often seen buzzing around on his miniature car.
George, aka Joy, is also a Justice of the Peace. Joy the Magical Clown has married many people and even attended funerals. George has won many awards and recognition as Joy, including a prestigious award given in Boston once as "Worlds Best Clown". George doesn't need to be performing as Joy to bring happiness and laughter to a crowd. George has been seen in a tuxedo and top hat delivering flowers for Pillsbury Florist, and as the owner of the former Estabrooks Family Restaurant, he would perform magic at the tables, always pulling a quarter out from behind a child's ear. George also worked as a guide on tour buses, entertaining thousands on countless busing adventures.

George may be retiring Joy but he can still be found behind the wheel of his van, of his company "Need a Ride". At the end of every show Joy has ever performed, he says "If I have brought just this much (shows a pinch with his fingers) happiness in to your life, for just this much time (shows a pinch with fingers again), it means this much happiness in my life forever (opens both hands out wide)." Though some things change some stay the same.

George is a long time resident of West Bridgewater where he and his late wife Liz Estabrooks raised his two Daughters Melissa Hebert- Wilcox and Karen Hebert-Vanover. For a short period of time when she was only 10, Karen preformed as Bubbles the Clown. She attended clowning school at Red Cross Clown School with her dad.

Submitted by Jerry Lawrence
Historical Tidbit:
Genealogy Clues

When I first started getting interested in genealogy and tracking down ancestors, I had no idea how difficult it would turn out to be. I had plenty of records on both sides of the family, as my grandparents seem to have been interested in tracking down their heritage as well. I knew I had ties to the Mayflower and those families had been researched and recorded by experts. How hard could it be to get my family tree done?
Well, it has been years, no, decades, and I'm still at it. Your family history truly is " The Never Ending Story, " but it is easy to put the research down and pick it back up when you have the time, and it seems I have the time now.
I often wondered why I would run into dead ends when looking through the older records. Names just seem to disappear leaving no trace whatsoever and recently I found, buried in my paperwork, a clue as to why it was that some names were disappearing. I wish to share this knowledge with all you genealogists out there, those that are pros and those just starting. The information was printed in "The Genealogical Inquirer" in 2002.

"Many cases of people disappearing from public record can be traced to epidemics, or moving away from the affected area. Some of the major epidemics in the United States were:
*  1657 - Boston - Measles
*  1687 - Boston - Measles
*  1690 - New York - Yellow Fever
*  1713 - Boston - Measles
*  1732/3 - Worldwide - Influenza
*  1738 - South Carolina - Smallpox
*  1747 - CT, NY, PA, SC. - Measles
*  1772 - North America - Measles
*  1775 - North America - (Especially hard in New England) epidemic - unknown
*  1775/6 Worldwide (one of the worst) - Influenza
*  1784 - New Bern, NC - Yellow Fever
*  1788 - Phil and New York - Measles
*  1793 - Philadelphia (one of the worst epidemics) - Yellow Fever
*  1794 - Philadelphia, PA - Yellow Fever
*  1796,7,8 - Philadelphia, PA - Yellow Fever
*  1803 - New York - Yellow Fever
*  1820-/23 - Nationwide - (Starts at the Schuylkill River and spreads) - Fever
*  1833 - Columbus, OH - Cholera
*  1834 - New York City - Cholera
*  1837 - Philadelphia - Typhus
*  1847/48 - Worldwide - Influenza
*  1848/49 - North America - Cholera
*  1850 - Nationwide - Yellow Fever
*  1850-51 - North America - Influenza
*  1851 - Coles County, Illinois; The Great Plains and Missouri - Cholera
*  1855  - Nationwide - Yellow Fever
*  1857-59 - Worldwide (one of the largest epidemics) - Influenza
*  1860/61 - Pennsylvania - Smallpox
*  1865/73 - Baltimore, MD; Memphis, TN; Washington, D.C. - Cholera (a series of recurring epidemics of Typhus, Typhoid, Scarlet Fever and Yellow Fever)
*  1885 - Plymouth, PA - Typhoid
*  1886 - Jacksonville, FL - Yellow Fever
*  1918 - Worldwide - Influenza"
sue and her plant 2011
Respectfully submitted, Sue Basile
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W. Bridgewater Conservation Commission Mtg
December 3, 2019
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W. Bridgewater Selectmen
Meeting held on December 4th
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W. Bridgewater Cross Country Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA)
All State Championships ~ Great Job Team!!!
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Image credit: Laurie Mitcheson
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The Wilds

I am a big fan of Brené   Brown. A sociologist and writer, her insights into vulnerability and acceptance took her from Ted Talks to her own Netflix special.

As we head into "the season," it is her thoughts on developing a "strong back, soft front and wild heart" from  Braving the Wilderness  that resonates.

Sometimes, being in relationship is painful, any kind of relationship. If we are invested, we risk getting hurt. We need a strong back to set healthy boundaries and limits for ourselves. Be kind to yourself.

Then we can have a soft heart... arms wide open for hugs.

Wild heart: " out the paradox of love in our lives. Its the ability to be tough and tender, excited and scared, brave and afraid- all in the same moment." (p. 155)
Its a tension we struggle with. Being aware of pain and experiencing joy. Dr. Brown's point is that if we don't have joy and love, we can't give it away. Cultivate joy and love for yourself., make sure your own needs are being met... then you will have it to give away. Enjoy your week! ~ Jacquie
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