Sightings of Piping Plovers, the Easter Bunny, skiff floats and a new Shellfish building can only mean one thing: Spring is in full swing in the town of Wells! Wells is abuzz with activity for residents and visitors of all ages. With Spring Break on the horizon, there are endless ways to partake in community builders, from a wide variety of Library planned events, egg hunts, Beach Clean Up Volunteering and more! Read on to learn how the Town of Wells is leaning into April's abundant offerings.
Do you love the beaches? Do you want to help make our community, beaches and planet a healthier and more beautiful place?

You are invited to attend the 2022 Earth Day Beach Clean Up event! The event takes place on April 23rd, from 10am-12pm and will begin at the Wells Activity Center on 113 Sanford Road. All are welcome!
Save Us a Seat for Spring Break Week!
Cindy Appleby, Library Director
We’ve got plenty going on at the library during spring break. Come check it out!
Earth Day Crafts and Scavenger Hunt
Monday, April 18th 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Drop in to make a craft and scavenge in the sunshine!
Marine Mammals of Maine
Tuesday, April 19th, 6:00 – 7:00 p.m

Learn how whales adapt to life in the Gulf of Maine and how MMM helps stranded whales.
Stuffed Animal Sleepover
Thursday, April 21st, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Bring your stuffies to the party and leave them for a sleepover in the library. Come pick them up the next day and see photos of the mischief they got into.
Friday, April 22nd, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Let your imagination run wild as you build with our LEGOs.
  • New this month, we are having a cribbage game night on Tuesday, April 26th from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. All ages and experience levels welcome! We'll have a few other games available, as well (backgammon, canasta, etc.). 

  • Beginning May 2nd, use any of our public computers to purchase your beach pass online. Plus, on Friday, May 6th and 13th from 2:00 – 5:30 p.m., town staff will be in the library’s community room selling beach passes in person. 

  • This month’s Ethel Weymouth Art Gallery exhibit features the artwork of Maureen Conners. Stop by and see her lovely seascapes through the end of April.

For further information about these events and to learn more about other programs hosted by Wells Public Library, please visit their website.
Paid opportunities available: Reach out today!
Jo-Ann Putnam, Chief of Police
How does being outside with ocean views and talking with people for several hours a day, while getting PAID, sound to you?! If you need a reason to get out of the house 2, 3, 4 or even 5 days a week, this opportunity could be for you. This is a seasonal job so it would be great for school employees or summer visitors that would like to earn some spending money working a couple of days a week. If you would like to find out more about being a Community Service Officer for the Wells Police Department, please contact Sgt. Chris Baez by phone at 207-361-8958 or by email at Read through the employment opportunities page to learn more.
The Maine Judicial Branch is looking for independent contactors to be appointed as Bail Commissioners here in York County and throughout the state of Maine. Many of the Bail Commissioners (BC's) across the state are employed full time in other professions and agree to serve as a BC as their schedule permits, while others are retired. You set your own schedule! If you or someone you know may be interested in applying, and who does not work for a law enforcement agency, a DA or Defense Attorney’s office or is employed in corrections, please reach out for more information and we can get you in touch with the proper connections. Visit the State of Maine Judicial Branch webpage for the full description and to learn more.
Seasonal harbor activities beckon the arrival of Spring
Michael Yorke, Harbor Master
April brings a lot of changes to the Harbor as the migrating birds make their return and the loons head inland to the lakes as the ice retreats.
April also marks getting the seasonal infrastructure in place and up and running. Skiff floats and the cross-over floats on the Eastern shore will be moved into place. The ice machine, pump out and bait coolers will also be brought online.
All mooring and slip invoices have been mailed out and payments are coming in at a brisk pace. If you have a mooring or slip and have not received your invoice please stop by the Harbormaster's office.
Progress continues on the new Shellfish building, special thanks U.S. Site Solutions for pouring and setting the center drain in preparation to pour the floor Friday the 15th.
Changes finalized for the Planning Department
Mike Livingston, Town Planner and Engineer
The changes to Cluster Subdivision Ordinances, Multifamily Developments and vested rights in subdivisions were finalized for the Town Meeting on April 5th by the Board of Selectmen after a public hearing. The Cluster subdivision changes include requiring larger lot sizes: 40,000 sf in the Rural Zone and 30,000 sf in other zones if on private septic systems and wells, an increase in vegetated buffers along Town ways and an increase in street frontage on Town ways.
The Multifamily development change is to have the density requirements be the same as a Cluster Subdivision. The vested rights addition to the subdivision ordinance determines that a preliminary plan application is to be considered as vested/grandfathered.
The Planning Board recently conducted 9 site walks over three weekends and conducted three public hearings on the April 11th meeting. Multiple applications are in the review process.
The Comprehensive Plan Update Committee continues to work with the Town’s consultant to review and update changes to the Comp Plan. The Committee is now meeting twice a month to accomplish its goal of presenting the Plan to the voters at the November election. 
3-Question Interview    
Wells Energy Advisory Committee
Here’s another short interview with a Wells resident who has taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint. If you know someone who has taken similar steps, we’d love to talk to them. Please contact WEAC Chair, Beth Widmayer.
with Wells resident, Bill Franks

1. Describe your system

About 9 years ago we decided to install solar panels to cover half of our south-facing roof. We were looking to save money and to be more environmentally conscious. The system capacity is 5.2 kW which covers about 40% of our electric bill. We wish we had gone bigger especially since we now have converted to heat pumps for heat/AC. We hired ReVision Energy for the job and the installation took 5 days. To keep the cost down, we took advantage of the Efficiency Maine cash rebate and federal tax credits. We expect it to produce electricity for at least 25 years
2. What about maintenance?

I have had no problems with the system. It works great. I have no complaints. We have needed no maintenance or inspections. Snow can temporarily reduce production of electricity, but it slides off fairly quickly, so no need to remove it.
3. Do you use the solar electricity you’ve generated or does it go into the grid?

We use most of it, but some goes into the grid and it gets credited on our KP+L bill. We expect to get at least 7 years of free electricity from our system after the “payback” period. But these days with solar prices way down, you can expect more like 15 years of free electricity.
Included below is a link to detailed charts that show the impact of installing the heat pumps.
Some of the variations are due to user behavior. Bill Franks explains that up until 2020, they spent 2-3 months in Poland each summer. Therefore, the heat pump air conditioning was off. You can see from the electric bills the difference it made.
208 Sanford Road
Wells, ME 04090