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Welp, I have to admit it...Governor Baker's address on Monday totally caught me off guard. I figured that we would not be able to open during Phase One, but I was not prepared to learn we would have to wait until Phase Three. For some strange reason, "Gyms" have been categorized in the Arts & Entertainment designation for businesses. Not sure who came up with that decision, but I am pretty upset-- to think I have been so conservative with my coaching style my entire personal training career. I hope you're all prepared for the new me when you come back to the gym!
PEX Health and Fitness -- the Arts & Entertainment Edition
Seriously, though...Phase Three? My biggest issue with this entire process has been the lack of nuance. Aside from mislabeling our entire industry (a minor oversight) I am not sure how anyone in their right mind could lump personal training studios and gyms in the same category. (And I don't mean to disparage gyms and large training facilities, I am just making an objective observation.)

A private, appointment-based, personal training studio is nothing like your typical gym or health club. We control who comes in, how many people come in, and when they come in. We can clean everything on the spot, make sure people practice social distancing, and basically implement every other safety procedure afforded to all of the other businesses currently allowed operate.

In other words, defining a personal training studio as a "gym" is like saying a McDonald's drive-thru is the same type of eatery as an all you can eat Old Country Buffet. While you might get the same results (in this case, obesity), the methods are totally different!

What's even more ironic is physical exertion and exercise are some of the best methods available to strengthen the immune system, increase cardiac and respiratory function, and decrease overall morbidity rates. Exactly the things needed during a viral outbreak of a respiratory nature.

But what do I know?

Glad you asked!
Things I Know

(Mostly) everyone should be taking Vitamin D. Especially now. Considering the majority of us do not get outside as much as we should (hello, mandatory stay-at-home orders), there's the potential for a deficiency in Vitamin D. Robust evidence suggests that Vitamin D is protective against respiratory infections and ailments. (Among many other benefits.)

Please watch the video below to learn more!
Fair skinned individuals who wear a lot of sunblock, darker skinned individuals who naturally have more melanin (the stuff in your skin that blocks UVB radiation), the elderly, and basically anyone who does not get enough unobstructed exposure of sunlight on their skin might fall into the category of Vitamin D(eficiency).

Not sure what UVB radiation is, or what any of this means? Then I implore you to click the button below, read the references and notes, watch the video, and order some Vitamin D. I haven't used the word "implore" in three years, so you know I think this is important.
Things I Think
This week's edition of "Things I Think" is brought to you by Julie Louro,
Co-Owner of Louro Training
Effectively Establishing New Habits

When it comes to nutrition and fitness, creating lasting behavioral changes can seem extremely daunting. One of the pitfalls I see regularly is the overly-aggressive approach . You know what (and who) I am talking about; the "all or nothing" person who either eats a pizza, a burger, fries, and four beers for dinner, OR they go on a 37 day juice cleanse and eat grass. As you can imagine, these two extremes make things more difficult when attempting to develop long-term, sustainable changes to your health.

The key, in my opinion, is gradual progression towards a specific outcome to achieve maximum sustainability. Say you've gone through an extended period of time when you weren't able to keep a consistent exercise routine (like when your gym was shut down for 3 months because of a global pandemic) and you want to start exercising again. Instead of immediately jumping in to a 5 day per week program, with five different opportunities to "fail," set yourself up so you can succeed! Start with two workouts per week, an attainable frequency with a high success rate. Then add a day per week after you've consistently hit that two times/week frequency. In other words, set yourself up with accessible goals and high success rates, and build off of those wins.

Another effective strategy is implementing reverse engineering . Think about a goal you have and start backwards. What does the end result look like? Then ask yourself, what do you need to do this month, this week, and today, to achieve that goal. Let's say you want to lose 30 lbs. by this time next year. At first glance that can seem overwhelming. But let’s break it down a bit; 30 lbs. in a year is 2.5 lbs. per month or a little over a half a pound per week. This view makes the task seem much less daunting and much more manageable then focusing all your attention on 30 lbs.

At the end of the day we are all creatures of habit. Changing habits takes time and certainly some discipline but If we break these larger goals down into smaller habits, with a high chance of success, you won’t have to rely so heavily on motivation and will power.

Progressive Mobility Class
With Shawn Sprague, Owner of PT Progression

Work-from-home life got your back hurting and your knees aching? Feel tight as a guitar string, but a bit out of tune? Then it's probably time you checked out Shawn's Progressive Mobility class. For more information, check out his brand new website:

When:  Mondays & Wednesdays at 6 PM
Where: Zoom Video
 How: Email Shawn to sign up!
Saturday Morning Interval Class
With Ashley Means, Owner of ANM Strength

Got plans Saturday morning(s)? Probably not. (Neither do we.) If you're up for a challenge, hop into Ashley's Saturday morning interval class! All you need is a bike, rower, or treadmill, and a telemedicine note from your doctor. (Just kidding. Kind of.)

When: Saturdays at 9 AM
Where: Zoom Video
 How: Email Ashley   to get your Zoom ID
Bodyweight and Dumbbells Class
With Mike Campanella, Owner of PEX Health & Fitness
Do you have a body? Do you have a dumbbell (no, your teenaged son does not count)? Well, friends, that's all you need! Join us on Thursdays at 8 AM sharp for an a$$-kicking training session that feels almost like we are back at the gym together.

When: Thursday at 8 AM
Where: Zoom Video
How: Email Mike for the Zoom ID
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