February 25, 2024

The Second Sunday of Lent

10am Service

The Rev. Rodney Davis Presiding

The Rev. Mary Claugus Preaching

& Pastor Katie Holeman Deacon

5pm Special Service

The Feast of Presentation

This service will be Livestreamed and will be offered in place of our usual Contemplative Prayer Eucharist with Zoom - details in Worship box below.

The First Sunday in Lent

Pastor Katie Holeman

Sunday February 18, 2024

Holy Week Worship Services


Sunday, March 24th- 10am Palm Sunday

Thursday, March 28th - 7pm Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday Dinner at 5:30pm in Parish Hall

Gethsemane Watch Beginning 8pm to 8:30am Friday April 7th.

Friday, March 29th - Good Friday Services

8:30am & Noon Stations of the Cross

7pm The Passion of Christ 

Saturday, March 30th - 7pm Easter Vigil 

Sunday, March 31st - 10am Easter Sunday

Easter Egg Hunt immediately following the service. More info below.

Gethsemane Watch

In your preparation for Easter, consider participating in the Gethsemane Watch. The watch represents the time Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane wanting the disciples to stay awake with him. It begins immediately following the Maundy Thursday Service and concludes at the start of the Good Friday 8:30am Stations of the Cross. The watch takes place in the Columbarium and it is a time of silence. Spiritual books and writings will be available. Please consider "sitting in the garden" to watch and pray with Jesus.


Please note that more than one or two can sign up for any given time. Sign up on the board in the narthex on Sundays.

Giving for Easter Flowers & Music


This Easter you can remember your loved ones and celebrate important moments in your life with the gift of flowers and/or music to the church.  


You can share with us the person or event you would like to give flowers in gratitude or memory of via our online form, or you can email the office. Please add "Easter Flowers & Music" to the memo line of checks and mail or drop them off to the office. You can also pay online using the drop down menu by selecting Flowers & Music (Christmas and Easter).

Names for Easter Bulletin


A season of self-reflection & turning to God

Alms giving … A spiritual discipline in Lent


Almsgiving is a practice I vaguely remember from my childhood and have avoided preaching about, for some reason. I remember having Sunday worship envelopes that my siblings and I put a dime in each week. I think the tooth fairy also put a dime under our pillows as well. This practice began my connection between giving to the church and giving to God. Later in life, I remember counting all the coins that filled the Lenten boxes that the children brought to the Maundy Thursday service. Other than that, Almsgiving as a Lenten spiritual practice never occurred to me.


Yet, almsgiving is one of the three Lenten Pillars: Fasting, Praying, and Almsgiving. Some connect these three practices to the three temptations Jesus suffered in the wilderness. Simply, almsgiving is the practice of charity. Even though one can be charitable in many ways, almsgiving is the act of charity to offer relief and compassion to those who are poor with the intent to relieve their suffering


Almsgiving is a different practice from tithing. The 10% tithe represents giving to God your first fruits, your best because we respond to God’s blessings in this way, “of everything you give me, I will faithfully return a tenth part to you.” (Genesis) At St. Michael’s, we are clear that there are two different “givings” going on. Tithing is what we do when we pledge – simply put - this pays our bills.


Our ongoing collections, in which we ask parishioners to contribute towards things like Easter Gift Cards, this is almsgiving. We have a fundraiser and an indoor yard sale that raise money to be used as almsgiving. From the money we raise at the Indoor yard sale and fundraiser, we give to organizations that help people address their most basic needs. Our contributions to organizations like River City Food Bank feed people because no one should be hungry! Gift Cards, Hygiene products, backpacks, diapers – all these things relieve the suffering of the most vulnerable people who live among us. This is the spiritual practice of almsgiving.

Please remember – no one is ever expected to do everything we offer or contribute to every collection. We purposefully have things going throughout the year AND have a range of collections. NEVER is there an expectation that any one person would do it all.


Thank you so much for contributing to these drives! It is appreciated so very much. AND please remember, it is like the Anglican attitude toward confession (penitence) – NONE must, ALL may, SOME should.


Rev. Mary

Alms Giving in Lent

Easter Gift Cards!


We are asking for donations to buy Food Gift Cards to help those in need have a special Easter meal. If you are giving by check, please write “Food Gift Card" in the memo. You can also give online or put cash in an envelope (you can find these in the pew pockets), mark it with "Food Gift Card" and put it in the plate on Sunday. Please have your donations to the church or office by Sunday March 24th.


Your donations will buy Safeway and Target gift cards that will be distributed at River City Food Bank and The Center at St. Matthew’s. Easter is a wonderful time for us to give in thanksgiving for God's blessings and forgiveness. For more information please contact Terry Bridges at terrycbridges@gmail.com or the Office


Starr King Hygiene Kits


Your are invited to support Starr King's 5th Grade hygiene unit by donating items for hygiene kits for the students in the class. This is the third year of this ministry. The students appreciate receiving these items. We have created a Target Community Registry for your convenience. You can participate either in store or online! The link for the registry is included below.


Items needed are:

  • deodorant/antiperspirant
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • dental floss
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • body and face wash

Please note, items can be purchased from stores other than Target if preferred. If you have additional questions on the registry please talk to Rev. Mary or the office.

Target Registry

Lent Spiritual Offerings

Writing as a Spiritual Practice Workshop

Offered by Marilyn McEntyre

Friendship Center

Sundays, March 10, 17 and 24

From 11:45 to 1:45pm

A light lunch will be provided


A writing practice can deepen your practice of prayer.  Come for two hours and we will do a series of exercises to open avenues of reflection and new writing techniques.  Enriching your writing life can deepen your prayer life. Come if you write, come if you want to write, come if you are terrified to write.  Bring pen and paper, a laptop, or whatever else opens you up for writing.

Sign Up!

Living Compass - Living Well Through Lent

The Living Compass theme for the Lenten season is Practicing Forgiveness with All Your Heart, Soul, Strength and Mind. The Living Compass Lenten booklets are available, free of cost, at the church. There are multiple other ways you can engage with this material through Living Compass at https://www.livingcompass.org/lent


A Zoom discussion group facilitated by Lisa and Jim Sargent is offered on Sunday evenings from 6:30-7:30 on February 25, March 10 and 24. Please contact Lisa by e-mail at lisa@2sargents.com to sign up.

More Info

St. Michael's Learns & Connects

The Philadelphia Eleven


Showing with light supper & dessert

In an act of civil disobedience, a group of women and their supporters organize their ordination to become Episcopal priests in 1974. In this feature-length documentary film, we meet the women who succeed in building a movement that transforms an age-old institution and challenges the very essence of patriarchy within Christendom.

March 8, 2024 at 5pm,

Come for a streaming of the documentary

With a light supper and dessert

Friendship Center

For more information, please connect with Rev. Mary

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St. Michael's Continuing Studies

St. Michael's Fundraiser

RSVP & Buy Tickets

Help us put the FUN in Fundraiser!

If you would like to add your creative talents to our committee or volunteer on the night, please see Renee Pierce at coffee hour, email renee.pierce99@gmail.com or text 916-539-6495.

Weekly Services

10am Sunday Morning Worship Eucharist & Choir also Livestreamed

Nursery opens at 9:30am

5pm Sunday Evening Contemplative Eucharist with Zoom

9am Morning Prayer – Zoom, Monday through Thursday nm

11:45am Thursday Noon Day Prayer – Zoom

8:30am Friday Morning Contemplative Eucharist

Feast of the Presentation - Rescheduled Date

Sunday February 25th

Special 5pm Evening Service Livestreamed

Join us for the Feast of the Presentation/Candlemas/Candelora

5PM Sunday February 25th! We'll learn some of the ancient Biblical (and even pre-Christian) roots of this feast day, and its celebration over the centuries, and today (especially in Italy, where it's a special feast day of the LGBTQ community). We hear the music, and see the dancing---all in tribute to "Mamma Schiavona": the Virgin Mary (with Jesus) as "Mother of the Oppressed." Bring tambourines, castanets, and any rhythmic noise-makers you might have (even just wood blocks). Evviva (Hail) Maria!

Upcoming Celebration of Life Services


There will be a Celebration of Life service for Kathy Lunger here at St. Michael's on Saturday March 9, 2024 at 10am with a reception immediately following. This will also be livestreamed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOsINfNEFt0. To read her full obituary click here.

Choral Masterworks

by John Cozza, Music Director


Wiederstehe doch der Sünde, BWV 54 by Bach

Particularly appropriate for the beginning of the Lenten Season is Widerstehe doch der Sünde (Just resist sin), BWV 54, is a church cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach. He composed the solo cantata for alto in Weimar between 1711 and 1714, and probably performed it on the seventh Sunday after Trinity, 15 July 1714. It is Bach's first extant church cantata for a solo voice, and also his one surviving Lenten cantata from his Weimar days (in Bach's time Lent was a tempus clasum in Leipzig in which no instrumental music was performed in church).

The text of the short work was written by Georg Christian Lehms, for two arias and a connecting recitative. The topic is to resist sin, based on the Epistle of James. The text was published in a 1711 collection, dedicated to the Sunday Oculi (the 3rd Sunday in Lent). It is not known when Bach composed the work but is assumed that he performed it as part of his monthly cantata productions in 1714 on the seventh Sunday after Trinity, 15 July. The solo voice is accompanied by strings: two violin parts, two viola parts and continuo. The composition begins with a striking dissonant chord. In the words of English conductor and Early Music Performance Practice expert John Eliot Gardiner: "The first aria is spellbinding... (the opening dissonance) is a deliberate shock tactic to rouse his listeners to the need to 'stand firm against all sinning, or its poison will possess you."


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoz8u7R-aQs (a very interesting video of idiosyncratic Canadian pianist and Bach specialist Glenn Gould introducing and performing this cantata with countertenor Russell Oberlin)





St. Michael's Children & Youth Connection

St. Michael's Easter Egg Hunt

We will be having an egg hunt Easter Morning after the 10am service. All children will be invited to join in. We need St. Michael's help: we need donations of candy and/or stuffed easter eggs. Please bring donations to the church office during the week or drop them off in the parish hall on Sunday mornings. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to hold this event! Thank you for all your help. Pr. Katie

Register Here

St. Michael's Day School News

Several parishioners are going to support the school. If you would like to join us, please let Rev. Mary as soon as possible.

Episcopal Diocese of Northern CA News

The Fearless Faith Revival is just over two months away! Registration opens March 1!


Revival Website: https://www.fearlessfaith2024.org/.. In addition to the latest information, you'll find:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Revival Survey
  • Flyers, Posters

St. Michael's Serves in the Community

Additional Outreach opportunities can be found on our website calendar linked below!

Regular Opportunities include:

River City Food Bank Center at St. Matthew's - Distribution Prep every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday & Distribution every Wednesday & Friday

Carmichael HART Carmichael Presbyterian Church - Lunch program every Thursday & the Shower Ministry every Saturday

God's Helping Hands Laundry LaunderLand every 3rd Saturday of the month


On-Going Announcements

St. Michael's Men’s Breakfast

Men's breakfast is on the first Saturday of every month at FlapJacks Diner. The group meets at 8am at the restaurant. FlapJacks Diner is on El Camino Ave. Please reply to Jim Dodds so he will have an idea of the numbers. If you have any additional questions, please contact the office.

Centering Prayer

All are welcome to come and pray! Centering prayer meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month via Zoom. Newcomers are welcome to come at 6:45pm for a Centering Prayer Newcomer Orientation. Centering Prayer begins at 7pm. We will offer a 20 minute centering prayer sit, followed by a variety of contemplative practices. They may include: Lectio Divina, experiential spirituality and occasionally a guest speaker. For more information, please contact the office 916.488.3550 or Chuck Schaller 916.390.3465.

Prayers for Pregnant Women & Their Babies

We have an ongoing relationship with the Episcopal Sisters at the Order of Julian of Norwich monastery who pray daily for pregnant women and their babies. If you have name(s) of loved one(s) who are expecting that you would like to have included in the sisters' prayers, please email Fr. Rod at fatherrod@stmichaelscarmichael.org.

Giving Thanks with Flowers!

You can still remember your loved ones and celebrate important moments in your life with the gift of flowers to the church.  

If you would like to give in this way, please let the office know

and what you would like to give thanks for in the bulletin. You can send a check (or drop it off) to the office or pay on-line.  

Name Tags Available

We have name tags available at Sunday morning check in's. Please be sure to grab and wear your name tag before the service. If you are in need of a name tag please let the office know.

St. Michael's Hours

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9:30am - 1:30pm

Sanctuary and Courtyard are open during office hours. Please let the office know you will be coming. Call 916.488.3550 or email.

Pastoral Hours

Rev. Mary will be available on request. Please call the office to schedule.


Pastor Katie will be available on request. Please email pastorkatie@stmichaelscarmichael.org to schedule.


Thank you all for generously supporting St. Michael's and our ministries. We are accepting pledge payments through the mail. We are also accepting online giving. You may have to set up an account to do so. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Kate Muris.

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