The Wagazine
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WAGS pet therapy community

April 26, 2024 Vol. 4 No. 2

Being Beautiful
By Jenny Pagni

Beautiful faces are they that wear
The light of a pleasant spirit there;
Beautiful hands are they that do
Deeds that are noble, good, and true;
Beautiful feet are they that go
Swiftly to lighten another’s woes.
Several years ago, I shared this favorite poem of mine with the WAGS Membership. It is a poem by Socrates called “Beautiful”. It is a poem about compassion, connecting, and healing.
At the time I first shared this poem, I did not realize the extent to which this poem encompasses the core of pet therapy and all that we strive to achieve at WAGS.

A couple of years ago, there was a tragic death of a student and I was able to go to their school to support students and faculty with my dog, Ruby. When Ruby and I entered the school, the sense of grief was profound as many were struggling with the tragic loss. We entered an auditorium where students were gathering and sadness filled the room. When I left that day, I remember leaving not knowing if or how much of an impact we had made. What is interesting is that I forgot about this visit until a couple of months ago. Ruby and I responded to another event in November, and when we arrived we met an administrator who recognized Ruby immediately. She told me she was present that former day at the school where Ruby and I had visited and recounted a moment that had stayed with her since - a moment in which Ruby managed to reach a student who was deeply struggling with grief. The student had been inconsolable all morning, faculty were struggling to find a way to ease the pain and then walked in Ruby. The administrator shared how impactful this moment was not only for the student but for the administrators as well. She said they observed how Ruby's quiet support provided the love and space the student needed at that moment. Just as Socrates said in his poem, beauty is “the light of a simple presence”, a presence that “swiftly goes to lighten the anothers woe’s.” Ruby didn't offer words or advice; she simply sat, offering her presence, a warm, loving comfort in the grip of loss.

What impacted me was that when I left that day, I had no idea the extent to which Ruby had consoled this student. This leads me to wonder, how often does this happen? How often do our WAGS volunteers leave a little imprint of compassion and love, a gentle paw print, on the hearts of those they meet and yet they have no idea? I’m pretty certain it happens a lot and that is beautiful.

This is one story, of many stories, that provides evidence of the power of our organization. Such stories illustrate that what we offer is not just a blissful moment of joy when seeing a dog,
but can also offer a step toward healing or coping during some of life's hardest moments. Our pets, in their silent wisdom, teach others that love, comfort, and presence can transcend words.

I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for your support, your belief in the WAGS mission, and your commitment to spreading the healing power of pet therapy. Always remember the essence of what we do and why it matters.

Through pet therapy we nurture the beautiful and we demonstrate that sometimes, the greatest support comes on four legs, with a wagging tail, and an open heart.

Jenny Pagni, WAGS President
Thank You Volunteers!
WAGS is a 100% volunteer run organization. Everything from website design and maintenance, social media accounts, pet training and evaluation, hospitality at meetings, membership and finance data management, facility outreach and coordination, special events, and pet therapy visits are all done with volunteer workers.
We appreciate you in this Volunteer Appreciation Month and every day!

We are grateful for each and every one of you!

First Annual - Walk, Wiggle and WAGS:
A Pawsome Fundraiser for WAGS Pet Therapy

In a world where companionship and emotional well-being play crucial roles in our lives, the significance of therapy animals cannot be overstated. Recognizing the positive impact of pets on mental health, the Walk, Wiggle & WAGS fundraiser emerges as a heartwarming initiative to support WAGS Pet Therapy, an organization dedicated to bringing joy and comfort to those in need.

When: Sunday, May 19
Where: Broad Run Park – The Parks of Floyds Fork, 11551 Bardstown Rd 
Time: 8:00am-11:00am

Thank you to our Presenting Sponsors:
Baptist Health

The Birth of Walk, Wiggle & WAGS
WAGS Pet Therapy has been on a mission to harness the power of the human-animal bond for therapeutic purposes. With the aim of expanding their reach and services, they will launch their first Walk, Wiggle & WAGS fundraiser – an exciting event designed to raise funds and awareness for their noble cause.

Walking for a Cause
The cornerstone of this fundraiser is the "Walk" component. Participants from all walks of life, accompanied by their furry friends or alone, come together for a delightful stroll. Whether it's a leisurely walk or a more challenging trek, every step contributes to the overall goal of supporting WAGS Pet Therapy.

Embrace the Wiggle
Adding a playful touch to the event, the "Wiggle" contest encourages participants to let loose and have fun. Participants can compete for prizes by "wiggling out" dog bones from a box. Whoever wiggles out the most in one minute wins. 

WAGS Pet Therapy: Making a Difference
Proceeds from the Walk, Wiggle & WAGS fundraiser directly benefit WAGS Pet Therapy's programs. The organization deploys trained therapy animals to visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other facilities, spreading joy and providing companionship to those facing challenges.

How to Get Involved
Participation in Walk, Wiggle & WAGS is open to everyone who shares a passion for pets and believes in the healing power of the human-animal bond. Whether you have a pet or not, there are various ways to contribute:
1.    Join the Walk: Register for the walking event and enjoy a day of fun and camaraderie. Registration will open March 1. 
2.    Donate: Even if you can't physically participate, you can make a meaningful impact by making a donation to WAGS Pet Therapy.
3.    Spread the Word: Share the event on social media, encouraging friends and family to join or support the cause.

Guardian of Joy: WAGS Pet Therapy's Impact
WAGS Pet Therapy has been a guardian of joy for countless individuals for 25 years. Through the Walk, Wiggle & WAGS fundraiser, the organization aims to expand its network, reach more people, and continue making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Walk, Wiggle & WAGS is more than just a fundraiser; it's a celebration of the incredible bond between humans and animals. By participating or supporting this event, you become a vital part of WAGS Pet Therapy's mission to spread love, comfort, and healing through the power of pets. So, lace up those walking shoes, get ready to wiggle, and join in the joyous journey of making a difference in the lives of many through Walk, Wiggle & WAGS!

To register, go to or scan the barcode in the flyer.
We look forward to walking with you.
WAGS Partners With Mirazon - Paws for a Cause
By Taylor Krieg
WAGS is thrilled to share the exciting news of our newfound partnership with Mirazon.

Mirazon’s mission is to provide people with technology that makes them successful at work, and while at first glance a dog doesn’t seem to fit in this equation – it actually does.

Mirazon firmly believes in the profound impact that the companionship of a pet, particularly dogs, has on our well-being – both personally and professionally. Their team recognizes the positive influence that pets can have on various aspects of our lives, including our demeanor, activity levels, and relationships, even within the workplace. They see the work that WAGS is doing in our community, improving experiences in schools, workplaces, and healing environments, and they want to support that kind of technology too (read about the top five benefits of the human-animal bond here).
The Partnership Between WAGS & Mirazon
The journey with WAGS began with their very own “CFO” – Chief Furry Officer – Ferdinand, whose human is Mirazon’s CEO, Karen Albers. Karen wanted a loving companion and found it in her previous Leonberger rescue. So, when it was time for a new dog, she brought baby Ferdinand home – quickly realizing she’d have to take him to work with her to care for a puppy of his age – and he immediately became a member of the Mirazon team. From warmly greeting vendors and clients to providing comforting hugs during stressful moments, Ferdinand exemplified the positive impact a furry friend can have on the workplace. When he was old enough, Karen realized Ferdinand would be a great therapy dog, and he quickly became part of WAGS’s fleet of volunteers.
Mirazon has a dog friendly office, and they cherish their four-legged coworkers. You can meet more of them on their Meet the Team page.

Firsthand, they have seen the joy that dogs like Ferdinand have brought to our local institutions, and they believe deeply in the mission of WAGS. Mirazon is actively involved in supporting the organization’s IT needs, fundraising initiatives, and the training of new furry volunteers.

Mirazon is proud to align with WAGS, recognizing the invaluable role of pet therapy in fostering a healthier, more connected community.
Thank you to Mirazon, USA Image, Baptist Health, and Parthenon
for their strong support of WAGS!
Ways to help WAGS
W.A.G.S. Pet Therapy of Kentucky, Inc
(502) 562-WAGS (9247)