Resiliency and Relationships
I recently attended Ideas for Our Future: Addressing Childhood Trauma to Create Positive Outcomes. This was a state-wide meeting sponsored by the Attorney General which focused on biological implications for childhood adversity and building resilience. The opioid addiction of parents results in two generation plus devastating situations We heard about efforts throughout the state to intervene and reduce the devastation, even if only for one child or one family.
What I heard over and over was that we, as educators,
 can build resilience in kids through our supportive relationships. 

That child who is so difficult in a classroom is undoubtedly the one who needs the support of a caring adult. A recognition of the child's feelings, a warm smile and greeting, help providing basic life needs can all have a powerful impact.  These efforts will be supportive.
And then on a completely different level, I was experiencing a particularly hectic morning. Finally after several days with no milk, cereal, coffee and other basic grocery needs, I had been to the store and was able to enjoy both my cereal and my coffee -- when I knocked over a cup of coffee!  Bemoaning my life at that moment and wishing I had some support, I cleaned up the coffee and thought of our overworked, overstressed teachers and our members who are reluctant to accept an office. Should we be offering greater support to them? What about seeking out a particularly stressed teacher (if you don't know her, the principal will) and offering to do some classroom preparation, to run some errands, pick up some items at the grocery, return library books, or give her a gift card for a dinner that she can pick up or have delivered. You can work alongside the officer or chairman who is unsure of her role. These supports will be supportive and bring the gift of new relationships.
We have now approached the spring dash toward the end of school, the officers and chairmen of a new chapter biennium - and the start of the baseball season. It takes a TEAM to effectively play the game. It takes a TEAM to effectively administer a chapter. It takes a TEAM to support both our educators and our learners. 

Let's not sit idly by - be the cheering mascot! 
Let's provide that support for one another. 
It will makes us all stronger!

By Sue Eades

State Convention 

See you in Columbus at the Polaris Hilton
8700 Lyra Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43240
April 13 - 15, 2018

*****TODAY APRIL 2ND*****

Convention Anticipation
  • Come early - Explore Columbus!
  • BYOCB = Bring Your Own Convention Bag
  • Welcome by Paolo DeMaria, Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Terrific Keynote Addresses
  • Outstanding Breakout Sessions
  • Executive Board and General Assembly Meetings
  • First-ever Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation Annual Meeting
  •  Recognition of anniversaries of chapter founding and of membership
  • Chapter Showcase - programs and projects you will want to see
  • ADSOEF Raffle Baskets and Photo Booth
  • Opportunity to meet Esther Strickland Student Teaching Grant recipients
  • Presentation of Past State Presidents and Chapter Presidents at the President's Banquet.  Wear your best dress!
  • Initiation of State Honorary Member
  • Beautiful Celebration of Life Service
  • Greeting and visiting with members from around the state
  • See you April 13-15, Columbus Polaris Hilton
By Dr. Norma Kirby, Chair

ADSOEF at State Convention
Are you a chocolate lover?  
Wine lover?  
Or do you prefer to read?  

ADSOEF is holding an "Ohio Proud" basket raffle with the proceeds 
to benefit the Foundation funds. 

Love to clown around in front of a camera?  
Check out our photo booth Saturday afternoon.  

ALL members are ENCOURAGED to attend the annual 
Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation Annual meeting
to find out about the exciting work that has been 
completed and is yet to come! 

 >>> Saturday, 11:30 a.m. - noon 

Be in the there!
By Diana Kirkpatrick, Membership Chair

Welcome to Alpha Delta State!

Beta Lambda - Eunice Burk and Dorothy Turnbo (reinstated)

Delta Mu Honorary - Patricia A. Huston-Holm

Membership...What's on Your Mind?
The Membership Committee cordially invites each and every one of you to attend our Saturday break-out session.   

We truly want to know....What's on Your Mind?

2:00 - 2:45 p.m.

Please join us in a "frank" conversation about what your chapter wants to learn about tackling the membership issue.    Other related concerns that your chapter membership or officers would like addressed are welcomed as well.   These issues and possible solutions will be shared at this summer's State Leadership Seminar.  
Counting on....seeing you there!

  The ADS Membership Committee
By Diana Haskell, Treasurer
We are coming to the close of our fiscal year and for many chapters your final meeting will be held in May. I have a few reminders that I hope are helpful to membership chairmen and chapter treasurers.
  1. Initiates to your chapter-send completed initiate form, completed Form 18 and a chapter check for initiate fees of $5.00 no later than May 25, 2018
  2. Members paying late dues-send completed Form 18 and a chapter check for dues $53.00 active, $26.00 reserve and scholarship fees no later than May 25, 2018
  3. Reinstated former members-send completed reinstatement form(s) no later than May 25, 2018
  • Members initiated or reinstated on or after April 1 and before July 1 shall pay only the initiation fee at the time of initiation. 
  • Dues and scholarship fees for the ensuing year must be paid no later than October 31.

The above policy does not apply to a member who appears on your membership roster and Form 18. If she is to remain a member of your chapter, her dues and scholarship fees must be paid. Prior to June 1, 2018 I am required to drop from membership those who have not paid dues and scholarship fees.

Please note: 
the Ohio membership database is removed from my computer on June 1, 2018. I cannot make chapter membership changes after that date. 

Thanks so much for your cooperation with these new end-of-year dates.

By Linda Wood, President of Gamma Theta
The Gamma Theta Chapter of DKG recently received the
Herschman Award 
from University Hospitals of Cleveland 

This annual award recognizes those volunteers 
who work in their homes or communities 
to benefit the patients at University Hospitals.

Gamma Theta has collected travel size toiletries along with gently used books and magazines since 2014.  Over the last four years more than 5,800 items have been donated to the hospital's NICU & PICU units and more recently also to the Seidman Cancer Center.  Some of the books go to the hospital's Reach Out and Read program where volunteers read to children while they are waiting for a doctor's appointment.  The toiletries are used to create personal care kits for family members who are staying unexpectedly with loved ones.

Representing the Chapter at the awards luncheon were (L to R) 
Linda Wood, Chapter President; Cindy Ferritto; Marg Galla, UH coordinator of volunteer services; Heather Tromba, Service Committee Chairman; 
and Marcia Searson. 
Debby Canter, Educational Excellence Chair
Alpha Delta State Educational Excellence Committee:  
Providing assistance to children in Ohio's Foster Care System (EEC Goals 1,2,3)

What can we do as members of Alpha Delta State? 
>>The first step is awareness <<

  • Talk to Jobs and Family Services in your county.
  • Have conversations at our chapter meetings. 
  • Next, come to a consensus as to the plan of action at the local level. 

Bylaws/Policies and Procedures

The Bylaws/Policies and Procedures Committee will be working to revise and simplify the documents so there is consistency using the International format. Any proposed changes to the Bylaws will be reviewed and put up for vote before the General Assembly at the Convention in April 2019. 

All proposed changes will need to be in to the committee by June 1, 2018 in order to be eligible for the voting process. Any and all input is welcome from members or committees.

Please send your input to:

Judy McClanahan, Chairman
159 South Huron Ave.
Columbus, OH 43204

or email:

In Honor of Our Alpha Delta Sisters

        Barbara Ann Polek
         Gamma Delta
        Wanda Neudorfer-Pack
         Delta Mu       3-03-18
        Mary Lou Cleveland
         Nu Rho

~ Mark Your Calendar ~
 Alpha Delta State Conventions at Columbus Polaris Hilton
  • April 13-15, 2018

Chapter Leadership Workshops 
These workshops have been scheduled for incoming presidents and their leadership teams.
  • Monday, June 11th at Ohio Northern University Conference Center in Ada
  • Tuesday, June 12th at the Amish Door in Wilmot
  • Thursday, June 28th at the Chillicothe Country Club
These were purposefully planned for different days of the week and a gap in time to avoid that day when you can never come or vacation schedules. You may attend any one of them that best fits your schedule.  These will be informative, fun, and a great start for your chapter's new biennium.  More information and registration will be coming but for now - place the date(s) on your calendar!

Fall Executive Board Meetings at Trinity United Methodist Church, Columbus
  • October 20, 2018
Alpha Delta State Conventions at Columbus Polaris Hilton
  • April 5 - 7, 2019   
Austin, Texas
July 16 - 20, 2018

Participation at International Convention
There are opportunities for you to part of the Convention in Austin.  The talent coordinator and the choir director are waiting to hear that you are willing to share your talents.  Please see their messages.
Are you a wordsmith -- poetic or prosaic?
A musician -- vocal or instrumental?
An entertainer -- comedic or dramatic?

                            If so, this may be your chance to shine! 
There are brief opportunities during meetings at the International Convention in Austin when entertainment is needed and you might be given the chance to perform for your Sisters. 

Please contact Virginia McChesney, Talent Coordinator: 
Attention Music Makers!
Coming to the International Convention? If so, share your gifts with us! Chorus participants will have readable arrangements, fun rehearsals, practice video links and print selections provided in the spring for individual rehearsal. 

Please contact Sandra Yerby, Choral Director:


Does your chapter have a Facebook page?

Let's work together to BOOST your chapter's reach!

There are number of chapters in Ohio who have chosen to create a Facebook page. 
This is great for reaching your chapter members. 

However, there may be occasions that you might want your reach to extend to the entire state. Some of those occasions may even be a proclamation of great things going on in your chapter.

How can this be accomplished? 
First, send your chapter's Facebook URL to webmaster Eileen: 

The ADS Facebook account will "like" and "follow" your chapter's Facebook page. In turn, the person in charge of your Facebook page should "like" and "follow" the ADS Facebook page. 

Everyone wins!
The new and greatly improved DKG app is here. This app will quickly become your "go-to" source for information from International. Description and download information is available HERE.

Meier Bauer, President -  Gamma Phi- 465 Woodlands Ridge Drive Cincinnati, OH 45238 (513) 941-4461,  Email Meier

Diana Kirkpatrick, First Vice - President Alpha Delta-  554 Washington Avenue Washington CH, OH 43160-2048 (740) 335-2593,   Email Diana K.

Debby Canter, Second Vice-President - Delta Epsilon P.O. Box 143 Oak Hill, OH 45656 (740)-688-1604,  Email Debby

Diana Haskell, Treasurer -  Gamma Phi 8726 Redcloud Court Cincinnati, OH 45249-2317 Home: (513) 489-4069 Cell: (513) 607-3212,  

Karen S. Dombrowski, Recording Secretary -  Alpha Nu - 684 Manchester Circle N Pickerington, OH 43147 (614) 837-0891 (614) 563 -0495, 

Ann M. Todd, Corresponding Secretary Zeta - 3621 Butler Rd. Wakeman, OH 44889 (440)839-2069 (440) 577-5228,  Email Ann

Joyce Jones-Weinkam, Parliamentarian - Gamma Xi - E-mail: Email Joyce

Patricia Cermak, Immediate Past President - Gamma Rho - 9504 Greenhaven Parkway Brecksville, OH 44141-1607 (440) 526-8934, 

Eileen McNally, Webmaster - Beta Delta - E-Mail: Email Eileen

Margaret Archangel, Editor - Gamma Phi 4754 Hirth Hill Rd. W Grove City, OH 43123 
(513) 520-7910,  Email Margaret 

Your Editor...
All the best to all of you,
Margaret Archangel, Editor

New Members?
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