Note to Educators . . .
Who, in the classroom, does not want a better classroom, better behavior, better learning, a less stressful environment?  We are seeing increasing lack of respect and kindness in many aspects of society, including our classrooms.  You who are still in the educational environment have an excellent opportunity to greet your students as they arrive in your educational setting with respect and kindness as well as during their time with you.
You are stressed with too much to do and yet the trade-off of greeting each student at the door with a smile, a welcome, a personal comment can have a profound impact on the atmosphere of the class.   We must truly believe Kids are People, Too - Treat Them with Kindness and Respect.  

Henry David Thoreau all those many years ago 
wrote these enduring words:   

"Kindness to children, 
love for children, 
goodness to children - 
these are the only investments that never fail."

Best wishes as you make this effort,  


Debby Canter, Educational Excellence Chair
Alpha Delta State Educational Excellence Committee:  
Providing assistance to children in Ohio's Foster Care System (EEC Goals 1,2,3)

This very important topic is silent in our communities.  It will take a very determined step for our Ohio chapters to reach into the foster care programs in our communities to find the needs and a way to help improve the lives of these many children in our state.  We can find a way!  
Please make this a goal of each of our chapters.

How can our chapters and members help?
Find a foster care agency in your area. It can be the local Job and Family Services, a religious organization, a hospital, or a private agency.
By Sue Eades
State Co nvent ion News

State Convention News
There will be a special email delivery of the State Convention Registration.  Watch for it and register on-line or through the mail.
Arrive early on Friday to Explore Columbus!  
Meet at the hotel and carpool to an interesting outing paying your own way.  Choice of four diverse, interesting opportunities.
Friday evening Opening Session 
 Speaker Dr. Tiffany Tynes, National Milken. Educator, 2016 
followed by a dessert reception 
and songs of  Women of the Civil War. 
Saturday is a busy day:  
Executive Board/General Assembly, ADSOEF Annual Meeting, 
18 Break Out Sessions - continuing education, society business & personal interest, Birthday Luncheon, ADSOEF Photo Booth, 
Chapter Showcases, Agora.

 And then get dressed up 
The Banquet 
with presentation of Past State Presidents and Chapter Presidents, 
Initiation of State Honorary Member Dr. Mary Greiner 
and her address to us.
Sunday begins with Celebration of Life Service 
and then the Inspiration Breakfast with speakers talking about 
Honor Flight and the Legacy of Courage.

Please make your reservations following the directions on the registration form,  enjoy your meals at the convention events so that Alpha Delta State meets their room block and food & beverage commitments.  (That is how we have use of the meeting rooms.)

See you in Columbus at the Polaris Hilton, 
April 13 - 15, 2018

Convention is coming and we would like to invite you to be a part of the convention with your musical talents.  We are looking for people who would like to be a member of the DKG Convention Chorus.  

We also would like to know if you play an instrument and are coming to convention.

Please submit: 
your name, voice part and/or instrument, your contact info.

You may contact me:
Phone: 419-991-4886 
Mail: 2521 Elmview Dr. Lima, OH 45806

Please share this information with anyone in your chapter who might be interested.  Feel free to leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

Cheryl Quay
State Music Chair


Holmes County Branch - Beta Iota Chapter
Teacher Appreciation Project:
Hershey Kiss Rose Buds

Ruth Miller, Carol Remington, Cathie Lynch and led by chapter president Bonnie Agawa are part of the assembly team. Over 400 rose buds were created for each teacher in the East and West Holmes School districts.  Delta Kappa brochures were also distributed to each school along with local contact information.  We are hopeful that this outreach to active teachers will result in greater awareness of our organization and potential new members.

Nancy, a 4th grade teacher at Millersburg Elementary, 
with her rose and brochure
Lighting the Way . . .
Alpha Delta State continues Lighting the Way 
as we take note of our 80 years and look ahead to our continued commitment to professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education at the State Convention.

  • *    Lighting the Way through Fun and Fellowship - Explore Columbus! on Friday afternoon
  • *    Lighting the Way through EducationSeize the Moment: Be the Change! Opening night keynote speaker Dr. Tiffany Tines Curry, National Milken Educator.
  • *     Lighting the Way through DKG - The Story of Possibility, Aggie Moynihan, International Representative
  • *    Lighting the Way through Service - The Reality of Foster Care and Kinship Care, Dr. Mary Greiner, Medical Director, CHECK Foster Care Center, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • *    Lighting the Way through Courage and Sacrifice - The Legacy of Courage, Cheryl Popp and Peter Bronson tell the stories of HonorFlite and the first person histories of American veterans

By Diana Kirkpatrick, Membership Chair

Welcome to Alpha Delta State!

We welcome the following initiates as committed and valuable members of our state organization.  Congratulations for being selected and recognized as a key woman educator who has demonstrated leadership capabilities, inventiveness, commitment, enthusiasm and/or has proven to possess the potential for distinctive educational excellence.  We look forward to working with each of you as a contributing member of Alpha Delta State.

New Initiates
Zeta - Kyleigh S. Niedermeier;  Laura E. Winkler;  Kappa - Jodine M. McKinley;   Upsilon - Barbara L Casterline;   Gamma Xi - Sylvia Miner;  Alpha Upsilon - Elizabeth A. Myers;  Beta Delta - Laura Artherton;  Bev Chopin;  Andrea Dickerson;  Ann M. Thum;  Delta Delta - Barbara Dubos

Welcome....Glad You are Back ! (Reinstated)
Zeta - Kathy Ann Gastier;  Beta Alpha - Amber K. Jayjohn;  Delta Delta - Bonnie Clemente;  Diana DeVito;  Robyn Fette;  Dee Sullivan; Gloria McIntee 
 "Pass on the Gift of Membership"

 The 2018-2019 
Alpha Delta State Membership Challenge 
begins TODAY!  

We, the ADS Membership Committee, 
challenge  each chapter member to identify and 
"Pass on the Gift of Membership" 
to one or more key women educator/s. 

Be sure to check out The ADS Membership Challenge,in its entirety (the guidelines, recognition qualification form and challenge survey), beginning February 1, 2018 on the Alpha Delta State

Gamma Nu Chapter 
presented umbrellas to an underprivileged preschool in the Columbus area so that parents would have the tools to walk their children to school in wet weather and thus increase their attendance.  It's worked!
Eileen McNally, Beta Delta, 
a member of the the DKG Communications & Publicity Committee wrote Webinars: Learning at Your Fingertips in the most recent edition of DKG Bulletin: Collegial Exchange.  Eileen, thanks for all you do for DKG and ADS.
Margaret Murph, Gamma Phi 
in the Cincinnati area, recently received the Martin Luther King Keeping the Dream Alive Award. 
Jennifer Zarlino, Gamma Nu,
a Literacy Coach at South-Western City Schools (Columbus area) is presenting at the National Reading Recovery Conference. 

Delta Chi...
A new chapter website is always welcomed.  It show that communication is happening.  Congratulations to Webmaster Judy Mouch on a job well done!


By Dr. Norma Kirby, Chair
A Winner Has Been Chosen!
Submitted by Kathy McClendon, 
ADSOEF Logo Design Contest Chairperson

Heather J. Storer,  Alpha Chi
An official ADSOEF logo identity has been chosen by the Selection Committee of the Directors of Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation.  Five individuals submitted a total of 10 thought provoking and creative designs and no designer names were revealed until the winning logo was chosen.  That logo will be formally presented at the State Convention in April.  We deeply appreciate all who gave of their time and talent for this project.

The winning logo design was submitted by Ms. Heather J. Storer of the Alpha Chi Chapter in southern Ohio. Heather hails from a family of teachers and is a third generation DKG member! Ms. Storer received her BA degree from the College of Architecture and Design at Miami University and her MFA degree in Graphic Design from Ohio University. Heather taught design courses at Washington State Community College, Marietta College, and Ohio University. Currently, Ms. Storer is employed at BHDP Architecture in Cincinnati where she works with clients to bring their brands to life within workplace and retail environments.   


Gold Key Reminder - March 1st Deadline
Please check to make sure you have completed 
all information on the application:


Gold Key Chapters 
must have all key points and 6 polish points
Honor Chapters 
must have all key points and 4-5 polish points

Honorable Mention Chapters 

must have all key points and 0-3 polish points


Application: click here!

In Honor of Our Alpha Delta Sisters:

Janet Benhase
Gammi Xi 12-27-17
Winifred Vaugh Pi 11-29-17
Gladys Bannister
Alpha Alpha
Nancy Custead
Alpha Alpha
Esther Edeburn
Alpha Alpha
Gloria Miller/Byerly
Alpha Iota
Roberta Schmunk
Beta Zeta 12-29-17
Jane Saunders Beta Pi 11-27-17
Dr. Dolores Snyder
Gamma Pi
Marjorie Deak
Gamma Theta
Patricia Roennau
Phi 6-29-17
Anne Sperry Phi 4-14-17

~ Mark Your Calendar ~
 Alpha Delta State Conventions at Columbus Polaris Hilton
  • April 13-15, 2018
Fall Executive Board Meetings at Trinity United Methodist Church, Columbus
  • October 20, 2018
Alpha Delta State Conventions at Columbus Polaris Hilton
  • April 5 - 7, 2019   

Meier Bauer, President -  Gamma Phi- 465 Woodlands Ridge Drive Cincinnati, OH 45238 (513) 941-4461,  Email Meier

Diana Kirkpatrick, First Vice - President Alpha Delta-  554 Washington Avenue Washington CH, OH 43160-2048 (740) 335-2593,   Email Diana K.

Debby Canter, Second Vice-President - Delta Epsilon P.O. Box 143 Oak Hill, OH 45656 (740)-688-1604,  Email Debby

Diana Haskell, Treasurer -  Gamma Phi 8726 Redcloud Court Cincinnati, OH 45249-2317 Home: (513) 489-4069 Cell: (513) 607-3212,  

Karen S. Dombrowski, Recording Secretary -  Alpha Nu - 684 Manchester Circle N Pickerington, OH 43147 (614) 837-0891 (614) 563 -0495, 

Ann M. Todd, Corresponding Secretary Zeta - 3621 Butler Rd. Wakeman, OH 44889 (440)839-2069 (440) 577-5228,  Email Ann

Joyce Jones-Weinkam, Parliamentarian - Gamma Xi - E-mail: Email Joyce

Patricia Cermak, Immediate Past President - Gamma Rho - 9504 Greenhaven Parkway Brecksville, OH 44141-1607 (440) 526-8934, 

Eileen McNally, Webmaster - Beta Delta - E-Mail: Email Eileen

Margaret Archangel, Editor - Gamma Phi 4754 Hirth Hill Rd. W Grove City, OH 43123 
(513) 520-7910,  Email Margaret 

Your Editor...
All the best to all of you,
Margaret Archangel, Editor

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