Biennium Initiatives
A very special thank you to all who attended the Alpha Delta State Executive Board Meeting and are taking information back to chapters.  Critical to the life of Delta Kappa Gamma and to the life of every chapter is relevance and sustainability.  Members want their efforts to be relevant to the needs in their community and to forward the Mission and Purpose of Delta Kappa Gamma and the Seven Purposes.
Your State Officers have adopted several initiatives for their biennium.  Membership is a major concern at all levels of DKG.  You, at the chapter level, assume most of that responsibility but your state officers and committees are eager to assist.  At the State level there will be increased efforts to recognize and honor members and chapters and to attempt the organization of some new chapters. 
Especially exciting is the challenge for every chapter to provide support to children in Ohio's Foster/Kinship Care System.  The needs are in your community, the services are to be in your community.  The vast majority of these children have been placed into care due to neglect, physical abuse, parental substance abuse or abandonment and are facing significant disruption to their lives.  Here is an opportunity to relieve some of the stress on the children and on their new caregivers, thus ultimately affecting their development and learning outcomes.
Some chapters are ready to immediately start work on this initiative.  Other chapters will need time to make community contacts, determine needs, and decide on their actions.  It is hoped that by the next program year all chapters will have made a commitment to support these children in some way.  You will find suggestions for beginning this initiative in the Educational Excellence article in this issue.  Your State Officers can be contacted if further help is needed.
It is exciting to announce that the Executive Board voted unanimously to approve State Honorary Membership for Dr. Mary Greiner, child abuse pediatrician and Medical Director of the CHECK Foster Care Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.  Initiation will occur at the State Convention and we will hear from her about her work and needs of these children.  Dr. Greiner sees the involvement of an educationally focused society such as DKG as being a potentially significant ally in serving these children.

                                                  Dr. Mary Greiner
I am excited that every chapter can do something to serve needs of foster children in their community.  I am excited that Dr. Greiner sees the educationally relevant connection between DKG and foster care in their communities.  I am excited that you will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Greiner at the State Convention.  

I am excited that supporting needs within 
foster/kinship care 
is an Alpha Delta State Initiative.    


Life goes 'round and 'round and up and down,
but is better with a ride on a carousel.

(Cincinnati-area Joint Chapter Meeting hosted by
Delta Psi at Carol Ann's Carousel in Smale Riverfront Park in Cincinnati)
Debby Canter, Educational Excellence Chair
Alpha Delta State Educational Excellence Committee:  
Providing assistance to children in Ohio's Foster Care System (EEC Goals 1,2,3)
A very impactful video, ReMoved Part 1, can be found on YouTube and would be a great conversation starter at a chapter meeting.

How can our chapters and members help?
Find a foster care agency in your area. It can be the local Job and Family Services, a religious organization, a hospital, or a private agency.
Set up a meeting with someone in the organization that has direct contact with the children or the person responsible for assistance to the children. Complete a needs assessment during the meeting. (diapers, car seats, backpacks, books to call their own, clothes, socks, underwear, make-up bags, duffel bags/suitcases)
Invite that person to one of your chapter meetings to speak to your members. Have a discussion about the needs assessment and decide what would be reasonable for your chapter to do.
Make a plan, a timeline and follow through. Report on the progress at every chapter meeting. Share your chapter's story with The Voice.
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Foster Care Support Foundation
Together We Rise http://www.togetherwerise
My Stuff Bags Foundation
UMCHFamily Services
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
By Sue Eades
State Co nvent ion News

The Alpha Delta State Convention Planning Committee is in the midst of developing a great time for you in Columbus,  April 13 - 15.  We welcome your suggestions and participation in break-out sessions in the areas of personal interest, professional development, and society business.  

We are calling for your proposals and look forward to hearing from you soon, but no later than  December 15th.  
Please click on this link to access the proposal form.

Chapter Showcase

A new feature at the State Convention will be your opportunity to display an awesome activity, program or project of your chapter.  

Consider for display:
  •  how your chapter is carrying out the Mission or Vision of the   Society
  •  how you are promoting one of the Seven Purposes,
  •  how you are supporting the State Initiative with foster and kinship care in your community and then tell us about it.
You will provide pictures and a write up that can slipped into an 8.5 x 11" frame.  These will be on display for others to know of your chapter's good works and spark ideas. 

> It is a time to show-off and to inform. <  

There will be more information and a request for your commitment as Convention time nears but it is time to start thinking of how your chapter will be represented.

This is a coordinated effort of the Educational Excellence and the Personal Growth and Services Committees,
  but your chapter's participation is what will make this a success.
By Diana Haskell, Treasurer
Financial motions from Executive Board Meeting, October 14, 2017 include:

  • Donation of $500 to International Emergency Fund to support our sisters experiencing loss due to hurricane, flooding and fire
  • Donation of $1,000 to Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation to support distributions from the foundation to promote professional and personal growth of educators and educational excellence for students and educators

By Diana L. Kirkpatrick, V. P. Membership
Ready... .Set ....Initiate!

Has your chapter made plans for chapter growth this biennium?  Yes...No?  

Membership is the heart of your chapter 
and is what drives everything your chapter does.   

Membership  drives your dues, which in turn is what drives the type of programs and projects your chapter can offer and members take part in....which determines the kind of membership your chapter attracts....which drives dues....which drives projects....which drives membership....which drives dues and so on and so forth.   Expanding membership is vital to your chapter's sustainability.
The biennium is new....bursting with promise 
"to dream... .to dare ... .to do

and your state membership committee is committed to offering chapters practical suggestions to grow their membership. During our recent October State Executive Board meeting we promoted, as well as, encouraged chapter presidents across Ohio to embrace the 3 R's of Ohio Membership --- Retain....Recruit.....Reinstate. 

>Retain.....strive to keep the members you have....value, appreciate, and involve your membership by being N.I.C.E. ( September Membership Article in The Voice).

>Recruit and Initiate.... we strongly recommend and encourage chapters to utilize the DKG Recruitment Plan.   It  is  a  plan that is working for other states, so why not Ohio?

> out and invite former members to rejoin your chapter membership.

For specific information contained in The DKG Recruitment Plan, please continue with this link:

With the recruitment plan in hand and the Ohio 3 R's in mind, we charge each member of Alpha Delta State with the responsibility to embrace a fellow key woman educator (or more) and introduce her to DKG. 

                              Now... .get ready ... .get set ....GO!  initiate ....
                                                help Ohio grow!

Our thanks... 

2017-19 ADS Membership Committee:  Mary Callahan, Beta Lambda, Stephanie Davey, Alpha Delta, Kim Lewis, Delta Epsilon , Linda Porteus, Delta Phi ,  Diana L. Kirkpatrick, Alpha Delta, Chairperson

 ~ Delta Delta ~
Delta Delta Hosted a Chapter DKG Reunion at 
Annual June Picnic

"A Reunion is a time to remember, a time to laugh, a time to celebrate... a time to share old stories and make new memories."

With that theme in mind, we set out to invite former members to come to a meeting and revisit old friends! Our executive board met and decided that a reunion was the perfect means of reaching out to former members to share an opportunity to reestablish old friendships and maybe provide a way to rejoin our Chapter. Ideas were discussed and presented to our June committee to include our former members at our annual picnic. They agreed and the wheels started turning.

Time was spent searching through old rosters going back ten years. A list of names was generated from members who had resigned from the chapter. Their names were presented at our April meeting. Our current members were encouraged to choose a name from the list of someone that they knew. We wanted the invitation to be a personal invite first, followed up with an email that would give specific details. The members reached out to these former members and invited them to our picnic.

We contacted 33 former members , eight attended the picnic and 
five have rejoined our chapter.

Life and circumstances change over time. Maybe former members are ready to recommit to joining your chapter again. It has been a wonderful venture.

Mary Ann Augustyn and Brenda Ceplecci
Co-Presidents of Delta Delta
Hubbard, Youngstown, Trumbull County
By Ann M. Todd, Communications, Publicity Committee Chairman
A Two-Way Street - It Seems Obvious

We have heard it many times:  Communication is a two-way street. From the classroom to staff meetings, from family to organizational roles, it seems so obvious.  Yet communication is the main culprit to problems in the workplace,  in one's personal life, and in organizations.  Why is this?  

The two parties each have a responsibility. The sender needs to give a clear message and the receiver needs to give feedback.  It seems relatively simple.  If the message is not understood, what is the point in communicating?  

There are  other factors to consider such as body language, perspective, previous experiences, distractions, and barriers.  Undoubtedly, people do interpret what they hear differently. To be sure the message is understood, repeat what was said, ask for clarification, and ask questions.  

When you receive information from DKG, do you take an active role in communicating?  Whether as a member or in a leadership role, communication provides an opportunity to learn, to be informed which is the foundation for the profession we value. 

Perhaps the concept needs to be rephrased:  
Effective communication is a two-way street.

Ann Todd, Zeta, Communications & Publicity Chair

Be Aware

Cyber-Security is a huge issue.  There are ways to protect yourself.  The International Communications and Publicity Committee blog suggests one way this can be done:


Hot Topics' Current Conversation: 
Ohio's Proposed Bullying/Hazing Legislation

By Pamela Henney, Legislative and UN Liaison

House Bill 360 was introduced in the Ohio Statehouse focusing on bullying and hazing in schools from kindergarten to 12
th grade. 

The revision bill not only increases the penalty for harassment, intimidation, or bullying to a second degree misdemeanor, but also mandates incidents be reported to the municipal court and actions the court is to take.
Student victims and/or bullies are not the only one's impacted under the revisions. The new guidelines would also apply to administrators, employees, faculty, consultants, and volunteers - as victims or perpetrators. Guidelines for dealing with retaliation for reporting harassment, intimidation, or bullying incidents are also included.

 on our Alpha Delta State website at:
By Norma Kirby, Chair
            By now you have heard the great news . . . . 
      Alpha Delta State has a Foundation!  

The A. Margaret Boyd Overseas Foundation 
has been renamed.  

The new name is Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation (ADSOEF) and includes all Alpha Delta State scholarships, fellowships, and grants.  All members of Alpha Delta State are also members of our Foundation.  The first annual meeting for members will be held during the 2018 State Convention.

            Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation has 501(c)3 status which makes all contributions tax deductible.  Contributions can be made by individuals or chapters at any time.  Contributions can be made in honor or memory of someone.  

Please consider making a contribution to Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation.  Contributions made before the end of the year will be a charitable tax deduction for the donor.  A thank-you letter will acknowledge all contributions.

Please follow this 
link to 
find the ADSOEF Contribution Form:

Need Money for Projects or Professional Growth?
Go the and use your computer bookmark to connect you to the website of the Educational Foundation of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.  Take advantage of the opportunities to apply for funds that are available to individuals and chapters.  Deadlines to apply for the funds are on or before:
  • January 3, 2018:  Up to $10,000 may be awarded to groups or individuals for projects that not only benefit children and education but also encourage intercultural understanding and educational excellence.
Leadership Management Seminar

The Golden Gift Fund Leadership Management Seminar will be held July 1-13, 2018, at The University of Texas - Austin. The seminar is offered to all members to develop leadership, communications and management skills. The award covers all but a $600 registration fee for which participants are responsible. Electronically submitted applications are due by December 1, 2017. The application and information can be found at on the Golden Gift Fund Committee page.

Ohio members rave about the training and keep in touch with their classmates from the seminar. The most recent Ohio participants were Eileen McNally in 2014 and Ann Todd in 2012. 


The World Fellowship Program began at the San Francisco National Convention of DKG in 1946 -- to assist women educators from other countries with their studies and then began an alliance with UNESCO in 1952.  An agreement was made with the Institute of International Education (IIE) to provide dossiers for the selection of recipients for study in the United States. Applications are conducted through bi-national selection committees and are sponsored by the Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or the Cultural Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy in the applicant's home country. IIE reviews successful international candidates and forwards applications of those who meet the criteria for DKG scholarships. The World Fellowship Committee of DKG then awards grants to supplement the Fulbright stipend. 

As of 2016, a total of $83,200 was given to 26 women from 20 countries. Recipients are selected in March and announced in October to state organizations. Recipients study either in the U.S. or Canada towards a master's degree or PhD degree. Although none of the recipients are studying at an Ohio university this year, there are recipients in the surrounding states. A complete list can be seen at by searching for World Fellowship Committee - Recipients.

Funding World Fellowship is a vital part of DKG's purpose "to endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators pursuing graduate study and to grant fellowships to women educators from other countries." 

Your contributions help fund these $4000 graduate study awards. Please encourage your chapter to contribute throughout the year. 
Small amounts add up!

Marlene Bolea, State Member, World Fellowship Chairman

Thank you, Everyone, who came to Columbus 
for the  Fall Executive Meeting.  
Meeting each other face-to-face, 
discussing new initiatives..
 and planning for a 

A lpha D elta S tate O hio E ducational F oundation
In April of 2017  Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation was brought into existence by you, the members of Alpha Delta State Ohio.  Since then, the Directors have been working diligently to make the Foundation work for your benefit!   Now, ADSOEF is looking for visual identity and needs your help!  We are seeking current members who can design a creative, innovative and professional logo design. The logo should be visually appealing, recognizable and help promote what the Foundation represents.  The winner of this contest will receive public recognition as well as recognition among peers within  Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation at the 2018 Convention.

Follow this link to find the official guidelines and rules.

In Honor of Our Alpha Delta Sisters:
Jan Stewart Omega 4/26/2017
Lakalynn Arnold Alpha Theta 8/08/2017
Rose Castiglioni Alpha Iota 10/04/2017
Lucille Possage Alpha Iota 9/21/2017
Harriet Waxman Beta Xi 9/26/2017
Patricia Eshbaugh Beta Psi 8/01/2017
Sharlene Shoup Gamma Mu not known
Sheila Campbell Delta Kappa 10/10/2017
Dr. Theresa Fechek Delta Kappa 9/05/2017
Lily DeMar Delta Psi 8/03/2017
Barbara Musgrave Delta Omega 6/03/2017

~ Mark Your Calendar ~
 Alpha Delta State Conventions at Columbus Polaris Hilton
  • April 13-15, 2018
Fall Executive Board Meetings at Trinity United Methodist Church, Columbus
  • October 20, 2018
Alpha Delta State Conventions at Columbus Polaris Hilton
  • April 5 - 7, 2019   

Meier Bauer, President -  Gamma Phi- 465 Woodlands Ridge Drive Cincinnati, OH 45238 (513) 941-4461,  Email Meier

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Debby Canter, Second Vice-President - Delta Epsilon P.O. Box 143 Oak Hill, OH 45656 (740)-688-1604,  Email Debby

Diana Haskell, Treasurer -  Gamma Phi 8726 Redcloud Court Cincinnati, OH 45249-2317 Home: (513) 489-4069 Cell: (513) 607-3212,  

Karen S. Dombrowski, Recording Secretary -  Alpha Nu - 684 Manchester Circle N Pickerington, OH 43147 (614) 837-0891 (614) 563 -0495, 

Ann M. Todd, Corresponding Secretary Zeta - 3621 Butler Rd. Wakeman, OH 44889 (440)839-2069 (440) 577-5228,  Email Ann

Joyce Jones-Weinkam, Parliamentarian - Gamma Xi - E-mail: Email Joyce

Patricia Cermak, Immediate Past President - Gamma Rho - 9504 Greenhaven Parkway Brecksville, OH 44141-1607 (440) 526-8934, 

Eileen McNally, Webmaster - Beta Delta - E-Mail: Email Eileen

Margaret Archangel, Editor - Gamma Phi 4754 Hirth Hill Rd. W Grove City, OH 43123 
(513) 520-7910,  Email Margaret 

Your Editor...
All the best to all of you,
Margaret Archangel, Editor

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