Happy Birthday to Us!
January 22, 1938 was a cold day in Cleveland.  

That is the day Annie Webb Blanton initiated sixteen founders into Alpha Delta State and Alpha, the first state chapter, was organized.  The founders came from Columbus, Kent, and the Cleveland area.  A listing of the State Charter Members indicate that they were from Ashland College, Ashtabula, Bowling Green State University, Cincinnati and Cleveland areas,  Dayton, Oberlin College, Toledo, Youngstown, Western College and Miami University thus encouraging the formation of chapters throughout the state.  Margaret L. White, a friend and mentee of Annie Webb Blanton, was the first State President.
From its beginning Alpha Delta State has been concerned about the status of women and the welfare of women educators with a focus on growth as an individual and as a professional educator. And so continues the legacy of Alpha Delta State.  Our ways of life have changed, our concerns have evolved over time, and yet our focus is on the status and welfare of women educators and the students we nurture.
This year at the State Convention we will be recognizing 
80-year chapters:  
Alpha, Beta, 
Gamma, Delta  

and 55-year chapters:  
Gamma Pi and Gamma Rho.

Happy Birthday to all of them 
and Happy, Happy Birthday to all of us 
in Alpha Delta State!  



Debby Canter, Educational Excellence Chair
Alpha Delta State Educational Excellence Committee:  
Providing assistance to children in Ohio's Foster Care System (EEC Goals 1,2,3)

Educational Outcomes of Children in Foster Care
  • Average number of living arrangements during first foster care stay   2.8
  • Likelihood of being absent from school       2x that of other students
  • Percent of foster youth who change schools when first entering foster care           56 - 75%
  • Percent of 17-18 year olds in care who have experienced 5+ school changes    34%
  • Likelihood of 17-18 year old foster youth having an. out-of-school suspension     2x that of other students
  • Likelihood of 17-18 year old foster youth being expelled     3 times that of other students                                                                                              

How can our chapters and members help?
Find a foster care agency in your area. It can be the local Job and Family Services, a religious organization, a hospital, or a private agency.
By Sue Eades
State Co nvent ion News

Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation
Presents Coming Attractions at the State Convention
        * Annual Meeting:     
All Alpha Delta State  members are members of  Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation and  can participate in the annual meeting.
        * BINGO:    
Relax and enjoy some Fun and Fellowship on Friday evening.
        * Breakout Sessions:    
Learn about Scholarship, Grant, and  Classroom Project Funding  from ADSOEF.
        * Photo Booth:  
        * Big "OHIO"  Basket Raffle:   
Treasures galore!
       See YOU at State Convention
The Convention is Coming!
April 13 - 15, 2018, Columbus Polaris Hilton
There is still time to submit proposals for the 
Convention Break-Out Sessions!
By Diana Kirkpatrick, Membership Chair
Membership Tip....Let Diversity Be Your Guide

Delta Kappa Gamma believes in the inherent worth and dignity of all people and recognizes that diversity and inclusion cultivates educational excellence. People are the most important asset of any organization and to succeed (and survive) in our global climate we, as an organization, must be inclusive to make the most of what each individual has to offer. 

Ohio is a state rich in diversity and it makes so much sense to reflect that diversity in our membership. 

Alpha Delta State needs the involvement of open and meaningful dialogue, offerings of distinct talent, thought and examination from a variety of  backgrounds and across the educational spectrum other words, we  need  a multicultural membership presence.  

Let us be a diverse state organization that promotes and sustains a sense of belonging....a state organization that values and practices respect for the talents, beliefs, backgrounds and ways of living of its members.  

Let diversity be your guide 
when recruiting potential chapter members!


Welcome to Alpha Delta State!
We welcome the following initiates as committed and valuable members of our state organization.  Congratulations for being selected and recognized as a key woman educator who has demonstrated leadership capabilities, inventiveness, commitment, enthusiasm and/or has proven to possess the potential for distinctive educational excellence.  We look forward to working with each of you as a contributing member of Alpha Delta State.

New Initiates
Chi - Debbie Marston and Kathleen Theiss;  Psi - Rebecca Donley;  Alpha Alpha - Merideth Buck, Karen Sly, and Lynette Seith;  Alpha Delta - Amy  L. Brown and Susan  K. Shuler;  Alpha Gamma - Mary Beth Lightle;  Alpha Theta - Karen S. Cutshall and Diane M. Hawkins;  Alpha Mu - Victoria Nurczyk;  Alpha Nu - Carola Neeley and Sally Persinger;  Alpha Xi - Christine Duke and Kim Norway;  Alpha Psi - Misty R. Hamilton;  Alpha Chi - Joy Gilmore and Arlene Schleppi;   Beta Iota - Linda S. Major;  Beta Kappa - Kim E. Jordan and Jennifer L. Paulus;  Beta Nu - Linda Kallmeyer;  Gamma Theta - Denise Hufgard, Pam Martin and Elizabeth Titler;  Gamma Iota - Rebecca A. Dingeldein, Laurie A Eppler, Christina M. Malinowsk, Donna K. Valtman and Cindy A. Vehovec;  Gamma Xi - Sylvia Miner; Gamma Phi - Andrea Davis and Elizabeth S. Midkiff;  Delta Mu - Joan B. Guroy;  Delta Phi - Tracy Saho;  Delta Theta - Kelsie O'Hanlon;  Gamma Sigma - Katrina Carpenter;  Delta Psi - Kathy Weimann; Gamma Xi - Sylvia Miner; Alpha Upsilon - Elizabeth Myers; Kappa - Jodine McKinley; Zeta - Kyleigh Niedermeier, Laura Winkler

Welcome....Glad You are Back ! (Reinstated)
Chi - Janet Schehr;  Alpha Xi - Kathy Holser and Sheri Nott

Beta Delta Scholarship Auction a Success!
By Eileen McNally
Our 15th Annual Scholarship Auction was well attended, and truly a social affair. The dinner, served by the staff at Moundbuilder's County Club, was excellent. The dessert cupcakes baked by our chapter president,  Edna Ridenbaugh , were fantastic.
Many members worked VERY hard to make this a night to remember. Three co-chairs for the committee include Karen Birtcher, Cherisse Hopper and Marti Kolb. Others on the committee include Vicki Baker, Sue Christian, Kim Dershem, Patty Denune, Sarah Ewing, Carol Floyd, Diane Green, Beth Gress, Debbie Jones, Carolyn Myers, Sandy Stoker, Sandy Turco and Louise Whitis.
Our members deserve a huge Thank You as well. Without their donating, attending, and buying, and bringing friends, our action would not happen.
Those in attendance were able to participate in a Gift Card Tree, a Silent Auction, a Chinese Auction, a 50/50 and Divide the Deck. This year's auction was another success. We cleared $4170!
During the past year, we gave awards of $1,000 each to two education majors at OSU-N as they began their student teaching assignments and were pleased to award grants of $200 each to twenty women educators in our county to purchase classroom materials or further activities in their classrooms for a total of $6,000!


President Bev Babbert, center, is surrounded by Delta Theta members w ho attended the annual Christmas Tea at the home of Zana Vincent.  Most of the members are current or retired teachers of the South-Western City School District.  Each year a Christmas Tea is held on the first Sunday in December at the home of a member.  Items are collected for service projects for the homeless and books are collected for homeless shelters and the Ronald McDonald House.


Congratulations to Sally Gillmore
Sigma, elected to the Board of Geauga County Educational Service Center.
Beta Iota  members made almost 400 rose buds and presented them with a DKG brochure  to all certified staff of Holmes County during Teacher Appreciation Week.  They are providing Mini-grants to first and second year teachers.
Rose Marie TormaEpsilon,  was inducted into the Revere Athletic Hall of Fame. Cathy Kraus received the Medina County Service to the Arts Award.  
Mary Lee Wooley was named Cloverleaf Teacher of the year.
Heather StorerAlpha Chi  (Highland, Clermont and Brown Counties), is the winner of the Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation logo contest.
Gamma Pi  is donating math and science books to The Learning Zone, an after school program in the Youngstown area.
By Dr. Norma Kirby, Chair
Dear Alpha Delta State Sisters,
The New Year is here and in the coming weeks you will be 
focusing on your plans for 2018.  

As you contemplate your philanthropic giving for 2018, please consider a new tradition this year, and contribute to the Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation.  Donations can be made in honor or memory of someone and you can choose the specific fund you wish to support as delineated on the contribution form - Scholarship, Biennial Seminar, Student Teaching Grant, Leadership, International Study, Individual/Classroom/Community Project, or Without Donor Restriction. All contributions are tax deductible.  Your contribution will provide a fellow educator the opportunity for professional and personal growth to support educational excellence in her community.  

Every act of generosity counts, and each is genuinely appreciated!
Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation Directors
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Applications are due February 1 
to the ADSOEF Scholarship Chairperson.

Mail application to:
Marilyn Slusser, Scholarship Committee Chairperson
2721 Pine Valley Court, Dayton, Ohio  45414

Need Money for Projects or Professional Growth?
Go the and use your computer bookmark to connect you to the website of the Educational Foundation of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.  Take advantage of the opportunities to apply for funds that are available to individuals and chapters.  Deadlines to apply for the funds are on or before:
  • January 3, 2018:  Up to $10,000 may be awarded to groups or individuals for projects that not only benefit children and education but also encourage intercultural understanding and educational excellence.
DKG International Scholarship Information
The Northeast Regional Scholarship Representative reminds us that the annual international scholarship application deadline is February 1.  There are up to 30 scholarships that may be awarded, $6,000 for an advanced graduate degree and $10,000 for a doctoral degree.
More information and resources is available on the home page at You must sign in as a member and then you can click on Apply/Submit and then click on Applications.  You are reminded to please be specific when answering the questions.  Good luck to you!  

Important Reminders to Chapters
Review the 2017-2018 Gold Key Application to be sure that you are meeting all the deadlines.  It is your responsibility to be aware of and meet the deadlines.
DKG International has removed Form 2, Chapter Listing of Death of Members from their website.  This will be reflected in the tallying of points for Gold Key.  It is very important that Form 6 is submitted so that your member(s) will be recognized at the Celebration of Life Ceremony.
DKG International has removed the Chapter President's Report from their website and instructed State Presidents to develop their own requesting information that is applicable and important to each state.  That form will be  sent as an email attachment to every president and will be on the state website during the first week of January.  The information will be compiled and shared with you later in the year.   
In Honor of Our Alpha Delta Sisters:

Kathleen Wallace
Beta  Delta
Vanessa Swain
Delta Alpha

~ Mark Your Calendar ~
 Alpha Delta State Conventions at Columbus Polaris Hilton
  • April 13-15, 2018
Fall Executive Board Meetings at Trinity United Methodist Church, Columbus
  • October 20, 2018
Alpha Delta State Conventions at Columbus Polaris Hilton
  • April 5 - 7, 2019   

Meier Bauer, President -  Gamma Phi- 465 Woodlands Ridge Drive Cincinnati, OH 45238 (513) 941-4461,  Email Meier

Diana Kirkpatrick, First Vice - President Alpha Delta-  554 Washington Avenue Washington CH, OH 43160-2048 (740) 335-2593,   Email Diana K.

Debby Canter, Second Vice-President - Delta Epsilon P.O. Box 143 Oak Hill, OH 45656 (740)-688-1604,  Email Debby

Diana Haskell, Treasurer -  Gamma Phi 8726 Redcloud Court Cincinnati, OH 45249-2317 Home: (513) 489-4069 Cell: (513) 607-3212,  

Karen S. Dombrowski, Recording Secretary -  Alpha Nu - 684 Manchester Circle N Pickerington, OH 43147 (614) 837-0891 (614) 563 -0495, 

Ann M. Todd, Corresponding Secretary Zeta - 3621 Butler Rd. Wakeman, OH 44889 (440)839-2069 (440) 577-5228,  Email Ann

Joyce Jones-Weinkam, Parliamentarian - Gamma Xi - E-mail: Email Joyce

Patricia Cermak, Immediate Past President - Gamma Rho - 9504 Greenhaven Parkway Brecksville, OH 44141-1607 (440) 526-8934, 

Eileen McNally, Webmaster - Beta Delta - E-Mail: Email Eileen

Margaret Archangel, Editor - Gamma Phi 4754 Hirth Hill Rd. W Grove City, OH 43123 
(513) 520-7910,  Email Margaret 

Your Editor...
All the best to all of you,
Margaret Archangel, Editor

New Members?
Changed email addresses?
Just let me know ~ Thank you!

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