June 2019 ~ Volume 91
I have written this last, final president's message so often in my mind and now that it is time to put fingers to keyboard, I find it difficult to express my thoughts to you. It is important that you know my feelings of privilege and honor to have served as your State President for the past two years. There have been significant changes we have faced as well as traditions that we have followed. If there were "do overs" and if there were more time and energy, there would be some things done differently - aren't there always?   And yet, there is also pride in having addressed changes, changes in our name, in communication, in practices and in governance. The support that you have provided to the foster care initiative has met needs of children and families in your own communities throughout the state and an opportunity for your chapter to be better known in your communities. We can all feel pride in that.
The focus throughout the biennium has been on relevance - meeting the needs of members and sustainability - growth in chapter membership. Each member, each chapter has been encouraged "To Dream - To Dare - To Do."  I encourage you to be proud of your role in education and to reaffirm your commitment to the mission and purposes of Delta Kappa Gamma. Education is vital to the well-being of each person, community, state, nation, and throughout the world. Recognize that importance and support it in your words and actions.
We can all positively impact education and the relevance and sustainability of Delta Kappa Gamma. I wish you, your chapters, and Ohio State Organization continued success. In parting, I wish to share with you a saying that I have in my home and that prompts me each day to continue dreaming, daring, and doing:

            Do not be afraid to use what talents you possess.
            The woods would be very silent if no birds sang
               except those who sang best.

Meier and daughter, Katie, are  
ready for many more adventures!
By Diana Haskell, State Treasurer

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By Debby Canter, Chair

Educational Excellence - Foster Care Initiative

When our state president, Meier Bauer, came to me almost two years ago with my assignment for this biennium, I don't think she realized how much it meant to me or even how much it would impact our members. As a parent of three adopted children who were all in foster care prior to completing our family, this has been a labor of love. I'm not even sure using the word "labor" really describes what it has meant to me. Those of you who have been in attendance during my reports know how it has impacted me because I can be extremely emotional when discussing foster care.

This initiative has been so successful because of the work that has been done on the chapter level by caring members. You have donated your time and money to make a positive impact on the children in foster care in the state of Ohio. I wish it was possible to know how many hours and the amount of money spent in both items and money donated because I believe we would be amazed at what has been accomplished. I'm sure the monetary amount has been in the thousands and has benefited hundreds maybe thousands of children in foster care.

I want to say thank you to Meier for her vision and leadership in this initiative and for the impressive programming on foster care at the last two state conventions. I believe having the state project focused on our individual communities has given our members the drive to make a difference.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the foster care initiative and I hope you continue to support the children in need in your communities.


P.S. Check out the video from Good Morning America: 
Sesame Street introduces Karli, a Muppet in foster care who lives with her foster parents. Special thanks to Bev Babbert, Delta Theta Chapter in Grove City for sharing this with us. Click below:

By Diana Kirkpatrick, Chair
Celebration of Life Service 2019

We celebrate and remember the brilliance of their light...

While a dear one has gone, there's a responsibility to share,
Now we carry the light, knowing they are still there.
For the light from another has not been extinguished,
Rather, transferred to others, never to be relinquished.
                                    -Stephanie Davey, Alpha Delta

Alpha Delta State - Lois Eva Thomas; Gamma - Jean W. Reilly; Delta - Mary Louise Fisher *; Epsilon - Hildegarde Bender; Zeta - Freda Stafford; Theta - Jean Hiestand; Mu - Susan Lehtonen Crawford; Pi - Gaylee Marie Foley; Sigma - Marianne Fulop; P hi - Betty Sibley Watts Wetterau; Chi - Lynda Combs, Nina Miller;         Psi - Lillian F. Griffin,           Idora Kimbro; Alpha Alpha - Marcella Lee Strong; Alpha Delta - Avanell Beekman Zimmerman; Alpha Zeta - Gwen Addy; Alpha Theta - Marlene K. Baldwin, Dorothy Daniel,             Ruth Merry Tisher; Alpha Iota - Kathryn M. Spillman*; Alpha Mu - Margery Lecrone Gregg *, Cicely Worthington **; Alpha Nu - Jean Schromme,  Veneta Thropp ***; Alpha Pi - Emily Hennell, Valjean A. Knerr *; Alpha Sigma - Fannie L. Dauterman     ; Alpha Chi - Betty Leiwig; Alpha Psi - Shirley D. Knox, June E. Scott;             Beta Alpha - Sarah A. Moshier, Marjorie I. Payne; Beta Delta - Joan Nickel **; Beta Kappa - Patricia Ann Heckler, Marianne Lauterbur Helmlinger **, Vera M. Schwartz; Beta Lambda - Marilyn R. Allen; Beta Nu - Mary H. Jordan *, Mary M. Ulrich; Beta Xi - Carol A. Soberano; Beta Chi - Madeline Bradford; Beta Psi - Barbara Jean Grayson, Shirley Ann Wightman *; Gamma Beta - Virginia M. Hart; Gamma Delta - Barbara Ann Polek, Mary Van Cleve; Gamma Eta - Marvimil S. Nankovitch #, Bobbie Stern; Gamma Theta - Jane Sampson; Gamma Iota - Nan Golden, Wendy Moorhead; Gamma Lambda - Martha Keisler; Gamma Mu - Marilyn Perry *; Gamma Nu - Jeanne E. Luddy #*; Gamma Rho - Kathleen Kerzman; Gamma Sigma - Sarah Elizabeth Cooperider #*; Gamma Upsilon - Shirley J. Kuzio Graham; Gamma Phi - Wanda J. McCollum; Delta Alpha - Mildred A. Allred,       Ann E. Randolph #; Delta Theta - Diane Marie Getz, Alma Riley; Delta Mu - Wanda Neudorder-Pack; Delta Phi - Martha Jean Main #; Delta Chi - Jo Ann Beamer #; Delta Psi - Karen Louise Grob                                                 

#       Charter Member                         *     Fifty Year Member
                  **     Sixty Year Member                       ***     Seventy Year Member                          

 Dr. Norma Kirby, Chair

Ohio State Organization (OSO) members attending Convention 2019 honored the program services of Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation by participating in the Gifts of He ART fundraiser. Thank you to everyone for your support and investment in our Foundation's mission and purposes. This fundraiser raised $1,275.00.

Thank you to our in-kind donors who provided their gifts of HeART
  • Artist Patricia Cermak donated her original-design Scarlet Gray Bunny and a bottle of wine. 
  • Artist Katie Gantz donated her original-design necklace made of freshwater pearls, Miyuki Japanese seed beads, and hand-hammered brass pendants and closure. 
  • Dr. Norma Kirby donated a Santa wall/door hanging, Snowman hanging, OSU apron, and Wittich's chocolate Buckeyes. 
  • Kathy McClendon donated an autumn table runner and trivet created by Sharon Hill, Zeta Chapter. 
  • Jane Meese donated Santa and snowman books and a bottle of wine. 
  • Marilyn Slusser donated hand-forged sterling silver medallions created by an anonymous donor. 
  • Meier Bauer donated a rose quartz and gold necklace, created by Katie Gantz, and a rose ornament.

Recipients of donated items are 
Abbey Bolton, Theta; Jeanne Bennett, Alpha Gamma; Norma Frederick, Kappa; Juanita Baker, Omicron; Kathy McClendon, Zeta; Katie Gantz, Gamma Phi; and Barb Zirke, Alpha Psi. 


Project Recipients

The Scholarship Committee was asked to create an application for a grant that would enhance an individual/classroom/chapter or community project. This was launched in October 2018 with applications due by February 1, 2019. Fortunately, the Committee received two applications in this first year.

Alpha Psi Chapter requested $818.30 to supplement their
Read to Succeed, a summer reading project that supports approximately 40 students in grades K-9. The goal of the project is to improve reading retention of knowledge and skills in reading and writing for low-income children.

The second project was submitted by two teachers from Tau Chapter.  They asked for $394.00 to bring cursive writing into their classroom in the fall of 2019.  They will be teaching two classes, 60 students, the reading and writing of cursive.  Thus, their goal is to have their students to be able to read and write both cursive and manuscript information.  They feel this is important when writing and reading historical documents.

Each project leader will submit a written evaluation of their project to the ADSOEF Board of Directors upon completion. We are eager to learn about and share with all members the success of these two projects.


Members and friends attending the Birthday Luncheon at Convention 2019 provided generous support for our Educational Foundation's program services. At that event, we met educators for whom Foundation funds are already making a difference in their teaching and learning lives. Choosing to keep our program services vital and ongoing, luncheon attendees provided monetary support for future beneficiaries.

Without Donor Restriction: $2,055.00
Esther H. Strickland Student Teaching Grant: $865.00
Individual/Classroom/Community Project Fund: $745.00
Annie Webb Blanton Scholarship (OSO members): $395.00
A. Margaret Boyd International Study Fund: $150.00
Biennial Seminar: $70.00
Leadership Memorial: $25.00
TOTAL: $4,305.00
In addition to Birthday Luncheon gifts, we also raised $1,275.00 at the Foundation raffle.

Thank you to each and everyone who provides funding that supports our educators' influence, reaches into eternity, and touches the future 
of countless learners.


80th Anniversary Celebration
~ Kappa and Lambda Chapters ~

November 1938 - The Beginning of Chapters Kappa and Lambda  

Pamela Henney, president of Lambda chapter, and Kappa co-presidents Norma Frederick and Dorothy Blackburn welcomed members and guests in a joint celebration to commemorate this noteworthy occasion.  A program focused on the life and writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder, a biography and photos of each of the twelve founders of Delta Kappa Gamma Society. A Founders' Day luncheon was enjoyed by all.
Our thoughts are with those who sustained injuries and damage to homes and schools in the recent tornadoes.  The DKG Emergency Fund is available for those who need assistance following a natural disaster.  Please let us know if we can help.
Good wishes to Diana Kirkpatrick and her Leadership Team on a Successful Biennium, 2019 - 2021

President Diana Kirkpatrick

Flora Acker Epsilon March 25, 2019
Dr. Karen Ruemping Beta Psi April 15, 2019
Janette Snyder Gamma Alpha February 17, 2019

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June 18 - 20, 2019 - Biennial Seminar
Embassy Suites Blue Ash
Cincinnati, OH

June 27 - 29 - International Conference
Crowne Plaza Golf & Tennis Resort
Asheville, NC

August 29 - September 1
DKG Santa Fe Trip


Meier Bauer,  Gamma Phi  

First Vice President/Membership Chair:
Diana Kirkpatrick Alpha Delta  

Second Vice President/Educational Excellence:
Debby Canter,  Delta Epsilon 

Re cording Secretary/Gold Key Coordinator:  
Karen S. Dombrowski,  Alpha Nu  
Corresponding Secretary
Communications and Marketing Committee Chair:
Ann Todd,  Zeta 

Nominations Committee Chair:
Tammy Schroeder,  Beta Eta

Diana Haskell,  Gamma Phi 

Joyce Jones-Weinkam, Gamma Xi

Immediate Past President:
Patricia Cermak,  Gamma Rho

Scholarship & Grants Chair:
Marilyn Slusser, Delta Kappa

Eileen McNally , Beta Delta 

Editor, The Voice:
Margaret Archangel, Delta Theta

Your Editor...
All the best to all of you,
Margaret Archangel, Editor

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