Volume 96 - Issue 3 | September 2023

Cathy Tenney, Editor

A Message From

OSO President Melodie McGee

Greetings. . .It's a beautiful day today in our OSO Delta Kappa Gamma Society neighborhood!

We are now at the beginning of our fall school year, the month of September! It’s time for students as well as instructors of different instructional levels to Recapture their zeal to embrace, empower, and encourage learning opportunities for exploration.

Soon adult learners will be returning to classes to begin/complete their HSE (High School Equivalency) goals, families will be taking their young adults back to university/college campuses, high school students, middle schoolers as well as elementary learners and preschoolers will be returning to their different classroom journeys.

During the month of September, as Ohio State Organization Delta Kappa Gamma Society sisters, let’s spend time focusing on Recapturing the value and meaning of women educators and their needs in our Delta Kappa Gamma Society Chapters; retaining individuals who have become OSO chapter members; and reintroducing former members back into The Delta Kappa Gamma Society.

Melodies’ Meaningful Memoirs…

In the August edition of The Voice, I made an appeal for one more chair position that was still available. Well, I am very excited to report, that I didn’t have to  watch and wait in the Delta Kappa Gamma Society OSO rose garden for a  day or even a whole night for a willing worker rose to Respond to this service request. A willing worker responded to the call of service and bloomed in the OSO rose garden, early the next morning on August 1, right after  the August edition of The Voice was sent!

Thank you, Sharon Scheidegger from Beta Delta Chapter, for saying yes and serving as our OSO Legislative Advocate Liaison U.N. and U.S. Forum, Chair. Our OSO committee chairs are now 100% complete!

Our OSO Fall Executive Board Meeting will be held on September 30, 2023, and all of the OSO  chapter presidents will receive the detailed information about the new initiative. Our OSO chairs will also be presenting their DKG strategy plans for 2023-2024.


During the Executive Board Meeting we will also be recognizing and awarding the following OSO Chapters that participated in our 2022--2023 OSO Membership Shuttle Initiative and reported from their Membership Shuttle Sites. (Chapter presidents from the chapters listed below need to be present to receive recognition for their chapters.)

Alpha Eta

Alpha Xi

Beta Upsilon

Beta Zeta



Delta Mu

Delta Kappa

Gamma Lambda

Gamma Iota

Gamma Phi

Gamma Pi

Gamma Sigma

Gamma Theta


The chapter that had the most OSO members, who were launched in their chapter overall from all categories, will be awarded a Surprise Award recognition.

We’re looking forward to seeing our OSO chapter presidents along with other related personnel at our  Executive Board Meeting on September 30, 2023, at New Hope Church 4739 Powell Rd.  Powell, Ohio 43065.

Until then . . . Let’s continue to . . .

“May each of you have a bouquet of red roses in your lives every day…”

Is your chapter located close to a university with an education degree program? Does your local school district have student teachers? If you can answer yes to either of these questions you may just have the largest and most important group of potential members in your backyard! Undergraduates, enrolled within the last two years of their education degree, or graduate students should be sought after and looked at critically as prospective members. 

They are eager to begin teaching and open to learning their craft. DKG can be a powerful influence. Schedule a time to talk to young women who are on college/university campuses where you live. Take them the brochure A Journey for Life and ask them to share this with others they know in their education classes. Ask college/university faculty if you may leave some of these free brochures in their student teaching and advising offices. You can get the brochures from DKG International for just the price of postage. Put your chapter name and contact information on the back of the brochure so students can reach out to you. Invite them to your meetings and events. Encourage them to apply for DKG scholarships. 

We have an opportunity to support Collegiate Members during those final crucial years with mentoring and networking from DKG key women educators. In turn, we will build up our membership and help develop future DKG leaders. 

Michele Maniskas, Alpha Xi

First Vice President

Membership Chair

Evelyn Ferguson


Barbara Blair


Cindy Ferritto

Alpha Theta

Sharon Stannard

Alpha Sigma

Ruby J. Hawkins

Alpha Omega

Joyce Wexler

Beta Lambda

Karen L. Bensonhaver

Beta Rho

Deborah A. Davis

Beta Chi

Nancy K. Aulf

Gamma Phi

OSO-DKG Financial Update

July 1 - July 31, 2023

Statement of Financial Activity





Net Income


Statement of Financial Position




$ 399.00

Net Assets


Gamma Iota Chapter

Janet L. Algier

Ellen Mary Dolence

Cindy L. Harris

Karen A. Trunk

Gamma Sigma

Alicia Clouse

Delta Chi

Stephanie Walker

Chapter Scholarships and Grants Awarded in 2022 – 2023

One purpose of Delta Kappa Gamma is to endow scholarships. Ohio members, through their chapters, fulfill this purpose and Ohio State Organization impacted education through President’s Project Grants. 

Chapter membership challenge: Have you invited the grant recipients from your chapter to an Orientation Meeting? If not, you should. The award winners already know something important about Delta Kappa Gamma. Share the honor and privilege of membership with outstanding educators. Grow the Society by growing your chapter.

Diana Haskell, State Treasurer

Number of chapters awarding scholarships to members in 2022-2023

Number of chapter scholarships awarded members in 2022-2023

Aggregate value of chapter scholarships awarded members in 2022-2023




Number of chapters awarding grants to non-members in 2022-2023

Number of chapter grants awarded to non-members in 2022-2023

Aggregate value of chapter grants awarded to non-members in





Number Ohio State Organization grants awarded to non-members by President Debby Canter in 202-2023

Aggregate value of Ohio State Organization grants awarded to non-members by President Debby Canter in 2022-2023




112 awards to members and non-members

$57,705 supported education by Ohio chapters and the President's Project

Upcoming Dates to Remember

September 15, 2023

Arts & Humanities Gallery Submissions

for the 2023 Fall Gallery Due

September 15, 2023

International Speakers Fund Speaker Application Due

September 30, 2023

Fall Executive Board Meeting

September 30, 2023

All dues must be entered in the portal to avoid members

being dropped October 1, 2023

News From Ohio Chapters

Gamma Xi Chapter members went to lunch at Ford's Garage in Norwood followed by a tour of Cincinnati Music Hall. Pictured are Joyce, Maureen, Judy, Ellen, Lisa, Kathie, Julie, Connie and a guest.

Kappa Chapter members attended Charlotte Leeth’s 95th birthday open house.  Kappa members pictured are Teresa Harris, Ann Frisch, Sandy Berry, Charlotte Leeth, Bonnie Eyestone, Cindy Lupton and Shirley Spitler.  Charlotte will be visiting an orphanage in Ukraine that she has been involved with during the month of September.

Delta Mu Chapter held a Mystery Trip and found themselves at the Schott for a tour of the facilities.

Alpha Phi Chapter enjoyed their summer outing to Ellie’s Restaurant, Mills Park Hotel in Yellow Springs.  Left side of table (front to back): Kaye Senter, Karen Shonkwiler, Anna Cates, Denise Shaneyfelt, and Bryanne Peck. Right side (front to back): Jyl Dwyer, Rhea Young, Robin Prewitt, Carole Haines, and Linda Parker.

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