Volume 94 - Issue 11 |May 2022

Cathy Tenney, Editor
News from Ohio State Organization
"Everyone has a life purpose, and the key to your life purpose is following your passion, which consumes a lot of time." - Doreen Virtue
Ten Things to Consider for Leadership Conference

There is no state convention this year. We need to conduct business that is usually carried out at a state convention. 

This is a new event. Please be patient as we try to create a format that will appeal to all members.

This is saving time and money. By combining executive board and chapter leadership training at one location, we are reducing expenses and time spent traveling.                   

Training for new chapter officers will help you in your leadership role. The Admin Team will provide you with needed information to assist you in guiding your chapter during your biennium. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions. 

There is no charge for the executive board meeting. Those members only attending the 9 am meeting will not be obligated to pay the $7 fee. Note: At the state convention, a registration fee of at least $40 is required for attending part or all of the weekend’s events.

The Executive Board Meeting fulfills the Gold Key requirement. In addition to fulfilling a requirement, there are several motions that will need to be considered. 

Time will be provided for team planning. Incoming and outgoing officers will have time to work together to create a plan for the next biennium. 

The luncheon cost is actually very reasonable for a hotel event. We realize that you can get a meal somewhere else for less money, but this price includes services and is still less than many other hotels.

Participants will hear about important updates from International. Our DKG International representative is Connie Rensink, member-at-large. She will also lead one of the breakout sessions after lunch.

And finally, ice cream. Enough said!

I hope each of you will consider coming to all or part of this event and enjoy the spirit in which this was intended to provide. Take time for socializing, learning, and enjoying our special sisterhood. 

New Chapter Officer Leadership Training
New chapter officers who will be attending the Leadership Training on Friday, June 10 will need to download to your laptop or tablet and/or print the Go-To-Guide prior to the Leadership Training. The Go-To-Guide will be referred to throughout the training.
Attention Chapter Presidents
Form 110 Reporting of 2022-2024 Chapter Officers needs to be sent to OSO President Debby Canter by May 15, 2022, and to International by July 1, 2022.

Remembering Our Lost Sisters
May 15, 2022 - Form 110 - 2022-2024 Chapter Officer Report Due
Send to OSO President Debby Canter
Form 110 (word format)
Form 110 (pdf format)
Passport Recording Form Due
Registration for the Leadership Conference Due

May 18, 2022 - Chapter Programs Virtual Forum @ 7 p.m.
OSO Communications and Marketing Committee

June 10-11, 2022 - Leadership Conference
New Chapter Presidents' Training
OSO Executive Board Meeting
ADSOEF Annual Meeting
Dublin Embassy Suites

June 15, 2022 - President's Annual Chapter Report Due
Two Chapter Newsletters Due (see Gold Key Reminders)

July 1, 2022 - Form 110 - 2022-2024 Chapter Officers
Due to International

July 12-16, 2022 - DKG International Convention
New Orleans
Volunteers Needed
Cindy Lawyer, Alpha Psi Chapter of DKG-OSO, will be the Game Master at the OSO Leadership Conference, June 10-11, 2022, Embassy Suites, in Dublin, OH. Cindy would appreciate volunteers interested in creating a fun night by helping to organize/oversee a game table. Please contact her at clawyer27@gmail.com or call 740-607-3552 and leave a message. 
Pat Lewis is conducting Alpha Phi's annual drawing for Schools for Africa with Carol Haines drawing names of the lucky winners.
Alpha Phi members Bryanne Peck and Robin Prewitt measure and cut material for blankets the chapter makes for Foster Care children.
Alpha Phi members Robin Prewitt, Anna Cates, Carol Haines and Linda Beaver work creating blankets for the Foster Care children of Greene, Warren, and Clinton counties. 
Kyra Zuspan is pictured with Deborah Kerwood, Beta Alpha Secretary. As guest speaker, Kyra shared how she was able to attend classes at a traditional Japanese school and experience daily life living with a Japanese family through the Ohio 4-H International Program.   
All Cruises Must Come to An End…
It’s Now Time for 
Our OSO “Member” SHIP to
Dock at Port Ohio
All Membership Chairs please go to our OSO DKG Website located at dkgohio.org on the Membership Site from May 1 through May 15, 2022, and look for the “Passport Recording Form, fill it out, then email it back to first.vp@dkgohio.org no later than May 15, 2022, so that your OSO Chapter can be registered, recognized, and awarded possibly with the “Grand Surprise!”

Melodie McGee, Gamma Nu
OSO Membership Chair
The Communications and Marketing Committee is getting ready to put together a video for the school year end and we need help from our members who are actively teaching.

We would like for you to send us pictures of various end of school year tasks that you do. Please do not include children in the pictures as we will not be able to use those pictures. Pictures need to be submitted no later than June 1. Use the link below to submit your pictures and be sure to include your name and chapter.
Alpha Iota President Pam Todd recognizes Lois Chandler for her 65 years as a DKG member.
Dan Gromada spoke to Alpha Omega about the importance of organ donations.
Beta Chi welcomed three new members Nicole Storey, Holly McNees, and Hope Collins.  Beta Chi officers pictured are Katie Hank, Membership Chair; Mary Bumstead, President; and Carrie Sinkele, Secretary.
Left: Beta Eta member Diana Wehri shares her talent creating alcohol ink plastic eggs at their April meeting. Middle: Kris Dobbelaerre, Karen Okuley and Judy Ruen decorate their Easter eggs using the alcohol ink. Right: Working on decorating their Easter eggs are Beta Eta members Marcia Wiebe, Marilyn Thomas and Mary Collins.
Beta Chapter of Ashland County met at the Ashland Theological Seminary for a program entitled “Passion for the Past – An Archaeological Journey”.  Members were lead on a tour of the Holy Land using artifacts as old as 6,000 B.C.E.
More About Indonesia
Now that you have met Darmini and Emma, let’s learn a little more about Indonesia. According to Darmini, “Indonesia has many islands with their diverse cultures. People usually moved from one island to the other to make a better life. My parents are (originally) from Bali and they moved to Sulawesi Island 40 years ago." 

According to Britannica.com - the Indonesian archipelago (a group of islands) is a very unusual area. It encompasses a major juncture of Earth’s tectonic plates - the Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate. Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru are two active volcanoes in Eastern Java.

Indonesia is an economic and cultural crossroads and is active in numerous trade and security organizations: ASEAN, OPEC, and the UN.

Jeanne Bennett, Alpha Gamma
World Fellowship Chair
The Flame Burns Brightly

Thanks to your donations we have exceeded the original goal for
‘Be the Spark… Light our Flame’

The total as of April 30, 2022, is 

Let’s keep it going!

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