SEMAP is dedicated to preserving and expanding access to local food and sustainable farming in southeastern Massachusetts through research and education.
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I am excited to be hired as the new Executive Director of the Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership. I realize it’s the traditional thing to say, but when I have such a tapestry of farms and diverse array of farmers across the region to work with, it is amazingly true. After the first six weeks on the job, talking to farmers across Norfolk, Bristol, and Plymouth counties, I have begun the groundwork necessary to represent and promote farming and local food production in our part of the state. I can see the diversity of needs and levels of experience. 

I bring to the job a passion for agriculture as well as 25 years of organizational experience. Working for non-profit scientific organizations, I have a diverse array of management skills and a ‘big picture’ understanding of agriculture and the environment in a global context.   Click here to continue reading.
1/12 + 1/14 -- Making it Happen: Profitability and Success, Lowell and Worcester, MA
1/16 -- NOFA/Mass Winter Conference, Worcester State University, Worcester, MA
1/23 -- Meet Your Local Farmer, Westport Grange, Westport, MA
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