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Issue: No. 1September 2012
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Airforce Ancestors
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Calling all history teachers!
3 Day WW1 tribute
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Welcome to the very first edition of the 'The Runner...' e-newsletter from Military Research UK.

Here at Research Towers we have been toying with the idea of a newsletter for a while, however we have put it off until we had enough interesting things to say. You are busy, and get enough emails already, and we are busy too, but with the centenary of the First World War on our horizon there is a lot of activity going on and general interest in all things military history is beginning to increase, so we thought the timing was right.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter, we want it to be interesting and informative. We will not use it just to flog our services (although there will be one shameless plug per edition!), instead we want you to read it and raise your eye brow in a 'ooh I didn't realise that...'  kind of way. We are very open to suggestions for content, and even for reader contributions. This is your newsletter, written for you, so don't be shy - let us know what you like or don't like.

Welcome, then, to The Runner...
Researching your Airforce Ancestors
Tips and tricks to uncover your RFC & RAF family heroes.

2012 saw the 100th anniversary of the inception of the Royal Flying Corps, so we thought it was a good time to write a few words on how best to go about researching your RFC & RAF ancestors. From a research point of view there are a number of different things that can be looked into, including service records, medal records, casualty records, and flight logs... Read this blog post to start uncovering your aviation heroes...


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facebook logo If you are a Facebook user, then why not have a look at our new Facebook page? With over 1,400 friends it is a lively page with lots going on. We post random stories covering a multitude of topics: from the latest auction news, new archaeological finds, research tips to upcoming plans to celebrate the WW1 centenary. 

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Calling all history teachers!!
Free 'TheGreatWar100' infographic poster for school history depts.

If you are a history teacher in a secondary school then we may have something that interests you... Following on from the success of our WW1 infographics app we have printed a short run of full size posters of our overview infographic that would look great in any history department!


The posters are sized to fit on the back of a door and include the entire strip of graphics that are portrayed on the website. We believe strongly that it is vitally important that future generations are aware and knowledgeable about WW1, and we also believe that infographics and other interactive learning guides can play an important role in educating kids. This is why we are willing to give away our posters to schools and colleagues.


So, if you are a history teacher and think one of these infographic posters would be a good addition to your faculty or department then simply get in touch with us and we will send your poster!


3-day tribute to mark WW1 centenary
PM  to announce  3 special days of remembrance in Britain

According to a recent newspaper article, Britain will hold three special days of remembrance to mark the centenary of World War One.


The days that have been pencilled in are:  4th August, 2014 (centenary of the beginning of the war), 1st July, 2016 (centenary of the 1st day of the battle of the Somme), and November 11, 2018 - breaking with tradition that only the ends of wars are celebrated.

The triple tribute is part of early preparations being closely overseen by David Cameron which will focus on "remembrance, youth and education".


Very welcome news, I am sure you will all agree... Let's just hope that these days, and indeed the whole run up to the centenary is carried out with dignity and used to remember the past correctly;  to educate people, (especially kids) about what happened and why it happened, rather than becoming a cheap PR stunt for politicians....

Shameless Plug
A few months ago we launched an 'app' for iPad/iPhone and Android devices. The Great War 100 app is a pre-cursor to a book due to be published in 2014, and attempts to tell the story of the First World War using infographics. Currently there are over 100 separate graphics available, with more being added all the time via free updates.

Download iOS app
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Price �1.49
That's about it for this first ever e-newsletter from Military Research UK, we hope you have enjoyed reading it and found something of interest!

Scott Addington
Military Research UK