March 30, 2023
The Value of One Life
Dear CRC Volunteer,

I began last week with an interview, and ended it with two funerals.

I asked the volunteer applicant why he wanted to be part of the CRC team. He told me that as an Encinitas resident, he had multiple interactions with unsheltered individuals, and with one in particular. This one man had spoken so highly of CRC staff, volunteers and its services to him, that the other man wanted to learn more. He wanted to be part of the good work being done.

We hear so many stories like this, of people who regain hope, and dignity, and safety and shelter. People who receive food, and counseling and a much needed warm greeting.

The funerals I attended provided time for mourning, but also for introspection and the celebration of lives well-lived. As volunteers, you have chosen to live your life, at least in part, in the service of others.

You may sort and stock food, or sweep the Resale Store. You might stamp envelopes or join in a committee meeting or ride on the truck to pick up food donations. You might help a client shop for their weekly groceries or represent CRC at a community event. All of those things are connected to our mission and all of those might matter in a life-changing way for one person.

Our deepest gratitude for the many ways you serve with us!

Sara Rosenbaum, CVA
CRC Volunteer Manager
Volunteer News
Track Those Hours!
I was once that CRC Volunteer....the one who didn't keep track of her hours. I figured I didn't need "credit" for my hours and it didn't really matter. Now that I am on staff here at CRC, I realize that while volunteers may not always need credit for hours, our organization does.

Volunteer hours are used to show potential donors that the community supports our efforts through their time. They can be given a monetary value (although we all know that ultimately, your support is priceless!): California values a volunteer's time at $35.56/hour, as calculated by Independent Sector for the State of California: This shows our financial supporters and grant funders a more realistic picture of the true "cost" of running our services. And, they can be used to encourage the staff team. If you currently volunteer for CRC and do not keep track of your hours, please begin to do so! If you don't know how to do it, email the Volunteer Manager for instructions. Thank you!
Redeemer Church Young Adults Give Back
On Sunday, March 26th, a group of young adults from Redeemer Church came out to deep clean the Food and Nutrition Center.

David Ip, who coordinated the volunteer activity, writes: "We all had a great time! It was definitely a great opportunity to see how order and cleanliness can make such a big impact in making someone feel loved and welcomed. We hope it will be a blessing to everyone who walks into the food pantry this week!"

Weekend opportunities like these create ways for those who work during the week to get involved in CRC's mission. There is currently a once-a-month Food Pantry and Resale Store group opportunity available. To learn more, contact the CRC Volunteer Manager.
Ambassadors Bring CRC to the Community
Thank you to Eileen Zimmerman and Karen Koblentz for heading out to St. Peter's Church in Del Mar on March 26th to represent CRC.

Karen states, "I love to attend these types of events! They remind me that our community is in constant collaboration to help find services and make life better for all. Plus, I love all that CRC does and it is a privilege to represent them when I can."
Did You Know?
CRC Volunteers get a discount at our three resale stores! All current, active volunteers get a discount at the store. Just bring your name badge or a current CRC Volunteer email to the store, and enjoy a 25% off discount! You will also be supporting our mission, keeping items out of the landfills, and bringing new treasures home! Win-Win-Win.
CRC loves employee referrals! This is not just a rewarding place to volunteer, but it is also a great place to work! If you know of anyone who would be a good fit for any of our employment opportunities, please refer them to our website page for more information. *Have them let us know you sent them!
Volunteer of the Month
Congratulations to CRC's Volunteers of the Month: Capital Campaign Co-Chairs, Maddie Alschuler and Anne Daigle!

Anne Daigle and Maddie Altschuler are Board members who have been helping guide our capital campaign fundraising from the beginning by Co-Chairing the committee that lead our efforts to buy the building next door.

They both continue in their leadership roles by Co-Chairing the Capital Campaign Steering Committee.

Anne has volunteered at Holiday Baskets and is a longstanding volunteer in CRC’s food and nutrition center. She also serves on the Program Committee. Anne has been instrumental in making sure our communications focus on how the new building will benefit our clients, staff and volunteers, and in doing outreach to community members to introduce them to CRC’s mission and programs, resulting in more funding for the campaign.

Maddie’s volunteer leadership of CRC’s philanthropy programs began before the campaign when Maddie chaired the Board’s Marketing and Development Committee where she continues as a member. Her input on both committees has helped keep our communications clear and focused, to ensure our messaging resonates with all sectors of our community.

Thank you to Anne and Maddie for their commitment to CRC, our mission and our community!

If you’d like to learn more about CRC’s capital campaign, how you can support our shared vision for a new campus, and what naming opportunities are available, please visit the campaign website or send an email to

Get Involved
Volunteer Openings
Volunteer Fresh Rescue Truck Driver Support
We have an opening for volunteers to ride along with our truck driver to provide assistance. This role requires someone who can lift 25-50 pounds multiple times in a few hours, enjoys riding in large trucks, and can keep up with our staff banter. Openings are on Wednesdays and Fridays, 7:40 am - noon. If interested, email our Volunteer Manager.
Youth Advisory Board
The Volunteer Program is currently putting together a Youth Advisory Board. If you are 16-20 and are interested in helping share our mission, develop leadership skills, and provide valuable perspective to our team, email the Volunteer Manager for an application.
CRC Tea Tickets and Volunteer Openings
You're invited to our spring fundraiser featuring a silent auction, raffle, informational program and great food and drink.

Saturday, April 15
Fairbanks Ranch Country Club

Volunteer Needs for the Tea: We have a limited number of volunteer opportunities. For more information, contact our scheduling assistant.
What's Your Story?
If you have a good story of volunteering, please share with me at volunteer@crcncc.orgI can include those stories in future newsletters as an encouragement to our team.  
Let Us Know
If you know of anyone in need of food, housing or shelter, please pass along this link to information on how we can help: Get Help - Community Resource Center (
Community Resource Center
(760) 230-6501| |