In case you missed the live Webinar, visit the link below! AB 2098 is hitting the floor Monday to vote. This bill will destroy the doctor-patient relationship and break down our healthcare system as we know it. Hear the details about AB 2098 and how you can take action from Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and Tara Thornton & Denise Aguilar from Freedom Angels!
If passed, CA AB 2098 will be the downfall of the medical system in California. Dr. Aaron Kheriaty will be the lead expert witness and provide opposition testimony at Monday's Senate Committee Hearing. Call your representatives TODAY and urge them to vote NO on this bill!
Dr. Pierre Kory, Pulmonologist, ICU Critical Care Doctor, and co-founder and President of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).
Dr. Kory has been at the forefront of speaking out for medical freedoms and exposing the truth of COVID-19 protocols and vaccine safety. 
You can watch, listen and subscribe to the podcasts at the links below:
The Unity Project & Politics and the Pulpit on KHTS Radio
Take three minutes to listen to one man clearly lay out everything wrong with the FDA recommending jabs for children under five.
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There are too many people in this state who still do not know about these upcoming bills set to be heard in the next few weeks! These horrible bills will change everything for you and your family if passed in CA. Share with everyone you know and make sure they understand what could happen, call your legislators,
DO NOT be silent!
Write to your legislators!
Please keep calling and sending letters. The link above will take you to where to contact legislators!
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