A Note from Scott and Marsha
May 16, 2019
Ok. Y'all! I have another snake story. I know! I know! You are tired of reading about snakes. They are creepy and there are other things you would rather read about. But here's the thing. It is Central NC and the reality is--there are snakes. Get over it. You just have to be on the lookout and you're good. Doug, our designer and Squishy's dad (Squishy pictured here...OMG...how adorable is he?!?!), left one afternoon and came running back in. 

He said something like, "There is a HUGE copperhead outside!! I almost stepped on it! I could have died! If I hadn't been juggling my Tupperware and my sister hadn't called me at that moment and made me look down at my phone, I wouldn't have seen it. That's a $30k bite! We gotta do something about it." 

I'm like, "Shotgun?"  

Let me break this down for you:
1. I love a man willing to take care of his Tupperware and take it home to be cleaned. 
2. I love a man willing to take his sister's call at any moment. That's just real love. 
3. I can appreciate the fiscally responsible and immediate concern of how a snake bite or any accident can impact the bottom line. 
4. His reaction let me know this was a big deal.  

We all walk outside, grabbing shovels and such. I'm ready to film because you know we can't do anything of excitement without catching it on film. I mean, we could be a YouTube - TODAY show sensation. We hunt down the worm ... I mean snake. No, I mean worm. It was like 12" long.  

I was like: Blink . Blink . "Seriously?" 

His response: "A snake bite is a snake bite."  

And there you have it. Come buy some plants. Watch where you walk wherever you go. Wash your Tupperware. Peace out.  
If you need an annual that will stand up to the summer heat and possible drought (although after last year's heavy rain, you may ask, "What's a drought?!"), Angelonia is the perfect choice! Not only is it heat and drought tolerant, it does not require deadheading, but will bloom its heart out. Just like any of your flowers, you still want to give Angelonia the love (water, fertilizer) it deserves, and it will be a great performer!
Vinca is also an excellent choice for a heat and drought tolerant plant. It loves full sun all day long, and when it goes too long without water, the leaves get wilty and let you know. The deep green foliage and colorful blooms will keep you and your garden happy. Vinca also does not need dead-heading, and will do great all summer long! Sometimes this resilient annual will behave like a perennial and come back! No guarantees! :)
Lantana can be found in both our annual and perennial sections. Whether you choose the annual or the perennial variety, you will be glad you chose it, period! Lantana, just like Vinca and Angelonia, is heat and drought tolerant, and--you guessed it--no deadheading required. This mounding beauty will fill your garden with beautiful blooms and foliage that will last all summer (and until the first frost of the year.)

THIS Saturday, May 18, 2019 

This program will focus on conditions required to successfully grow herbs, and will include some veggies and flowers to tuck in for combination plantings. We will look at year round options and try to adapt our suggestions to your specific situation.
Presenters: Lynne Nelson and Faye McNaul, Durham County Extension Master Gardeners

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