With profound gratitude, we're thrilled to share some exciting news! Thanks to the generosity of Mary Pat Burke and her family's extraordinary $5 million investment, we are propelled toward realizing our vision of a Health and Wellness center on our campus. This transformative gift not only accelerates our progress but also honors the memory of Kenneth Burke, a beloved figure in our community. The Burke Pavilion will stand as a testament to Ken's passion for education and sports, particularly basketball, forever etching his legacy into our institution.
The center will feature a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a health clinic with dental chairs, medical suites, and a laundromat which will serve our students and their families.
Thanks to the Burke family and all of our generous benefactors - together, we are transforming generations!

1. Can you tell us about what inspired you to make this generous investment? Ken was born into, and raised in, a working-class family. His Dad immigrated from Ireland, and his parents always had to work hard to maintain a steady upbringing for Ken and his four siblings. No matter how much success Ken achieved in his life, he always took great pride in where he came from geographically, philosophically, and financially. The ability to give a generous gift came from Ken. The inspiration to invest in those that need more than they have came from Ken. The idea to avoid accumulating wealth for the sake of accumulating wealth came from Ken. This was a wonderful opportunity to invest in a cause and demographic that Ken would have connected with very directly.   

2. What personal experiences or values influenced your decision to support this particular cause? Ken had a big heart for all people and embodied the idea that “if you can carry your own cross, help others carry theirs”. That value meant he never felt compelled to give financial support to anybody unless they needed it. The Burke family first became aware of Cristo Rey in 2011 when Amanda Burke taught math at Cristo Rey Jesuit in Chicago. When we heard the Orosz family was taking the lead on bringing Cristo Rey to Orlando, that was a direct connection. We knew we were being called to get involved in some capacity.

3. How do you envision your gift making a difference in the lives of Cristo Rey students? We want this gift to build a facility unlike any facility these young men and women have ever had access to, but also like any other facility in Central Florida. Doing that requires the financial support for the infrastructure, but it also requires a lot of intangible support by people in the community. These young men and women need to be encouraged to their full capabilities and we believe a classroom and a gym are equally capable proving grounds to discover what they’re made of. We want to be part of making that a reality.

4. What is it about Ken's legacy that you hope is memorialized in the gymnasium? Ken was a firm believer and teacher of the idea that many, if not all, lessons we learn in sports are analogous to life. The decisions we make in the gym are the same decisions we make outside of the gym. Do you touch the line with your toe, or do you bend over and touch it with your hand? Do you stop practice at 5:58 or do you stop at 6:00? Ken’s legacy will be well memorialized if coaches, teachers, and students use this space to push themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally in an effort to improve their whole selves.
Our Founding Director of Recruitment and Enrollment

As the Founding Director of Recruitment and Enrollment, Brianna assumes the pivotal role of ushering in Cristo Rey Orlando’s inaugural class of 2029.

Drawing from her experience at Cristo Rey Tampa, where she served as the Director of Admissions and Recruitment for the past 4 years, Brianna brings a proven track record of success.

Under her leadership, enrollment grew by 35% but she is most proud of the meaningful relationships she built throughout the community, most especially with students and their families.

Brianna graduated with a B.A. in International Studies from the University of South Florida and holds a Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Tampa, both reflecting her commitment to global understanding and community empowerment. Her diverse experiences, from living abroad in Argentina to teaching English in Costa Rica and Brazil, to serving in the Peace Corps in the Philippines has afforded her the opportunity to become multilingual while also shaping a rich cultural perspective.

“I believe strongly that we should not only dream boldly for a better world but work towards that transformation daily. Having seen the profound impact of the Cristo Rey model in Tampa, I'm eager to extend its reach to Orlando and am so thrilled to be a part of Cristo Rey Orlando as we make that dream a reality.”
Cristo Rey Class Of 2024 Achievements

Check out the latest from Cristo Rey Network: 39 seniors from 21 schools have earned prestigious QuestBridge and Posse scholarships! These awards cover full tuition and provide access to top colleges, showcasing the impressive academic and personal growth of Cristo Rey students.

It's a testament to their hard work and the network's dedication to preparing them for success.

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The Power Of Partnerships:
The Deloitte Foundation
Discover how the Deloitte Foundation's $2,000,000 grant is transforming lives by providing college scholarships to graduating seniors from 36 of the 39 Cristo Rey schools!

Read more about this honor and Deloitte's contributions here: Cristo Rey Network.
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