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Volume 10, Issue 7 | July 2021

The last time my newsletter focused on change was in December 2015, after I had relocated from Sedona, AZ south to live in the Phoenix area again; closed down my business of 15+ years; and, started working for a healthcare technology company in a contract job related to the Affordable Care Act.

Phoenix was supposed to be ‘temporary’ until I could find another place that was rural and small in population, and somehow draw sound steady income living in that environment. Well, it’s been 5+ years since that move, a far longer time than I’d planned to be in the Big City. I was seeking guidance from Spirit as well as conducting research on my own. Things have come together sufficiently to allow me to relocate back to northern Arizona, and although I do feel I was guided by Spirit, I don’t think this is my final resting place.

As noted in last month’s communiqué, I was looking for a place to call home in Prescott, AZ. It was quite a challenge to find a rental, but I did find one, accepting something that didn’t fulfill all the criteria, but was lovely and would at least get me up to Prescott. It’s been a l-o-n-g two months in getting here; my soul and I sorely need some time to process what has transpired, what’s been achieved, and how life has changed once again. And, to rejoice!

Without a doubt, life would have been far easier if I’d have continued to live in the house in Gilbert that I'd first rented almost six years ago. I'd not have had to spend a lot of ‘unnecessary’ money (searching and moving expenses as well as a much higher rent) nor most of my spare time and stamina searching, making moving arrangements, and finally packing (and now unpacking). I could've chosen to stay in familiar, Big City territory, and to just keep on keepin’ on. But my soul was not getting nourished in that environ (aside from COVID creating obstacles to create a richer life), and to stop the stagnation and suffocation, we needed to make a change. I am so grateful I took action and followed through despite the challenges. My soul is delighted to be amongst the mountains (just seeing them, it dances with joy!) and closer to Nature again.

And, it doesn’t hurt that the temperature in Prescott during the summer is about 25 degrees cooler than in Gilbert!

Life is about change, which surely stirs things up and prevents decaying. Within and without, the times are a'changing!
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Yes, I had to believe that Spirit had a plan with this Gilbert to Prescott relocation… that there was divine order at work in my life, and divine order will continue for all that is to come in the future, no matter what that may be--for all of us.

Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore believed that the spiritual quality of order governs all creation. I can see the organizing principle at work in and throughout all life, including nature. Just as day follows night, my life unfolds in divine order. Even in the midst of change or chaos, I can trust that there is an underlying force for good.

Anytime change comes into my life, I pause to remember that divine order underlies everything in the universe. As I relax into this truth, I find peace. With a clear mind and heart, I focus my thoughts upon infinite possibilities, knowing all is in divine order. Any challenge in my life is transformed into an opportunity. I take the next right steps in my life with clarity and ease.

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Martha Tucker always dreamed of wearing a classic white gown on her wedding day. But when she got married in 1952, she was barred from entering a bridal shop because of her race. Such prejudice is simply astounding to me!

The summer is about midway through, and talk about change: extreme weather due to climate change is creating havoc worldwide. My prayer is that all beings will remain safe and that human beings will escalate action to help remedy the situation they have created on Planet Earth.

Blessings and cyber hugs,
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Joyce S. Kaye, MSW

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I was a devout atheist until 31 years ago when I "came to believe" in a Power greater than myself. Thanks to hearing the novel idea (well, at least it was to me!) that one could choose their own concept of God--and name too (Spirit, The Great Mystery, All That Is, etc.)--and the workings of synchronicity, I embarked on a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of being in the world and with others. It impacted all aspects of my life and relationships.

Since that time of commencing my conscious spiritual journey, I have endeavored to remember The Presence in all that is, all whom I meet, and all that I do -- including working with clients in my own business and in the corporate world. I strive to be of service and to nurture the human spirit in all environments.