A Note From Ms. Trish

It feels like SPRING has SPRUNG here at Playday! We are loving the mild (WARM) weather. This has allowed us to fully enjoy our Outdoor Classroom and our playgrounds! However, we do realize that it is still February (WHAT??), so please check the changing weather daily and dress your child appropriately for outdoor play. It looks like we have a few more "winter" days this week.

Our fall registration is now open to new families! Tell your friends! There is still room on our roster for most classes. Don't miss out... Playday isn't Playday without you!

February / March Dates:

3/11-3/14: Spring Break - No School

3/20-3/21: Graduation Photos (4s and 5s)

3/27 and 3/28: Easter Parties

3/31: Easter Sunday

*******PLANNING AHEAD: Playday will close at noon on Monday, April 8th due to the eclipse. ******


Chapel Time This Week

Feeding 5,000

A Note from Ms. Liz and Ms. Wendi

Dear Parents ~ We’re busy practicing songs for open house and preschool Sunday. But those songs are a SURPRISE, so they won’t be listed below. :)


February Music and Yoga Songs and Poses


Toddlers, 2s: yoga poses - downward dog, waterfall, happy baby, elephant, crescent moon, star

Welcome to Yoga (Kimberly Redd), Hello Hello! (Super Simple Songs), Shake My Sillies Out (Raffi), If You’re Happy & You Know It (Little Praise Party), Mr. Froggy’s Fitness March (Music with Mar), Fall Waterfall (Dance ’n Beats), Namaste (Kira Willey)


3s: yoga poses - tree, boat, chair, reverse plank, cobra, cat, frog, bear, owl, elephant

Welcome to Yoga (Kimberly Redd), Dancing Bear (Bari Koral), Scaly Little Snake (Bari Koral), Namaste (Kira Willey)


4s, TK, K: yoga poses - tree, boat, chair, reverse plank, cobra, cat, frog, bear, owl, elephant

Welcome to Yoga (Kimberly Redd), Dancing Bear (Bari Koral), Scaly Little Snake (Bari Koral), Namaste (Kira Willey)



Did you know that Playday has a vibrant Board of Directors made up of parents, church members, and community volunteers? The purpose of the Board is to support the vital ministry of Playday. The Board assists the Director in evaluating policy, procedure and finance. The Board also works to create support through volunteer recruiting.

Board Officers for 2023/2024:

President: Kristin Pierce

Vice President: Jenna Cash

Secretary: Emily Morehead

Treasurer: Alan Quick

Chaplain: Susan Guest

Board Members:

Kelli Brasher

Carli Burke

Lauren DeVries

Dana Kelderman

Leah LaHue

Calpesh Patel

Jennifer Rivas

Torre Rossano

Beth Weir

THANK YOU to these individuals for using their time and talent to serve Playday!

If you are interested in joining the board, please see Ms. Trish!

Spotlight on Staff

Kelly Bronger

Ms. Kelly teaches our 4 day 4s. Her favorite thing about Playday is seeing the smiling faces of her students every morning! She also enjoys the friendships she has made with the staff. Ms. Kelly loves to read, spend time with her family, and watching movies. She has been married to her husband, Mike, for 11 years and has two amazing kids: Trent and Gwen.

Kara Sanchez

Ms. Kara is our Financial Manager. Her favorite thing about Playday is being surrounded by so much love and positivity. Playday is such a wonderful, warm, and joyous place to work! Seeing the kids smiling, singing, playing, and being nurtured by our staff brings her happiness! Ms. Kara loves being a part of the big Playday family! When she's not at Playday, in the back office crunching numbers and filling spreadsheets, Ms. Kara enjoys doing puzzles, cooking, walking, camping, playing with her pets, and hanging out with family. Ms. Kara has been married to Oscar for 24 years. They have been blessed with three kids: McKenna is 22, Matthew is 19, and Marcus is 18. They also have four rescue pets: 2 dogs (Jessie and Toby) and 2 cats (Socks and Lily).

What's Happening at FUMC Allen:

Our Office Staff

Trish Morehead

Children's Creative Playday Director


April Kwan

Assistant Director


Kara Sanchez

Financial Manager


Kristin Pierce

Board President


Addie Faille

Director of Children's Ministry, FUMC Allen


Mary Beth Hardesty-Crouch

Lead Pastor, FUMC Allen


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FUMC Allen
601 S Greenville Ave Allen TX 75002
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