November 2022

Inspired by the words we hear so often, from the families that want to ensure TASC services continue, the THANK YOU Campaign directly funds high-quality services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This year, our annual THANK YOU Campaign shines a spotlight on the importance of diverse representation in the workforce.

Your support for TASC means you've championed this cause, understanding how vital it is to hire a diverse workforce, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As we approach the Year-End season, we invite you to reignite this vital mission with your generous, tax-deductible contribution. Your gift will profoundly impact our services, aiding men and women with disabilities at TASC.

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See's Candies Fundraiser

TASC is bringing back the See's Candies Fundraiser this year! Help TASC raise funds while completing your holiday shopping list! Up to 50% of proceeds go back to TASC when purchasing select items.

You have TWO different options for purchasing candy:

Option 1: You can purchase by order form and we will arrange for a drop-off or pick-up from TASC. The benefit to this option is there are no shipping fees, however you must order before the deadline (November 30) and candy won't be ready until/after December 6.

For this option:

  • Click to view, download and fill out the order form (if you download the PDF version, it's fillable). Forms/orders can be submitted by email to Susan Congdon at
  • Payments can be submitted online at or by check payable and sent to: The Adult Skills Center (16600 Sherman Way, Suite 240, Lake Balboa, CA 91406)
  • Key Dates: Submit orders by Thursday, November 30th. Order will be ready on/or after December 6th.

Option 2: Shop from TASC's online storefront by clicking hereThe benefit is that you can have your items shipped to just about anywhere in the U.S. and you'll receive your items based on your shipping preference. However, shipping rates apply (free shipping for orders over $65).

  • Go to our online storefront: CLICK HERE
  • Key Dates: All orders must be submitted online by Thursday, November 30th. Shipping dates will depend on the options you choose at check-out.

For any questions or for more info, please contact Susan Congdon at

Last Day to Enter the Photo Contest!

TASC clients who are a part of DayStar, Community Integration Training (CIT), Specialized Therapeutic Services (STS), Employment, and In-Home Services are invited to submit their original photos in any/all of the following categories (one entry per category): Nature, Animals, Flowers, Hobbies, Favorite Places, and Seasons. The winning photos will be included in a TASC calendar for 2024. 

To enter, fill out this form today: Photo Submission LinkThere will be 2 winners per category, 12 winners total, decided by a committee of peers that are not entering the contest. For any questions, please contact Susan:

Looking for Other Ways to Give?

Monthly Giving

Create a lasting impact with the power of recurring donations! We're dedicated to transforming the lives of adults with developmental disabilities, and your ongoing support can make an everlasting difference.

Opting for a recurring donation is more than a financial commitment; it's a pledge to create a continuous ripple of positive change. With a monthly contribution, you become a steadfast ally in our mission, ensuring that the individuals we serve receive consistent care, resources, and opportunities for growth.

Recurring donations can be setup on our donation page here or contact us (see below) to set up your recurring donation today. Every month, you'll be part of the transformative journey, creating a brighter future for those who deserve it most.

Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving, or “planned giving” is a donation made by an individual through a will or other formal designation and should be diåscussed with your attorney or financial advisor. 

There are many benefits to creating a legacy gift including ensuring the values that you live for today are withstanding for future generations, to leave your memory in a meaningful way and potentially provide tax benefits for surviving family members.

Legacy Giving Options:

  • Bequests in wills and trusts
  • Designations in IRA's and insurance policies including Legacy Life Insurance
  • Charitable remainder trusts

When you make a commitment to a future legacy gift, you will be recognized as a member of the TASC Legacy Society, which acknowledges our most visionary supporters. 

For more information, please contact TASC's Development & Communications Director, Christie Hight at

TASC Gift Policy

During this time of year, it's natural to want to share holiday cheer with one another. Please take a quick read below for TASC's updated gift policy if you plan to give a gift to an employee at TASC.

Gifts from Clients/Clients’ Family Members/Clients’ Representatives and Funding Sources to Employees: Employees may accept gifts not exceeding $25 (once a year) from clients, clients’ family members and/or representatives, and funding sources, unless otherwise prohibited under this policy. If the employee is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), the gift must not exceed $10 per the profession’s code of ethics.

Additionally, the following conditions must be met:

  • The gift (or promise of a gift) must be disclosed by the employee to their supervisor. If a gift is seen as inappropriate, or excessive, it may need to be returned.
  • Supervisors must notify administration for record keeping.
  • If a gift is given by a client then the gift needs to be turned in and TASC will determine the best course of action, at the very least giving the client a gift of the same amount as to not create an awkward situation.

  1. The following are examples of acceptable gifts. This list is not all-inclusive:
  • Modest items of food and non-alcoholic beverages, such as baskets, boxes, or arrangements of fruit, muffins, or other snacks;
  • Modest refreshments such as coffee, water, fruit, trail mix, or cookies, offered at a meeting (such as a vendor meeting or IPP meeting), and not as part of a meal or large spread of food;
  • Pre-approved catered or other pre-arranged events; and
  • TASC must consider whether the purpose of the event aligns with TASC’s obligation to maintain objectivity, and a TASC director must therefore pre-approve TASC’s participation in such events. Please make sure to notify TASC as early as possible of such invitations to allow TASC sufficient time for consideration.
  • Small items distributed in the ordinary course of business, such as pens, pencils, paper weights, mugs, calendars, notebooks, etc., bearing the name of an organization.
  • Larger marketing items such as backpacks, tote bags, water bottles, and t-shirts bearing the name of the organization are prohibited.


2. The following gifts are prohibited and shall not be accepted by TASC employees:

  • Cash or cash equivalent (such as gift cards, gift certificates, and discounts on items) of any value*;
  • Gifts that exceed $25*;
  • Items prohibited by law;
  • Alcohol;
  • Tobacco;
  • Drugs, whether legal or illegal;
  • Items containing or involving nudity or lewd behavior;
  • Large marketing items distributed by an organization bearing the name of that organization, such as backpacks, tote bags, water bottles, and t-shirts;
  • Catered or other pre-arranged events without prior appropriate approval;
  • A gift given with an understanding that it is used to influence a decision related to the employee’s job performance or a TASC business decision; and
  • Frequent gifts over a short period of time.


3. In the event that a client/client’s family member/client’s representative wants to express thanks or

acknowledge a TASC employee or employees with a gift that violates this policy, they are

encouraged to instead make a donation to TASC’s General Fund that will be used where needed

most for services. Donations to TASC are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

  • Donations should be given directly to the TASC office with the attention to the Development Department. If the donation is provided by a client/client’s family member/client’s representative, then it will not be shared with the respective program that the person receives services from as to not create undue influence on the client’s services.

4. *December holiday gifts policy exception:

  • A gift of $25 or less in gift card or check or money order are permitted as long as the director of the program is shown the gift to review. If cash of $25 is given by anyone other than the client, it must be turned in and a decision by the director will be made based on the policy.
  • If a gift is given by a client then the gift needs to be turned in and TASC will determine the best course of action, at the very least giving the client a gift of the same amount as to not create an awkward situation.


Gifts from Employees to Clients and Funding Sources: Employees shall not provide gifts of any value, including money of any amount, to clients, clients’ family members and/or representatives, or funding sources, without prior written authorization from the employee’s supervisor.

TASC Annual Survey Results

Fiscal Year 22-23

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our TASC Annual Survey. Your responses mean a great deal to the leadership team as it helps address areas to strengthen and areas to celebrate within TASC.


See below for a brief summary.


If you participated in this year's survey, thank you so much for taking the time to provide your feedback!


Kind regards,

Dennis Rutnam, TASC President & CEO


Surveys were conducted amongst TASC clients, families, employees, and North LA

County Regional Center CSCs/Supervisors. Each group of survey respondents were given a timeframe of two months to complete the survey. All responses were anonymous.

The top suggestions from last year’s (2021-2022) employee survey were improvements to

internal and external communication and to increase in-person services for clients. TASC

incorporated Microsoft TEAMS for internal communication on the supervisor level has been improved, as evidenced by survey results.

Additionally, TASC is exploring supplemental communication applications that will integrate with Teams to include direct support professionals while still protecting private health information.

TASC has added a variety of in-person and remote classes. Remote classes this year were refreshed to the person-centered interests of those who participate. New work experiences have been created and offered for clients interested in discovering new passions and vocational interests.

Additionally, TASC created a new position of Quality Management Director to improve the quality, responsiveness to health and safety needs, reduction of Special Incident Reports, and enhancement of on-the-job competencies by TASC direct service professionals.

Program Closures: 

TASC Day Programs and Offices will be closed on Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24, in observance of Thanksgiving.

Mission Statement:
The Adult Skills Center (TASC) provides innovative and proactive services that empowers individuals with diverse intellectual, developmental and mental health needs to achieve their highest level of independence and realize their greatest potential.

TASC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution will have an immediate and direct impact on TASC’s ability to improve the lives of the men and women we serve. Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Tax ID: 95-4116924

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