August, 2021 | Issue 10
The TCI Connection
We inspire families and individuals to overcome the disease of
addiction by creating real, long-term solutions!
New TCI Videos Created to Launch Capital Campaign
A new video series, created exclusively for TriCircle, Inc., features our founder and Executive Director, Ana Gopoian, and Ken Cairns and Fred Hayden, two parents of families affected by Substance Use Disorders and the Disease of Addiction. The Capital Campaign will soon be launched, and this month's newsletter features three of the videos we welcome you to watch:
Quote of the Month:
“If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down." - Buddha
Ana Gopoian
Celebrate the Good!

I have always considered gratitude to be an action word. If you are familiar with my daily gratitude posts on Facebook, then you know how I stand in awe and appreciation of things great and small. Whether it is a global paradigm shift of epic proportions like COVID19 or the simple sound of a wave crashing on the shore, we are all awestruck at times by the contrasts and synchronicities that shape our experience here. No matter what is happening, beauty surrounds us, and what we focus on grows. We can hold grudges from the past, stress about the future, and repeat self limiting, destructive behaviors, thereby attracting more of the same; or we can live in the present moment, appreciating and learning from every opportunity that is given to us. The choice is ours. We can choose to embrace the now and, moment by moment, co-create this dance we call life, attract growth, love, abundance, joy, peace and healing, or we can stand stagnant in our self inflicted misery until we wither away. So many of the daily encounters we have guide us to think negatively. With a steady stream of bad news on our TVs and phones, it is a challenge to keep our conversations, thoughts and emotions vibrating high. While it may be a challenge, it is not impossible! If we are cruising along the highway with a lot of speed and begin to veer off the road, the rumble strip is there to remind us to get back on course. So it is with our thoughts - let the rumble strip remind us to celebrate the good, think only of the things that bring joy to our hearts and raise our vibrations! TriCircle, Inc. has so much to celebrate. Our calendar is packed with exciting and educational opportunities. Our Capital Launch will soon be under way. The Barber Expo X is right around the corner. Remember, our thoughts become things, so focus on the good, and it will grow! Together WE are Stronger!
TriCircle is Partnering with
Jay "Majors" Raposo at the
Coming to Mohegan Sun Casino
A Portion of the Proceeds
will benefit TriCircle, Inc.
Interview with
Jay "Majors" Raposo

How did you meet Ana, the founder of TriCircle, Inc., the organization you're shining a light on this year at CT Barber Expo X?

Just over 16 years ago, I met Ana when I was working on getting my life in order and solidifying my plans for Major League Barber Academy. We shared some similarities in our past, and she had a drive and passion I found contagious. Ana wasn't only changing the way she was living, she was living to make the change happen for families and individuals affected by the disease of addiction. 

Why did you choose to support TriCircle at this year's CT Barber Expo? 

This year is CT Barber Expo's ten year anniversary, and I want to share my success with a valuable organization that is making a difference in communities in CT. That organization is TriCircle. 

What do you see as the most valuable resource Ana and TriCircle, Inc. have to offer communities in CT?

It would have to be the dedication that she and the organization have to families and individuals. There is a lot of stigma and shame around mental health and the disease of addiction. Ana now has 26 years in her own recovery, and she wants to provide hope by helping to educate people so they better understand the disease. She provides valuable resources and creates real, long term solutions. 

In closing, I want to say, "Thank you for your time; we know how busy you are." CT Barber Expo X is almost here. What do you have for a final thought? 

Come help us celebrate our tenth year: CT Barber Expo X, August 14th-16th, Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. This is the super bowl of barbering, featuring competitions, education and the Grammys. 
Scholarship Announcement Coming Soon
After very careful consideration, TriCircle, Inc. has chosen two worthy recipients to receive a $2,500 scholarship each. They will be notified on Friday, August 20th. Their names will be announced at the Gala Brunch and at The Recovery Fall Festival,
and their essays will be read at this year's TriCircle, Inc.
Annual Meeting.

2021 Save the Dates


  • Saturday - Monday, August 14 - 16, CT Barber Expo X at Mohegan Sun, Volunteers needed
  • Tuesday, August 31 - Overdose Awareness Day, Hartford Capitol

September is Recovery Month
  • Friday, September 10 - The 5th TriCircle Symposium Training with ORN, Part 1
  • Saturday, September 11 - 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm With A Rose hosted by Philip's Foundation, Inc., at Nuzzo's Farm, Branford, supporting TriCircle
  • Sunday, September 12 - The 8th Charity Challenge Poker Run & Music Fest, Groton Elks Lodge, Volunteers needed
  • Friday, September 17 - The 5th TriCircle Symposium Training with ORN, Part 2
  • Saturday, September 25 - 9:00 am Outrun Addiction 5K (presented both in person and Virtual 11th – 26th) Portion of proceeds benefits TriCircle.

  • Sunday, October 3, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm TriCircle Annual Gala Brunch, Wallingford Elks Lodge, Volunteers needed
  • Sunday, October 3 - Southington Apple Harvest Festival 5K Road Race "Team Tyler" (Rain date - Sunday, October 10) Volunteers needed
  • Tuesday, October 12 - DMHAS Family Webinar Series, Part 4 of 5
  • Saturday, October 16 - 4th Annual Recovery Fall Festival, Volunteers needed

  • Tuesday, November 30 - Giving Tuesday


  • Sunday, December 5, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm - Annual Holiday Meeting Location TBD  
  • Tuesday, December 14 - DMHAS Family Webinar Series, Part 5 of 5
Summer Fun

The summer heat is here and, with it, the long days of summer fun. For many years, I equated the lazy, hazy days of summer to a time to let loose. But now, I find that substance free fun is easy to find or create. What’s on your list?

1)   Make plans to meet a friend for an early morning walk.
2)   Find your inner child and catch fire flies.
3)   Have a watermelon seed spitting contest.
4)   Prepare for fall with a closet and cupboard clean out.
5)   Plan a film fest with your favorite series of movies (Terminator, Harry Potter, Fast and Furious 1-8…).
6)   Invite friends over for a substance free BBQ.
7)   Have a mocktails party.
8)   Make a new friend (invite him or her to your bar-b-q and mocktail party).
9)    Spend time alone (without your electronics).
10)  Develop a new habit—it takes six weeks.

by Elizabeth Kirby Fullerton, PhD
Recover Your Family
New website coming soon!
Now Accepting Clients
TriCircle, Inc.’s Clinical Services are now open and accepting new clients. Our master’s level clinicians offer a range of evidence-based programs, giving clients and their families the opportunity to grow, change and maintain long-term recovery.

TCI’s Clinical Services offer:

Flexible morning or evening hours
Time for family
Ability to seek and maintain employment
Practice of new coping skills
Enjoyment of substance free activities
Benefit of personal health and wellness

Click here to learn more or call (860) 349-7074 to set up an intake.

Engage in Self Care!

All our Hope & Support and Hope After Loss Group meetings are made available each month on Zoom, and now the Hope & Support meetings in Somers are face to face at The Story Barn. Both Hope & Support and Hope After Loss in Middlefield have also resumed face to face. All TriCircle support group meetings are co-facilitated by two paid professionals - one licensed and one paraprofessional with lived experience. We provide a safe and confidential space for parents, guardians and others who are concerned about a loved one’s substance use or addiction or who have lost a loved one to an accidental overdose, drug induced suicide or drug related murder. There is no judgment or blame, just support and understanding. Join us as we work together on this journey of healing. Click here to learn more.

It is so easy! Do all your everyday shopping online! First, be sure to sign up on Amazon Smile and choose TriCircle, Inc. as your recipient organization. Then, every single time you make a purchase from the Smile.Amazon site, a percentage will be donated to us! It doesn’t cost you a thing!
PayPal Giving is another way to help. Click the link to find out how!
SAVE THE DATE Sunday, Sept 12

Relax to the tunes, bring your family, friends, coworkers,
and lawn chairs or blankets! If you ride a motorcycle, join the Poker Run at 10 am. If you just love music, join us at noon for
Great Music, Great Friends, and Great Fun!

All proceeds benefit TriCircle, Inc.
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Looking to get involved? We need you!

We have opportunities on the following
TriCircle, Inc. Advisory Boards:

Communications & Public Relations
Meets on Zoom, Mondays at 8:30 am.
Positions needed: Vice Chair, Graphic Designer
Commitment - 2-3 hours/week
Fundraising & Events
Next Meeting via Zoom, Tuesday, August 10, at 6:30 pm.
Positions needed: Chair, Vice Chair, Event Sub Committee Volunteers, Graphic Designer
Commitment - 2-3 hours/week, plus our fun and exciting events
Meets on Zoom
Positions needed: Secretary, Document Specialist
Commitment - 2-3 hours/week
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