It's the Strangest Thing

I'm sure there are unlimited suggestions people would make if asked to name something
"unusual or surprising"
...some might include:
-President Trump's Election
-North Korean conflict
-Weather phenomenons
-Abortion killing millions legally
-A divided Nation
-Atlanta's Loss in the Super Bowl
-Taking a Knee During the National Anthem 
-Transgender Bathrooms
-Houston's First World Series Championship
-Massive Fires
-Senseless Killings


My nominee for the Strangest Thing...
 is a Christian who lives in AMERICA who tries to be POLITICALLY CORRECT (PC) 
in all they say and do... including 
not graciously saying the name of JESUS their Savior in public

It's STRANGE and it is hard to understand!!!

Mark 8:38
 " If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father's glory with the holy angels."

An example last weekend:

Tudi and I, along with our daughter Trinda, grandson Joseph, and his girlfriend Ali...were viewing two different college campuses with our granddaughter Mary Brennan- a high school senior


At one campus-
Our three campus tour guides were terrific. One in particular caught my attention because she mentioned a
campus ministry 
she was involved in. As a follow up I privately during the tour quizzed her about the ministry. She was vivacious in all she said and in her description of the ministry too... yet she took great pains to be POLITICALLY CORRECT about all she said...explaining how the ministry does not want to offend they don't get that much into the Bible but rather they discuss the events of the day and encourage people to express their opinions of all of life... a very delightful person but sadly sold out to political correctness (PC)...I assume the ministry also.



Most of the time "unknowingly"  a sincere Christian may be very much a PC person although they believe basic doctrine
...they've been forgiven for all their sins, have been given life forever and now have abundant life in Jesus and now they live to honor and please their Savior according to His word.
 Sadly though, because they have bought into political correctness and out of deplorable PC courtesy...they don't say the name of Jesus their Savior in their daily lives...they have become politically correct Christians- not even aware or concerned of their lukewarm witness


POLITICAL CORRECTNESS can take the LIFE out of a believer, organization, church, event or program...

"when we are trying to please everyone by trying not to offend anyone..."

In my observation PC people take great pride in having a moment of silence rather than a prayer, say God only not Jesus...

Conformity and Comfort drive PC on...
Just like the testimony of a man I know who headed many short term mission trips for a mega church...told me and a small group...

"I will share Christ on mission trips, but don't ask me to witness to my neighbor!..."

However...Not Promoting Harshness

***Please know for sure...
WB is not endorsing being rash, offensive, dogmatic, rude and unloving...all great hindrances in proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of 
Jesus Christ

...RATHER the

...But rather SPEAKING THE TRUTH in LOVE...we publicly in  humility proclaim the Good News...because 
Jesus is the way, the truth and the man comes to the Father except through Him...
John 14:6
The only 
way to come to the Father...
not a politically correct verse...

because of it's crafty disguise of promoting group endorsed rational thinking that others agree with (that was me as an atheist)...everybody is happy!

If you say that someone is politically correct, you mean that they are extremely careful not to offend or upset any group of people in society...

My Confession-
When I was an atheist the term PC was foreign to me but I would have fully endorsed the present PC doctrines of trying not to offend anyone ..and of course "doing my own thing" at the same time

Anything that minimizes our Savior is very DANGEROUS because we are never to leave or weaken the home base and our foundation...
Jesus Christ

RESCUED AT SEA...but PC and conformity are lurking is like being rescued at sea and being put into a large secure lifeboat (Jesus) that's able to withstand the violent storms and shark infested waters...of life...
only later to jump back into the waters and say "I don't need the lifeboat any more...I know how to swim..I'll join everyone else...please join me too"


... he sent very encouraging notes to me following my recent speech to the Valdosta, GA CBMC Community Leadership Breakfast...Ricardo is the organizer of this annual event

Ricardo gave the banquet sponsors and leaders each a copy of my book IF WE ARE THE LIGHT,  WHY IS AMERICA SO DARK? and he
liked my use of the he ordered 200. He's adding and multiplying the Gospel plus keeping his witness simple and powerful by not being PC...Plus Ricardo  is organizing a multi church Witness Breakthrough training weekend in Spring of 2018

He wrote:

"I received the wristbands and am enjoying giving them away with my one minute presentation. I have four Pastors who are interested in a WB weekend in the Spring 2018. Have appointments with two more this week!
So far God has allowed me to share my one minute witness at least once every day! I am so thankful for Him using you to impact my life in this manner! I have a man in my men's group that wants 50 of them..."


Suggestions on how to use the wristband:

The wristband says:

I share my one minute testimony as I show the wristband to someone before I give it to them. 

-In blue quotes"  " below is what I usually say during my one minute testimony-

-In purple  brackets ( ) below is the insight into what you might say-

"...I come from a broken home 4 times...never knew my real Father.."
(the key no matter your background be humble... perhaps your background is...I went to church but really didn't know what I believed until I studied the Bible)

"...I was an atheist and when I read the Bible for 2+ weeks I realized I was a SINNER...and needed a Savior"
(give your testimony of sin by thought, word, deed,omission and don't have to draw it out just admit you are a sinner)

"...I claimed Jesus as my Savior in an Army Chapel"
(share where you prayed to receive Christ)

"...John 3:16...God loved me so much He gave me live, die and conquer death for me personally"
(the Word does not return void)

Often but not always I ask if they 
have experienced something similar 
(this depends on the Holy Spirit's leading)

...why let PC ruin your testimony?

Ordinary Christian...Come alive to Christ in your life...
learn to share the Good News of Jesus Christ humbly, in love, boldly and with  simplicity....

Please go to the Witness Breakthrough website to get started...

Appeal...please stop being PC

It would be "VERY STRANGE"...
 biblically speaking
for you to remain POLITICALLY CORRECT as a follower of Christ

Acts 17:28...we are a witness every moment of every day
Col 4:2-6...great verses to guide your speech vs PC

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