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Contact: Dr. Vincent Dortch

Organization: Good Deeds Ministries


Facilitator: Mark Miller, MS, CTF, LSSGB

Transcriber: Soraya Miller, BA

Editor: Victoria Broussard, MEd, CHES, CPSTI

Assistant Editor: Katie Handwerk, MPA

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Innovations structured as curricula, parenting strategies, and a toolkit will help reduce teen pregnancy, STIs and related risks in Georgia.

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Alice Jackson, BS, ICPS

Organization: A Catalyst for Change Training & Development, Inc.

Innovation: Finding Me, Parenting You

Developer: Mary Langley, PhD, MPH, RN, CP IV and Alice Jackson, BS, LPN, CPE, CP Ill

Description: Finding Me, Parenting You is a culturally competent curriculum that incorporates theory and practice to help parents discover the importance of developing and maintaining positive relationships as individuals and parents.  

Method: Virtual


Andre' H. Marria, MS, LPC, CPCS

Organization: Marria's Counseling, Coaching & Consulting Services, LLC

Innovation: Youth Empowering Parents (YEP)

Developer: Andre' H. Marria, MS, LPC, CPCS

Description: YEP aims to empower parents and caregivers to increase their knowledge of teen pregnancy, support the ability to have difficult conversations with their teens, and improve listening skills and relationships.

Method: In-person

Arthur Vaughn, EdD, MPA

Organization:100 Black Men of North Metro Atlanta, Inc.

Innovation: Dads At a Distance

Developer: Arthur Vaughn, EdD, MPA

Description: Training for resident and nonresident African American fathers to learn engagement and discuss strategies related to sexual and risk matters with their sons.

Method: Virtual and In-person


Chatee' Richardson, PhD

Organization: Black Star Educational Institute

Innovation: B: Intentional Parenting Rites of Passage

Developer: Chatee' Richardson, PhD and Nzingha Samuel, MS

Description: The B: Intentional Parenting Rites of Passage program is a four-phase, ten-week developmental experience for parents/guardians that guides them in becoming intentional in how they engage in the process of child-rearing.

Method: Virtual


Dion Walker-Smith, MPH

Organization: Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP)

Innovation: Parent Toolkit

Developer: GCAPP

Description: The Parent Toolkit provides practical information to help parents navigate topics and situations that all families face, including ones that are hard to discuss.

Method: Virtual, Self-paced


Janice Williams

Organization: African American Churches Transforming Society, Inc. (AACTS)

Innovation: The Generations Initiative

Developer: Rev. Jasper Williams, Jr.

Description: The Generations Initiative is a no-cost Bible-based curriculum that helps 21st-century parents develop successful parenting skills.

Method: Virtual, Self-paced


Vincent Dortch, DDiv

Organization: Good Deeds Ministries

Innovation: Fundamentals of Fatherhood Playbook

Developer: Vincent Dortch, DDiv

Description: The Fundamentals of Fatherhood Playbook provides strategies and resources to support fatherhood engagement with teens and encourage men to improve by positively impacting the entire family's health and wellness.

Method: In-person and Virtual

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