Earthquake Preparedness
Over 4000 earthquakes hit the US in 2020. All 50 states are at some risk for earthquakes. Earthquakes can happen anywhere and at any time of the year.​

​Earthquake Preparedness:​
  • Make a Family Emergency Plan​
  • Build or buy an Emergency Kit ​
  • Pack a Go-Bag​
  • Practice: Drop, Cover and Hold on
FOCUS USA Donors like YOU
make this possible:

In India, with support from FOCUS USA, community institutions have established a 24-hour helpline that can connect people to hospital beds, welfare assistance, mental health counseling, tele-medicine, and guidance on vaccination sites. Over 4,000 families have been supported with food and non-food rations and medicines along with assistance on hospital bills and children's school fees. Additionally, more than two million liters of oxygen has been provided to areas where oxygen availability is scarce.

Help us do more for India and other countries of concern to FOCUS also affected by the pandemic by donating to the Global Pandemic Relief Fund.