What a difference a year makes!

Earlier I wrote about supporters like you—the everyday heroes who care, lead, and show their unconditional generosity during challenging times. Along the way, we’ve learned firsthand the value of virtual experiences to keep us connected to our loved ones and the causes we most cherish. You have supported us through online giving, by participating in social media, subscribing to emails, among other virtual means. More than ever before, you inspired us to continue to do more.

After months of hard work to ensure our supporters can navigate and stay connected in the best ways possible, we announced the launch of our brand-new website, focus-usa.org. There, you can help your loved ones build an emergency plan, catch up on past newsletters, or easily contribute to our cause.

This year, to ensure communities are safe and prepared for emergencies, FOCUS USA even enhanced its emergency preparedness programming nationally by designing essential emergency operations plans and, of course, implementing virtual campaigns, including preparedness webinars, videos and informative graphics, and virtual lesson plans for students and scouts in the community. We at FOCUS USA are dedicated to providing subject matter expertise and resources towards successful emergency planning for cities and municipalities across the country.

In addition to aiding emergency preparedness efforts, we helped welcome new arrivals and families to the country and organized multiple supply drives by leveraging the social marketing expertise of our regional community partners like Ismaili CIVIC.

In January 2021, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also approached FOCUS USA to support its upcoming national vaccination efforts in partnership with the Ismaili National Council for USA. More than 250 specialized medical and general volunteers contributed more than 1,600 hours of service to thir communities. In October, FEMA recognized FOCUS USA’s “crucial role” in the national response and called the organization a “critical lifeline to communities.”

All this, due to you.

As the new year looms, we will continue to do our part to achieve more, learn more and, of course, share more.

On behalf of the FOCUS USA Board of Directors and staff, we wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.


Shenila A. Momin
Preparing you for disasters and emergencies is part of our mission. Help us do more.